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  1. Suggestion, once you get a brokerage acct set up, enter a "limit order" for CCL. IMO, we're a long way from over this pandemic and CCL gonna suffer more than most industries. If you simply enter a market order to buy, it'll execute at the price that moment. But a limit order only executes if/when the issue hits the limit price. Sooo, you could put in a limit order for 100 shares CCL @ say $5 a share. I don't buy anything with market orders. Warning, dividends and OBC are NOT guaranteed and can be canx at any time, so don't buy for that reason alone. It's truly not a good idea to buy individual stocks in a small portfolio with no experience. ETFs and mutual funds much better idea because they provide diversification for small investors. JMHO
  2. You pretty much have to have a brokerage acct, personally, I use Fidelity. It's possible to do it using a transfer agent, but then, you'll need a statement as proof of ownership anyway and agents charge fees round trip (in/out). If you actually hold the stock certs, then you can't trade then online until you mail them in. Most people hold the issue in street name, meaning the broker holds the certs and uses your stock to loan to short sellers.
  3. I wish they'd make an announcement since I'm booked in May also, but suspect they'll wait till the end of the month. The sooner Carnival officially canx, the sooner they're on the hook for refunds, not a good money move for them. And to make my May cruise worse, it sails outta NYC. 😷 BTW, loved Panorama + the itinerary!!!
  4. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/50351a91-4dc0-4f6b-bfec-684647e6129f
  5. No, it says "Carnival Corporation today announced that it has commenced an underwritten public offering of $1.25 billion of shares of common stock of the Corporation, according to a statement.". https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22709-carnival-corporation-announces-offering-of-common-stock.html CCL is the American issue traded on the NYSE while CUK is the UK version traded on the NYSE as an ADR. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/carnival-corporation-plc-announces-offering-111800967.html
  6. I think you'll find this is Carnival PLC (ticker CUK) rather than Carnival Cruise Line ( ticker CCL) most people here hold for cruise credit.
  7. "Donald said that the company is prepared for a cruising pause to last for the rest of the year, but he thinks the industry will come back stronger." https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Carnival-CEO-talks-coronavirus-crisis-on-HBO-show
  8. I didn't say ALL THAT, you did!
  9. Carnival's CEO just said they are prepared to shutter for the remaining of the year. Soooo, IMO, they are keenly aware of the timeline + it's our government that's in for the rude awakening. Course, they know the truth, they just never seem to be able to speak it (BOTH SIDES!!!)
  10. We enjoyed Cucina on Panorama, not as good as JiJi's, but well worth the small premium charge.
  11. We sailed Panorama mid Jan + the water started out great. By the end of the cruise, we drank nothing but bottled, the quality had noticeably deteriorated.
  12. Something to think about, my wife's nephew recently returned from a cruise on Conquest. Ship has no reported virus issues or debarkation problems. None of the four where permitted back to work until they home quarantined for 1-2 weeks. They all work at different places. Can't say I blame the employers, probably the most responsible position for them to take. But, something you might wanna check into with your employer after we get back to sea.
  13. Well, that's encouraging, at this point we'll take any encouraging news!
  14. Just got my response from the VA, for a "fit to cruise" letter. They said, in light of the current conditions, they would not consider drafting any such letter. Don't blame them a bit, but looks like I'll have to canx our May 25th to Bermuda.
  15. Loved Panorama + the itinerary!
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