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  1. The governments around the world have mishandled this crisis. As for cruising the biggest mistake was locking people on the ships with the virus spreading unchecked. It would have been better to disembark the passengers and crew at the nearest port and then quarantine them in another location. Under the green new deal cruising will be finished.
  2. I agree this is sad, but how could Carnival do any differ with no revenue. I am afraid it will be a long time before the cruise industry recovers, if ever. My family has enjoyed many affordable cruises but I think our future cruises will be more expensive and many of the smaller home ports that we like may lose their ships.
  3. I have three cruises booked starting in June 2021. I booked at the current low prices and deposits. I will not pay on them until the payments are due just in case Carnival flounders.
  4. Matt's announcement indicated he was not leaving the cruise industry but "retiring as a cruise director" so it seems he will be in another position.
  5. The article is actually several months old- similar machines are in use in many places. I hope they rollout a cheap reliable salvia based test.
  6. I agree that those prices are high for this ship. When we sailed a few years ago, we paid a a little more than $500 for three people. But maybe they think a lot of people are wanting to cruise and will pay the price.
  7. Cunard has a different cliental and different business model. Many of their clients book years out. Carnival and the other mass market cruise lines work with a shorter time span and can start sooner but I would look to January rather than November as the restart date.
  8. For me if it not safe to go without a mask- it is not safe to cruise although if mask would be limited boarding, standing in lines for food service and other things, I might considered going but if they said mask had to be worn everywhere then no I will not go, With that said, I know the science is all over the place when it comes to mask. I have been wearing a mask since mid-March and have learned to adjust to them.
  9. It will take months to get the ship ready to sail so 2020 cruises are unlikely.
  10. I realize that Bankruptcy does not mean the ships won't be sailing but if there is a bankruptcy there will be major reorganization and who knows what ships will be sailing from what port. In general, I do not think there will be enough business to support all the ships that have been sailing with the new builds that are near completion. The travel insurance I have does cover against provider insolvency so I am protected no matter what happens. ( Of course I know my stock could be worthless in the future.) I am sure that most of us who enjoy cruising also hope that some from of normalcy will return to the cruise industry.
  11. I just booked a cruise for June 2022 since it was at a good price and I am afraid prices will be going up in the next few years.
  12. I am hopefully they will rollout a vaccine and instant salvia test by early next year. I hope these will allow a return to cruising. We have one book for June of 21 and 22. I hope these will sail. But I recognize the cruise industry may never look the same so even the ships we have book not not be around next year if the cruise lines are bankrupt.
  13. You are right- everyone is hurting but I am afraid a great deal of the world does not have a means of survival if the economy does not get reopened.
  14. Carnival still have massive overhead so how long will that money last?
  15. My certificates came from timeshare presentations- but of course based on the small print they are not free. I actually planned to use them before the crisis. I calculate the might save about 25% off the normal cruise rate.
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