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  1. A European cruise is largely about the ports. Go with the itinerary you like best.
  2. Remember.... and interior cabin on a cruise ship is still better than a day at the office 😁 As others have said there may be a few options to upgrade to an oceanview or higher before sail date. If nothing changes soon watch the pricing of your cruise and if the price of an oceanview or verandah drops to a price slightly above what you are paying you can usually pay to upgrade (pay attention to the promos and perks being offered). Millenium may be my favourite X ship... enjoy.
  3. IMHO you can’t beat the aft cabins. The view of the wake is priceless.
  4. I hope you don’t like Decoy Cab Sauv... I’m on the Equinox the cruise prior to yours... supply may be low 😜 Looking forward to seeing the new colour of the ship. Still miss the Millennium in her dark blue with gold trim.
  5. I board in 3 weeks... don’t drink all the Decoy Cab Sauv and please report back on the entertainment! Enjoy your cruise!
  6. I googled Celebrity Silhouette Aft and found the following picture with Cabin number list.
  7. Question about the App (not trying to hijack the thread). It works perfectly on my iPhone but horribly on my iPad. The iPhone is a work phone and I tend to leave it at home when I travel. Has anyone gotten the App to work correctly on an iPad? I've deleted it twice in hopes there was just an issue but each time I run into the same issues which make it unusable on the iPad.
  8. And you can ask your room attendant to bring a vase to put the bouquet in (assuming of course the design allows that). We’ve sailed from Amsterdam a number of times and always pick up a large bouquet from the flower market before boarding. Congratulations! BTW, spent a month in Victoria last summer. Very nice city.
  9. Thanks so much! Didn’t realize you could view other sailings with the app. Just looked at today’s sailing to get an idea what the entertainment might be. I realize things can change but glad to see they have a lot scheduled for the Sunset Bar area.
  10. Thanks for sharing. On the Equinox in 4 weeks. Looking forward to spending some time in Craft Social. And maybe it’s a Country thing but I’ve never heard the term “By The Tap”. Local term is “On Tap”.
  11. There was a thread on this a while back. Many of us noticed that the total cost showing on the website was greater than the total cost on our PDF confirmation. Seems X’s IT department is slow to load all the offers and discounts. After a call to X the rep confirmed my PDF copy showed the correct price and it would take a couple days for the website to reflect the same total. After a couple days the website matched.
  12. To the OP. It’s your 45th anniversary.... now is not the time to be shy. When you see the CC host/hostess let them know how much it would mean to you to get an invite. It’s as good a reason as I can think of! Congrats by the way! 🥂
  13. I don’t think the invite is specific to Concierge Class (although that may help). We’ve done 3 helipad sail always and none were in a Concierge cabin. Think it’s at the discretion of the CC host.
  14. If you have a drink package I would highly recommend Cafe Al Bacio. I find their americano much better than the coffee dispensers in the oceanview or Aqua Spa. I doubt they would fill up a travel mug but if you borrow your travel partners card I suspect that would help.
  15. S Class has the Ensemble lounge which is much smaller than the Rendezvous. We like going to Ensemble to have a drink and listen to live music. On S-Class ships much of the evening dancing occurs in the Grand Foyer and later at night in the Sky Lounge.
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