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  1. It’s been challenging to get adjusted to doing things differently and I think participation has suffered a bit. But, I use my iPhone and iPad and learning to work with it. Good luck!
  2. Marie it’s been a long time! Was your device set up using Tapatalk or the old CC app? They no longer work. You need to use your browser to access and can use Apple shortcuts to set up a quick login.
  3. I checked on the travel agent site and found that I can see deck plans from 1/2020 through 4/1/2020, and then another deck plan starting 5/26/2020 to 4/9/2021....there’s another date span starting 4/19/2021 but it doesn’t pull up anything, yet. There’s definitely something in progress. I guess anyone impacted by changes will get notification once it’s all sorted out.
  4. this seems to be affecting all cruises over a years period so hopefully it’s not the case this time ..I think it’s related to deck plan changes that could impact cabin assignments. I am concerned only because when they switched to GTY it removed the Accessible flag for our cabin...I don’t mind being moved if that’s the case, but hopefully they get it all reinstated correctly.
  5. True, I have seen some massive scooters...
  6. Anyone experienced using a Rio Firefly power device on a cruise? I’m concerned about width for passageways, length for elevators. Turning radius to enter (accessible) cabin
  7. Just off Symphony of the Seas and like her sisters in the Oasis class the cabin doors open inward automatically once you swipe your card and push the handle. The problem is, when you leave the cabin there is “no push to open” button. You have to pull handle down and then pull door at which time it automatically opens in. Unfortunately this is a difficult if not impossible maneuver for a wheelchair user as it requires speed and dexterity to back up out of the way of the very heavy door once it starts opening.
  8. Last night my new iPhone had to be re-set without backup and all apps reinstalled. I am cruising tomorrow on Royal and had downloaded my Set Sails to my Apple Wallet as a backup to the app. When re installing and logging in there was no longer an option to do this from the Royal app. So I went to Apple Wallet and Royal was not listed as a compatible app???? It just worked on Monday!
  9. I’m doing this itinerary in March 2021
  10. I toured the Carnival ship that was in Tampa a couple years ago and decided it was not for me...although I am booked for a Carnival Cruise on another older ship of theirs next year. I have never done an NCL cruise and did not know they even sail out of Tampa.....I think if I were to try them I would do it from a port where there are less limitations and try a little bigger one that what is able to come here to TPA.
  11. The itineraries have to be added to CC in order for the atoll Call to come up in the search I think? I did create the Roll Call for my sailing but when I Roll Call Search it doesn’t show up. Just the old ones.
  12. How long does it usually take for CC to catch up with the itinerary changes and Roll Call lists?
  13. I booked yesterday too...and today the option I chose only available with NON REFUNDABLE deposit, but mine has all the perks and its still fully refundable.
  14. I just booked the March 8 2021, Touch Canal Cruise. Excited to see this itinerary from Tampa, and on Celebrity. It’s pricey....but 🤞I will see reductions before sail date. Meanwhile I was able to get an Accessible cabin, a Sky Suite even!
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