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  1. My DW recalls seeing a large cat but not sure of the breed. We did see a monkey or two, an alligator (or crocodile) and numerous birds.
  2. A Google Earth link to Coxen Hole. The small island between the ship and the end of the runway is were Maya Key Beach is located 🙂 Had a great time there! https://earth.google.com/web/@16.31501295,-86.54019545,2.20328646a,5501.95787068d,35y,0h,0t,0r
  3. We did Maya Key earlier this year and had a great time. We were taken by boat to the beach about 5 minutes away from the ship. It was very relaxing with lots of shade from trees and best of all not too busy! The drink service was good and the lunch was very good too. The waters were calm and not too much kelp. I'd recommend this beach in a heart beat!
  4. According to the Royal Caribbean website the duration is 2 hours but my question is how much time is spent under water?
  5. I know it's a long shot but does anyone have a Carnival Triumph Shot Glass they'd be willing to sell? I need it for my collection!
  6. on a slightly different topic, we're taking RCI Liberty in a week. Any issues taking a case of water or a case of soda on board?
  7. Expensive but worth the cost. Hope to get back to Alaska some day.
  8. I hate to state the obvious but perhaps a google search for the Galveston Port and call them if you're not seeing the answers you're seeking.
  9. If you happen to be in Dallas the weekend of the 30th there is a Travel expedition being held at Market Hall. We went last year and met several cruise only travel agents.
  10. Best thing is buy at a price you can afford. If you get offered an upgrade do some comparison shopping to determine if worth the extra cost. One last thing, get trip insurance. Saved my butt once!
  11. I never discriminate when it comes to dessert!
  12. I'd say Galveston and Royal. Some people refer to Carnival as the Walmart of cruise lines. That affordability means kids and a generally rowdier crowd in my opinion. We had several nights of not so good rest due to the younger crowd running up and down the halls on that cruise line. Royal will have kids aboard and you never know how well behaved they will be. The kids on Royal's Harmony of the Seas seemed slightly better behaved. Several years ago we did Carnival out of Long Beach CA and not a ton of kids. I'm thinking cause it was an 8 day and Cabo and Puerto Vallarta just don't draw like the Caribbean so that might be a good option. One nice thing about travel from San Antonio by jet is that Florida and southern California are just a 3 hour flight. Seattle would probably be a couple hours more. An Alaskan trip would also cost more due to limited travel dates available. Every ship I've been on has had excellent shows. IMO, shopping and beaches are pretty much the same. I'm sure many will disagree but that's just me. One last thing, get a balcony. IMO they are best because if the crowds become overwhelming you can escape them by sitting out there and simply watch the world go by. Please ask questions, read reviews and let us know what you choose. Welcome to cruising!
  13. Thank you and thanks for no snarky comments like "you should search instead of asking"!
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