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  1. I agree, for a family of 4 the cruise has to cost at least two thousand bucks, I hope it is not a waste. Right now I do not have a cruise book until June 2020 but I know where my documents are.
  2. If all four of you are staying in one cabin and three of you want to buy it, then buy it and pay part of the non-drinkers portion. We can disagree with the Carnival rules but their business model seems to be working. I personally wish they would just sell a set number of drinks at a discounted price. Many years ago Holland American they sold a $50.00 drink card for $25.00 before sailing. I thought this was a great option.
  3. I have not read of any other reports that this incident involved gun fire. That would be a murder and not an accident.
  4. right, if you thinks hold might be a problem then use cash.
  5. We took our thee old so we were able to use the kids services ( she loved the camp) and pool without any problems. I know this is a little different than your situation. We found that at times we have to separate with one staying with the child while the other went around the ship but we also had some noise cancelling headphones so we took her to the shows and she usually went to asleep. We just carried her. Also, we were afraid she might fall out of the bunk bed but it work out fine ( a few times I had to crawl up there with her to get her to sleep in a strange place.)
  6. I hope you booked through the group cruise desk so they can help you make arrangements. On meet some folks on the Carnival Dream that had a group of over 30 people and Carnival arranged a special room for them. Good luck!
  7. I was on a cruise that hit bad weather right out of the port. Several people asked for this and the honored when the ship docked in Mexico. I know of another couple who used it because they were having marriage trouble but made up a good story so Carnival flew them home.
  8. On our last few cruises they have been making people pour out their drink cups and refillable bottles before leaving the ship. The ship also announced that no open drinks could be taken off the ship. We were allow to take Carnival water bottles off the ship.
  9. Is $15 bucks enough to really worry about? We have found the corkage fee will worth the service.
  10. It is marketing. Stay you a friend who want to buy you some drinks- they could buy the bar cash. If any case it is money in the bank for Carnival.
  11. The insurance policy should payoff no matter what you decide to do- cancel completely or if you go without the kids.
  12. I bring printed receipts of everything just in cash. Enjoy!
  13. We visited there several years ago with our child when our child was 7 during the 4th of July week. We were concerned there might be a lot of inappropriate but we had other friends going who invited us (and paid) so we went. I was surprise that it was quite tame. Although one lady from our cruise ship had to be carried to a cab.
  14. If you are going to use credit then a credit card would be the best option since they often included some form of travel insurance and other perks.
  15. It maybe some of the security in Mobile enjoyed see cans roll around but on our last cruise out of New Orleans security had duck tape to repair the boxes.
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