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  1. That's what I plan to tell my cabin steward when I give it back to him as my tip.
  2. We sail Panorama in 3 weeks. Reservations at it's specialty restaurants became avail about 90-120 days out. What part of Ohio, Dover area here?
  3. Should know this as many cruises as I've been on. But, what sticks best + doesn't leave any marks? Can't remember if the walls are smooth, magnetic, etc.
  4. Hmmm, not crazy bout that sink area. Doesn't appear to be any counter space + the shelves on both sides of the mirrors seem gone also. Wife always used one side + I the other. The mini tub is nice. Guess we'll find out next month.
  5. BTW, few tips for first time cruisers. Not clock in cabin. We both take backup batteries for our cellphones which we charge during the day. Then at nite, we plug our phones into the bu batteries to charge and provide time. Use the MDR, at least for dinner, FAR better than lido buffet. We usually throw a travel mug in our suitcase for coffee. You can fill em on lido + take em back to the cabin. Take half the cloths + twice the money you originally planned. Prepare to be addicted!
  6. Shoot an email to access@carnival.com. Let them know you have a CPAP + they'll arrange for an extension cord in your cabin. Personally, I keep a 12ft extension in my CPAP case for traveling. It has multiple outlets on the end. The one Carnival gives me only has one. And everyone is correct, there's only 1 outlet in your cabin + it's on the opposite wall. Also, distilled water is avail for purchase onboard if you use the humidifier. Myself, never bother with it. Enjoy Panorama, we're booked for the Jan 18th sailing.
  7. Yup, always one available. If you see it shut down, go to the other side. Ain't gonna happen for obvious fire reasons!
  8. That's correct, no Gmail with social media package. Facebook messenger works, not familiar with Telegram, I'd doubt it.
  9. If you think it's cool up around Seattle......wait till you get up around Glacier Bay. I packed 2 pairs of swimming trunks for our Legend cruise last July. I thought about wearing them......absolutely NEVER. Alaska is fabulous, but it doesn't inspire much nude bathing!
  10. There's a 180 in Miami that's pretty cool. Only sailed outta Tampa once. Loved the trip down the channel + under the Sunshine Skyway bridge. Hated the terminal. Have they redone the terminal facilites since the early 2000's?
  11. they bring em right to your cabin..........if you're platinum. 🙄
  12. Since you've been to Coz, there's a 5 day outta Miami to Grand Cayman + Ocho Rios that's great. I did this years ago on the Destiny (now Sunshine). HIGHLY recommend Stingray City in GC.
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