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  1. Have to wonder how clean the floor is that these entertainers are having to roll around on! 🤔
  2. ts the casino level your at. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/11-22-sp-casino-bcc-chart-update.pdf
  3. Do you know if taxi's take credit cards?
  4. You indicated you wanted to do a transatlantic, but unsure of the direction. We have done both directions, and our vote is to fly over and cruise back. These are the reasons: You lose time going over, you gain it coming back. By the time you cruise back to the US, you will have no jet-lag issues. Combine the transatlantic cruise with the cruise that precedes it. It will give you different ports. I am sure you would rather see sites in Europe not the Caribbean. If you add the cruise that follows the transatlantic you would get the same issue, but... ...by sailing home, the first parts of your B2B will be port intensive, then you will have all those glorious sea days to rest and relax from multi-day sight seeing. It is the opposite if you sail over. Relaxing at first, then port intensive for a finish up. That added to jet lag flying home is going to leave you needing a new vacation. Whatever you decide, I agree to try to get the same room. If you have to move rooms you will have to pack up everything except the clothes hanging in the closet.
  5. This actually might be a good deal, depending on the definition (age) of kids. They often drink part of a soda or bottle of water, then put it down half empty, moving on to other things. Not sure where one would get milkshakes, but just a few waters, juices, milkshakes and/or sodas would amount to $15 a day easily. Could be great peace of mind for parents not to worry about a big bill at the end of the cruise. Yes, they will over-indulge, but so do adults. It is a vacation after all! We shall see...
  6. woldridge


    I did a bit of research on Thailand a few weeks ago for a trip next October. I have attached the information I found. Hopefully, some of it will be helpful. General Information on Thailand.docx
  7. Interesting to note that Celebrity has raised the prices of shore excursions. I have three booked through them for our B2B2B transpacific cruise and Asia cruises for next Sept-November. Two of the excursions I got at a discount when they were running a special, but all have gone up from the original cost. The tour you refer to above is now $699 per person!
  8. I am on a private tour in of Halong Bay next October through Travel Authentic Asia. I would be very uncomfortable sending them a copy of my passport, but luckily, they did not require it. What they did require was: Please advise your passport information: Names on passport, nationality, date of birth and expiry date (you can skip the passport number if you do not feel comfortable to send it).
  9. It depends on where you disembark after the first cruise as to whether you have to get off the ship or not. If it is an American port, you will be told a time and place to meet and will be escorted off the ship where you will have to punch out so that the ship gets to a zero count. You will be handed your new sea pass, if the process has not changed to picking these up outside your stateroom door. Shortly thereafter, you will be escorted back on the ship. In foreign countries, often you do not have to get off the ship at all. If you want to go ashore (regardless of a US port or otherwise), you will be given "in transit" pass and can get off anytime you want to, but you will not be able to get back on until they start the boarding process. Where to buy wine is dependent on the port, but yes, you can bring on two new bottles. Yes, you have to pack up all of your room, except those clothes on hangers in the closet. They will move those by hanging them on a cart and then adding your suitcases. The room stewards are suppose to coordinate this move, but it is a good idea to let your room steward on the first cruise know you will be ding a B2B and have to change rooms. They make this move without you present - especially in US ports because you are required to get off. I have done this a few times, but try to get the same room as we have had a couple of bad experiences, mostly due to our room stewards not being "on the ball." Barb
  10. I did this last November on the Silhouette. I did not have a drink package, so wanted enough OBC to cover what I thought I would spend on drinks. At the end of the cruise, I had a credit. It was refunded within a couple of days. The person you talked to was not accurate in his answer.
  11. We got off the Equinox a week ago, and the Infinity the week before that. One cruise left from Fort Lauderdale and one from Miami. At neither port were we asked any health related questions. However, on the Infinity we had friends that were asked if they had any symptoms of illness, and on the Equinox the check-in person next to us asked if anyone had been ill in the past 7 days. Sounds like it is hit or miss.
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