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  1. Biggest attraction for us in a JS is double points, priority boarding and discounts. We are going on our 6th RCL cruise and turning Diamond. Our first 2 cruises were not in a JS. Points add up fast. We have our first back to back booked in 2019 in a JS and will earn another 28 points. Double diamond is on the horizon.
  2. We booked 1804 last week for a SEP 2019 cruise. It was listed as a VP suite but falls into a Junior Suits category. We will get double C&A points. We were seaching in the Junior Suite class on RCL website when booking and 1804 showed up. We booked this as a back to back cruise but will change to an aft Junior Suite for the second leg. Overall we will be earning 28 points total and so close to being double diamomd.
  3. 'GOING OVERBOARD. Isn't that like say the word 'bomb in an airport? I like to go to the casino right before bedtime and drink a couple glasses of wine. I don't stay long because I start to get sleepy. So that keeps me from going overboard and its fun. :D
  4. Wow, looking over my posting history and just realized I never shared how our situation ended up. We were both able to take the cruise, no loss of funds or airfare. It was epic!!!
  5. We booked the BOGO offer and will dine in Chops 2x. We also booked the murder mystery dinner which lands you in Giovannis for dinner. We love the MDR too. I just like taking my wife to Chops because it's special for her, a real date night amongst a week of date nights while on board.
  6. We love being able to board the ship ahead of general boarding as suite cruisers. A nice perk.
  7. We cashed in 15,000 points to reduce the cruise price by $150. We already had an OBC of $150 and would rather get the price down. Will have to check with my travel agent to make sure it got credited. I did print a confirmation e-mail I got from BOA saying credit was being applied to remaining unpaid cruise fare balance.
  8. Sitting on a foward deck at sunrise with a hot cup of coffee as we pull into a new port (its very peaceful and quiet) Daily quiet time in the Sauna Watching the running of the drunks as we are getting ready to leave a port....its a total hoot! Saddest part - getting up at 0-dark thirty on last day and having to endure the infamous RCI exit strategy.:eek:
  9. We are always in a suite and I think they are uncomfortable and not very soft. Pluse they are heavy and not ideal for tropical temps on the balcony. Bring your own if its important.
  10. 2x in an aft cabin for us. Will be deck 8 in Jan. A bit more vibration but nothing that bothers us. Best part is arrival and departures from ports - a commanding view moving foward or in reverse. Will be a longer walk but plus is its extra quiet. You gotta at least try it once.
  11. First cruise - Monarch of the Seas....thought it was huge. Next cruise - Rhapsody of the Seas....was ok..our older teens were board on sail dates to Alaska (we kind of were too) but entertainment in Schooner Bar was a blast Next Cruise - Independance of the Seas (loved the promenade and larger ship activities) but always fighting crowds everyplace we went. Last Cruise - Navigator of the Seas - perfect size ship for us with great activities. Next Cruise - Granduer of the Seas - taking opportunity to enjoy balcony mostly and seek adventure in the ports. Smaller ship but the focus this time is R&R. We figure any day on any ship is better than a day in the office. Looking foward to making new friends and laughing along the way.
  12. We just booked for Jan 6th cruise too. Looking forward to sailing out of Baltamore and seeing St. Thomas. Labadee is ome of oir favorite ports. Hope to meet all of you on board.
  13. My wife was very happy to share good news with me. She mentioned to her supervisor that we had a cruise booked prior to her starting her new job but was resigned to the fact she could not go. Much to her suprise her supervisor said she will check bit felt sure that they could excuse her for the trip. We will keep you posted with any updates. Again, thanks to so many of you for your input.
  14. First - Thanks everyone for your input. Here is how we plan to proceed with the help and advice of our TA. We will drop my wife from the booking and get back her port fees/taxes/ground transportation. Her airfaire will remain as a credit for one year but will be subject to a $200 change fee when used in connection with future flight reservation. Of course the original ticket for us was just $247 each so it may still be a bit of a loss but no biggie. I will earn triple C&A points on cruise in Jr. Suite and pay suplemental rate. My final question is now this - my C&A points will now be greater than my wifes. When I hit Diamond and she doesnt does that mess us up from use of concierge services and Diamond events in future cruises as a couple?
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