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  1. Hasbro recently announced Mr and Mrs Potato head were going Gender Neutral and would no longer be referred to as Mr and Mrs. Guess this potato head didn’t get the memo.
  2. I’ve also scored some nice deals by waiting until after final payment date to book. I’ll still do that for Caribbean cruises and some European cruises but given my cruise is in New Zealand and will include an extra 5-6 weeks on land it’s tough to roll the dice and hope for a price drop given all the other planning involved.
  3. OP here... just a quick update. After weighing the pros and cons of X vs. Princess I ultimately decided to book a March 2022 cruise on Emerald Princess. Each line has its strengths and while I believe I’d be happier overall on X the cost savings to go with Princess was just too much to ignore. The Princess cruise was $5,000 cdn with a refundable $500 deposit. Celebrity was $7,400 with a non refundable $900 deposit ($7,900 with refundable). Each cruise includes Tips, Wifi and drinks with Princess throwing in a complimentary specialty dinner. Too early to start planning
  4. I want to be a Glass Half Full kind of person but worry I’ve been beaten down by the news, false hopes and general doom and gloom. When I stepped off my cruise last March who knew a year later the world would still be shut down? All that said I am hopeful that we are in the home stretch and the finish line is near. I just booked a cruise for March 2022 and am eager to start planning the details. Ultimately I am healthy and safe (as are my friends and family) and making the most of things. Until the world returns to normal let’s all stay safe and look forward to our ne
  5. Years ago a fellow passenger would put on a Captain’s uniform and walk around playing an accordion.
  6. On a couple Med cruises I’ve been on, half the ship were European.... Even if Americans (and Canadians) couldn’t travel overseas I’m sure Celebrity would consider a European cruise even if the ship were only half full. IMHO, better to sail half full than not sail.
  7. OP here.... thanks to everyone who replied. Most comments match my experience and future expectations. All things being equal I’d probably stick with X but the current pricing will most likely push me towards booking with Princess. Lots of time between now and sail date and a lot can happen. Most important on the list is that Covid is defeated (or otherwise under control), borders reopen and cruising resumes. Stay safe everyone.
  8. It’s been a decade since I last sailed Princess. I liked the product and sailed often enough to reach Platinum status. I stopped sailing Princess after a bad onboard issue that wasn’t properly addressed (IMHO) during the cruise or post cruise through head office. In that time I’ve primarily sailed Celebrity reaching Elite status. I find myself looking at Emerald for a March 2022 New Zealand cruise largely due to the significant savings over a similar Celebrity cruise. Hoping the Princess experience is as good as we remember. Who knows, if it is Princess could again bec
  9. A couple things come to mind: -DW and I like to dine alone and found that most 2 person tables were near inches apart. -Dining room has less “wow” than Celebrity -Outdoor areas seemed noisier due to MUTS -Staff less responsive A couple things we really liked: -Adult only pool aft -Variety (and price) of Specialty restaurants -Piano bar
  10. I had cruised Princess a lot and reached Platinum status. My last Princess cruise was in 2011 so I suspect a lot has changed. Since 2011 I’ve primarily sailed X (with the odd Holland cruise thrown in). In a nutshell my March 2021 New Zealand cruise on Solstice was cancelled with no Lift and Shift options available. My 10 day cruise (2 perks) was $5,500 cdn and to rebook a similar 11 day cruise in 2022 under the new offer the cost jumps to $7,300 cdn. Princess is offering a similar 11 day cruise and the price (similar perks) is only $5,000 cdn (refundable). I know back in 2011 I
  11. I assume those rules are in place for an undetermined length of time (similar to the travel restrictions Canada has placed on international travel) and will likely be loosened when (if?) the virus is largely under control. Given international cruising is unlikely until the virus is largely under control I would expect when the time is right you’ll see the restrictions loosened and cruising resume. But for now, I don’t see cruise departures from the UK for the foreseeable future.
  12. What are your priorities? Price? Quality? Location? Lots of choices available. As mentioned check out the Florida departures forum or even Tripadvisor. Ultimately you get what you pay for in that area with few surprises.
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