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  1. Thanks, that does help, but that's for Adventure. I'd like to see if the cabins on Freedom are any different.
  2. I know there's only been one sailing on Freedom since it's been amplified. We are looking at one of the new junior suites they put on Deck 11. They're forward near the spa. Looking for any feedback. I realize this is a shot in the dark, but it never hurts to ask.
  3. We have a cruise booked for the first week of July. I am sitting tight on that and not cancelling right now. I've booked a December cruise out of San Juan with a refundable deposit as a contingency plan.
  4. We are booked in July on Freedom of the Seas. I repriced and got a Grand Suite for $50 more than I was paying for a junior suite. There was a huge price drop across the board on that cruise. I'm sitting tight and not cancelling. It's far enough out that I'm comfortable doing that and I couldn't pass up the deal on the Grand Suite. Hope it does sail, but if not, we'll find a way to use the cruise credit or refundd.
  5. Our breaking point will be July 1. We sail July 5. I have no intentions at this point in time of cancelling. It's too soon to make the call for me. But our cruise is a ways out. I'm not sure what I would do if I was sailing soon. My decision might be different.
  6. We are sailing on Freedom the first part of July from San Juan. We will go to San Juan regardless and I figure I have until the Thursday before we sail (which is actually when we leave) to decide whether we are going to go on the cruise. If we don't, I'll take the FCC and we'll turn this into a vacation in San Juan. Easy enough to book the hotel for a few more nights. I'm not panicking. It will all work out.
  7. We have had forward facing balconies three times on Princess ships. Twice we've had one that was in the middle (with cabins on both sides). Absolutely no issue with wind on those, and sailed once in Alaska and once in the Caribbean. Had a corner forward facing balcony on Regal Princess once and the balcony was unusable due to (I think) windbreaks (a/k/a balcony dividers) on only one side.
  8. The view is amazing. We've had 1702 on Independence, and yes, there is superstructure, but it was not bothersome to us. Zero noise from the Windjammer. The balcony is HUGE and the location is great, very private and quiet. It's our first choice of location on Freedom class ships.
  9. Thanks for the info! Now to change our flight. 🙂
  10. We're sailing on Freedom of the Seas the first week of July out of San Juan. We've already booked our flights, but we're considering leaving a day early. Due to my work restrictions, we're considering flight that arrives in San Juan at 11:30 p.m. It's just my son and I and we are staying at the Caribe Hilton. Is a late night arrival in San Juan safe? We've never flown into San Juan and I'm not familiar with the airport. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!
  11. Take the aft balcony. We've had both a midship JS and an aft balcony on Freedom. Much preferred the aft balcony. No noise at all (we had #1702) and after a day or so, you really don't notice the superstructure. It's also much more private with way less foot traffic than a midship location. Plus it's one deck up to the Windjammer and pool deck. Very convenient location. Looking forward to sailing Freedom in July - and we have an aft JS.
  12. This is an issue I have with Royal Caribbean. The files they give you (at least the ones I've received) are about that size and the resolution isn't really high enough for larger prints, at least in my opinion. That's a problem for me and why I may not get the digital package next time. I'm not sure about how to get a bigger file from My Cruise Photos, but if you have Photoshop, you might be able to increase the resolution by resizing the image. I've played around with mine in that program because I've done some of my own retouching and I've gotten pretty good prints doing that, but not 20 X 30.
  13. When we visited that port, we used Glacier Winds for whale watching. I'd highly recommend them. One of the best excursions we've ever done and limited to 6 people per tour.
  14. I have the Travelpro Maxilite 5 hardside; the 29" is just under 10 lbs. It's a four wheel spinner. I have it and I love it. They do have smaller sizes than 29".
  15. No review. But I found this video: https://youtu.be/6bRdLLubBDM
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