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  1. What if you had the cheers package, and wanted to buy a fishbowl just for fun, paying out of pocket for it-how would this impact the 15 a day drinks limit, if at all?
  2. I had to call this evening to cancel our cabin (a price drop made it worth forfeiting our £88 deposit, as we then saved £300 on the lower priced cabin) and I managed to get answered after 8 mins-not great but not as bad as I anticipated. The adviser was lovely and very helpful, sorting out our dining on the new booking and re-linking is with other friends on the same sailing. I got through on this number: ‭0345 355 5111‬
  3. Ah thank you that’s very helpful. Would we miss much in the MDR if we did the steakhouse on the Thursday? On past cruises (not carnival) there has been singing etc in the MDR, and to be honest I don’t mind if we skip that, but wouldn’t want to miss the elegant night experience if it’s something special.
  4. Good evening folks we are sailing Saturday to Saturday on Panorama in August. The Thursday is our wedding anniversary and I’d love to book the steakhouse for a special treat, however I don’t want to miss any gala/formal event that might be on. Does anyone know what day they would usually take place (if at all)? Or would a gala/formal evening be just as well spent in the steakhouse? Many thanks for any input.
  5. It’s not unusual for me to gain a stone on a 7 day cruise, particularly if we have enjoyed many cocktails and lovely desserts! However I find the bulk of this drops off within a couple of days of getting home, as much of it is water weight...not sure why this happens at sea, but my feet tend to swell and I know I’m holding on to water. Once that drops off I’m left with a 5/6lb actual weight gain.
  6. Thanks all, the clarification is much appreciated! We have purchased drinks packages many times on Royal Caribbean so we know they represent decent value for us, particularly as I enjoy the coffees etc as well as pre dinner cocktails! Thanks again for the info.
  7. Yes indeed my point exactly...I was told on the phone that we could purchase the package and it would be based on 7 nights, however we couldn’t start using it until day 2, thereby making it only valid for 6 days. I’ve come to the conclusion that there has been a misunderstanding or perhaps there is a training need, as I double checked what the adviser was telling me, however I don’t think it can be correct. I’m hoping that you can purchase the package once onboard and it becomes immediately valid, as it does on other lines. He kept repeating that it couldn’t be used on the day of embarkation....I can only assume he meant the day of DIS-embarkation, which would make much more sense!
  8. Thanks Andy, the info didn’t seem correct because why would you pay for 7 days and only be able to use it for 6?? He said it could be purchased straight away, but not used until day 2, but I think there must have been a misunderstanding...at least I hope so!
  9. Good morning, I wonder if anyone can help clarify? I have just spoken to a P&O agent regarding linking our dining with friends, and whilst on the line we chatted about drinks packages...he told me that the package only becomes valid on day 2 and on the first day all drinks must be purchased normally?? This doesn’t seem to make sense to me but he was very confident in this, however I have just looked up the terms and conditions and it states that the package is valid every day except the day of disembarking, which is what I would expect. Can anyone clarify? We are sailing from Southampton in May. Many thanks
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