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  1. Hi all. Had no idea these questions were there. I'd like to blame the heat but am sitting in air conditioning, so no excuses. My ports of call were Skagway (we did the Haines Wilderness Adventure), Juno (Mendenhall Glacier, MacCauley Hatchery, and Salmon Bake), Ketchican (Rainforest Walk & Totems). I'll try to get up a detailed review soon. These are all ship's tours because booking otherwise, although cheaper, would have resulted in so much drama with my sister being convinced we would miss the ship that it is not worth it. Highlight was sailing through Tracey Arm Fjord, which was stunning. That was also the day we had the most whales, dolphins, and sharks around the ship. Lowlight was the stop in Victoria. I guess it is necessary because of the Jones act, but it was pointless. They seemed to have closed down for the day before we got there at 7:30pm. Would much rather have had four more hours in Ketchican. And as I mentioned in another thread, definitely in the "no straw" zone on Legend.
  2. They definitely had the connecting jacks, but I didn't try them. The tvs WERE updated flat screens. BTW, word of advice from 4232, be careful getting anything out of the mini-bar; the shelf holding the tv over that desk has sharp corners and easy to knock your head on. Trust me. 🙂
  3. Sorry about that...must have missed the notification. Absolutely no straws or stir sticks visible. Butter in tubs at the buffet, and then only in the grill line (very annoying when you pick up a piece of banana bread at the pastries and want butter). Was offered a straw once, I think, so they have them, but I said no thanks, so I am not sure what kind of straw it would have been. Generally I don't drink fruity umbrella drinks so I didn't experience one of the new sugar straws. So yeah, I'd say they'd gone full bore with the plastic policy.
  4. I got the card when I got my passport renewed because I don't drive, and my passport has always been my official ID. Much better just carrying around the card than the whole book. But ymmv.
  5. Southerners need to avoid the biscuits and gravy. New Yorkers need to avoid the bagels. I am pretty sure that Carnival simply isn't strong with regional specialties.
  6. This I can answer...off the Legend on July 16. Had one of the Vista aft wrap suites and was stunned to find NO usb ports. For contrast, I sailed in June on the Paradise and it did have usb ports in the lamps. Most frustratingly, for the entire suite there was only ONE 110 voltage outlet...everything else was euro. My only complaint for the whole cruise. I am guessing they didn't touch the rooms much in the refit. Everything was still Carnival Peach (tm). Nothing was not in good order, and so I didn't mind that. But the usb port absence was a pain.
  7. Adding on to this, I've just returned from a 7 day in Alaska, with my meds packed as usual in a seven day pill carrier, and had zero interaction with anyone over it.
  8. Native New Yorker. Love sailing from Pier 90 (in fact some days I walk on my lunch hour down to see what is in port and dream of stowing away). All three times I have sailed out of New York the seas have been strangely glassy-calm, completely not what you would think. On my trip down to the Caribbean there was some more movement around the mid-Atlantic states but not bad. For hotels, the best advice I would give you is to book early. Especially if you are looking at staying in the midtown area, which is always filled with business travelers. If you are staying a few days in Manhattan before the trip, and are considering a Broadway show, I strongly recommend Come From Away. I'm not affiliated with the show in any way, just a huge theater fan (who also does community theater) and it's the best I've ever seen. If you have any other city-specific questions I would be happy to answer them.
  9. Hi all. Just off the Carnival Legend 7/9-7/16 sailing to Alaska. Willing to answer any questions but wanted to give a specific shout out to Jonathan in the Piano Bar. He may have been the best I have ever seen...talented, energetic, and he really got the crowds going each night. Full bar most nights, too. Played without break starting at 9pm every night but the last one. If you are a piano bar aficionado you won't want to miss him.
  10. Sounds like you are very soon to be platinum, so the worry will be behind you! Congrats. PS...nice cat. 🙂
  11. Agreed with what others have said...Carnival bases FTTF on how many Diamond and Platinum passengers are sailing. For your February 2020 it's entirely possible that there are so many Diamond and Platinum that they may offer no FTTF. That was the case when I sailed the Panama Canal crossing...our waiter told us (and the lines at embarkation bore this out) that the ship was at least 85% platinum and higher.
  12. It's a random Tuesday, and I am guessing you're coming from New Jersey, so you should be fine. I wouldn't leave any earlier, as that would put you right in the muck of the usual morning commuter traffic.
  13. You might want to mention to your waiter the first night that it's your favorite dessert. That would give him or her a few days to make it appear. 😉
  14. Just left out of Tampa last month. They did group Platinum-Diamond and Suites in one area with FTTF in the area next to them. We got on the ship within minutes of each other. The guy doing the boarding process was a real hoot, too. Made for a good way to start on the cruise.
  15. 11am should be fine. Have sailed three times out of NYC, and am Platinum. Latest I got on the ship was 12:30.
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