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  1. Since you've been to Coz, there's a 5 day outta Miami to Grand Cayman + Ocho Rios that's great. I did this years ago on the Destiny (now Sunshine). HIGHLY recommend Stingray City in GC.
  2. CRocks

    Alaska Cruises

    With you on the west coast, 11 day outta SF would be perfect. We did Legend to Alaska last July. Absolutely incredible, however, it's downright cool up there. Our favorite excursion was seaplane over 5 glaciers outta Junea, White Pass RR in Skagway next. Favorite port, Ketchikan hands down but Glacier Bay also amazing. We're booked on Panorama for Jan, so we'll be doin the itinerary you just did shortly. We've sailed outta Long Bch before, so when you're done with Alaska, yah really gotta fly to the east coast and try the Caribbean. IMO, much nicer than the Pacific.
  3. It's an "application" designed to run on your cell phone. It's available for either android or apple operating systems. It's a very handy reference when you're onboard. Your can review the days scheduled events, check your sail n sign acct, make dinner reservations, even has a map of the ship. If you've got a cell phone, I'd highly recommend using the app.
  4. If you want NATURAL and you're visiting Grand Cayman, Stingray City is an absolute must!!!
  5. JMO, but JiJi's on sea days is Mongolian Wok. Very good and very popular, BUT, it ain't JiJi's. Make the reservation, spend the $15 ea, try the pork belly, and thank me later. JiJi's is a real treat!
  6. Love the Miracle! Spent 15 days on her from Long Bch to Hawaii + back. Spirit class ships are the best IMO.
  7. I think you're still mistaken about the safe operation. Whatever card you use to lock it, is the only card that will unlock it. As it should be. Once open, you can use another card to lock it + it then becomes the only card which will unlock it. Most newer ships have gone to a 4 digit code. Whatever code you use to lock it, is the only code that will unlock it. Once unlocked, any other 4 digit code can be used to repeat the process.
  8. The lines are labeled + there's usually someone checking your boarding pass and directing you to the correct line. Just wanted to mention it, so you knew not to stand with the masses in the wrong line. Dockers are actually good ANY nite in ANY dining room including the steakhouse. Jackets are never required and he won't feel a bit out of place w/o one. I follow the dress codes, but NEVER dress up. Just too much to pack + haul around.
  9. Yup, nice rooms, good food, fabulous pool, shuttle to port.
  10. Yeah, with FTTF, ignore your boarding time and show up 10:30 or so as suggested. I'd also remind the porter your bags are priority + give him a decent tip. Then, when you enter the terminal, look for 2 lines. You'll be entering the expedited line with us platinum guests. One last thing, Carnival now offers anytime dining. We love it and use it every cruise. Welcome back to Carnival, Sensation was also our first cruise + we're from Dover, OH.
  11. As said above, a statement should suffice. If it's a recent purchase and you need it before the next statement date, I'd take an online snapshot of your acct positions. Nowadays, the actual stock certificate almost never has your name on it and you never see it. Usually, the shares are in the broker's name and you hold the shares in the street name. This allows the broker to execute a trade w/o you first mailing in the certificates. Also allows the broker to lend them (short) to somebody else and make money on your holdings, but that's another can of worms.
  12. Ours also came back with an incorrect seating time. I replied to the conf email + it was corrected.
  13. We've done several Journey cruises + love them! In fact, we just booked another for Jan 2021 on Pride. They definitely attract an older crowd. If you don't have at least 100 sea days, you're a rookie on these cruises. One guy had 1500 plus sea days on our last Journey cruise. So if you're platinum........no big deal!!!
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