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  1. Could you send copy to dreamthesea45 @gmail.com? Thanks!
  2. It's on my Freedom cruise in July, 2020, but I did the math and it's not worth it for us. We probably wouldn't use the priority hours on attractions, we don't go to a lot of shows. As far as the luggage drop off, I wouldn't turn over my cameras and computers to anyone and that's basically what we carry on. The only thing that is a "perk" that appeals to me is the choice of debarkation on departure day, and I can go without that.
  3. No sale for me. The price is more than what I'm paying now by about the amount of the onboard credit and what gratuities would be.
  4. Hangar on the Wharf is awesome. I'd 100% recommend it.
  5. Thank you. That's probably made my decision for me. I really don't want to lug baggage around the Seattle airport at 10:00 at night. Going to splurge on the car service that will meet us at baggage claim.
  6. My son and are arriving for a pre-cruise stay in Seattle on a flight that arrives at 10 p.m. I'm trying to decide between a car service and just grabbing a taxi when we get to the airport. I'm not familiar with the layout of Seatac. Once you claim bags, how far is it and how do you get to ground transporation, specifically, taxis? Is there any pickup directly outside baggage claim? Thanks. Any information or suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Very frustrated with the app. I still cannot get it to recognize my booking number. We are 47 days out from our sailing. I've made three phone calls to the "Ocean Navigator" line and I keep being told call back in a week and they've opened a ticket. I'm wondering if the problem is my device, although I can't get it to add on the ocean website either. Anyone else with a Samsung Galaxy having issues?
  8. Correct - the zoom ratio is 25X which is about the equivalent of a 35mm 24 - 600mm zoom. Regardless, it's a great camera.
  9. I have a large Canon DSLR that I lug around. However, I have a Sony RX10 III that I shoot with more frequently. It takes beautiful pictures and has a 600X zoom. It's a great camera and I'd highly recommend it. It's a bit on the large side, but it takes nearly shots nearly as good as my DSLR. It is considered a bridge camera. Just a suggestion, try before you buy. If you've got a couple of cameras you're looking at, rent them for a few days and see which one you like best. Lots of rental companies out there, but I've used either Borrow Lenses or Lens Rentals and have been happy with both.
  10. This is the balcony of L106 on the Regal Princess.
  11. The largest balconies will be the forward facing balconies on the Lido and Marina deck and the balconies directly on the aft of the ship. Some of the balconies under Seawalk and Seaview Bar are larger, but they are kind of "peek a boo" and some of them can be seen from the Seawalk. Also, I have been on the Regal Princess twice, and at night there is a blue glow that exists (at least on the Seawalk on that side) from the lighting that would be quite annoying to me. Suites will have a larger balcony, but if it's a suite on the port or starboard side, the difference is only in the length, not the width. There are also some regular balcony cabins forward on the Emerald deck that have larger balconies, but they are considered obstructed as the outer wall is the steel hull of the ship and not glass. Previous poster is correct, the standard balcony size on the deluxe balcony cabins are no larger than any other standard balcony.
  12. Southbound from Whittier or Seward to Vancouver. Don't miss Glacier Bay. When we chose the itinerary for our first Alaska cruise in 2016, we did look at round trip Seattle. We decided not to do that for exactly the reasons some others on this post have said - the port times were just not as good as sailings that leave directly from Alaska. We love the southbound route. Spend a day or two on land in Alaska if you have time. Or do a multi-city itinerary with a stopover in Seattle before you go on to Anchorage. If you don't want to go to Denali/Fairbanks, rent a car in Anchorage and drive up the Seward highway to the Alaska Wildlife conservation center. Have lunch at the Hotel Aleyska in Girdwood.
  13. I've searched for the answer here, and can't really find a clear answer. For anyone who has taken the Alaska Railroad to Whittier to board a Princess ship recently, how is luggage handled? Is it handled like it was when someone takes the train to Seward (i.e, tagged at depot and you don't see it again until it's delivered to your cabin), or does it go on the train with you? If it does on the train with you, are you responsible for getting it from the depot/platform to the ship? If so, how far is that? Thanks - any info would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I'd recommend Glacier Wind for whale watching. Small tour, max of 6 people and the captain and tour guide were wonderful. We loved doing this in Icy Strait. https://www.g-wind.com
  15. We've sailed the Regal twice, both times in a forward facing balcony on an Eastern Caribbean route. We sailed in L106 and loved it! Much more spacious than a mini-suite on the side of the ship and a HUGE balcony that was rarely windy, I think because this cabin is more in the center of the ship, so there are wind blocks on either side. Balcony is partially covered. We sailed in L108 in 2017 and would not choose that room again. Although it was a huge balcony and basically a two room suite, the balcony was unusable 90% of the time. I think that was not only due to a difference in weather, but the 107/108 balconies only have a wind block on one side. We would not choose that room again, at least not sailing the Caribbean. We're sailing Royal Princess to Alaska next year and chose L106 because of our experience with L108. Being on the Lido deck is wonderful! No noise at all from above (the Sanctuary is just above). Just a walk across the pool deck to the Horizon Court. On the Lido deck where those cabins are located, there are only 63 cabins, so it is extremely quiet and private.
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