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  1. This is an issue I have with Royal Caribbean. The files they give you (at least the ones I've received) are about that size and the resolution isn't really high enough for larger prints, at least in my opinion. That's a problem for me and why I may not get the digital package next time. I'm not sure about how to get a bigger file from My Cruise Photos, but if you have Photoshop, you might be able to increase the resolution by resizing the image. I've played around with mine in that program because I've done some of my own retouching and I've gotten pretty good prints doing that, but not 20 X 30.
  2. When we visited that port, we used Glacier Winds for whale watching. I'd highly recommend them. One of the best excursions we've ever done and limited to 6 people per tour.
  3. I have the Travelpro Maxilite 5 hardside; the 29" is just under 10 lbs. It's a four wheel spinner. I have it and I love it. They do have smaller sizes than 29".
  4. No review. But I found this video: https://youtu.be/6bRdLLubBDM
  5. Based on what happened to us the first time we did it and flew Southwest using only luggage valet, I'm guessing they check you in no particular order. We had a late afternoon flight and my then 9 year old son and I wound up with boarding passes in Group C. When we got on the plane, there were not two seats together, so he ended up having to sit behind me in a middle seat. If being able to find seats together is a concern, I'd get early bird and skip luggage valet. Because of what happened to us on that first flight, and the fact that luggage valet is an absolute breeze, we try to make it work so we can get both.
  6. Could you send copy to dreamthesea45 @gmail.com? Thanks!
  7. It's on my Freedom cruise in July, 2020, but I did the math and it's not worth it for us. We probably wouldn't use the priority hours on attractions, we don't go to a lot of shows. As far as the luggage drop off, I wouldn't turn over my cameras and computers to anyone and that's basically what we carry on. The only thing that is a "perk" that appeals to me is the choice of debarkation on departure day, and I can go without that.
  8. No sale for me. The price is more than what I'm paying now by about the amount of the onboard credit and what gratuities would be.
  9. Hangar on the Wharf is awesome. I'd 100% recommend it.
  10. Thank you. That's probably made my decision for me. I really don't want to lug baggage around the Seattle airport at 10:00 at night. Going to splurge on the car service that will meet us at baggage claim.
  11. My son and are arriving for a pre-cruise stay in Seattle on a flight that arrives at 10 p.m. I'm trying to decide between a car service and just grabbing a taxi when we get to the airport. I'm not familiar with the layout of Seatac. Once you claim bags, how far is it and how do you get to ground transporation, specifically, taxis? Is there any pickup directly outside baggage claim? Thanks. Any information or suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. Very frustrated with the app. I still cannot get it to recognize my booking number. We are 47 days out from our sailing. I've made three phone calls to the "Ocean Navigator" line and I keep being told call back in a week and they've opened a ticket. I'm wondering if the problem is my device, although I can't get it to add on the ocean website either. Anyone else with a Samsung Galaxy having issues?
  13. Correct - the zoom ratio is 25X which is about the equivalent of a 35mm 24 - 600mm zoom. Regardless, it's a great camera.
  14. I have a large Canon DSLR that I lug around. However, I have a Sony RX10 III that I shoot with more frequently. It takes beautiful pictures and has a 600X zoom. It's a great camera and I'd highly recommend it. It's a bit on the large side, but it takes nearly shots nearly as good as my DSLR. It is considered a bridge camera. Just a suggestion, try before you buy. If you've got a couple of cameras you're looking at, rent them for a few days and see which one you like best. Lots of rental companies out there, but I've used either Borrow Lenses or Lens Rentals and have been happy with both.
  15. This is the balcony of L106 on the Regal Princess.
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