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  1. As of 18:40 she is still at the dock based on the webcam. http://ships.carnivalentertainment.com/#ship/carnival-ecstasy/cameras
  2. Carnival knows that most people will use all of the OBC, Cruise Cash, and gift cards in most cases. But if you do not then the slot machine works fine unless you decided to check your luck. then Carnival wins again.
  3. If my 16 year old was served booze- I would call the federales.
  4. The question of whether are not Cheers is worth it is up to the person buying. For one adult the price would be around $420.00. Too me this is a lot but if you plans to drinks three or four drinks day plus non-alcoholic drinks it maybe worth the peace of mind to have a set price. Enjoy the cruise.
  5. If the check them, they maybe to throw any but not always. Some people get them delivered but why take the chance just carry them or buy the Bubbles program.
  6. I know larger ship can dock but one of the officers on my last Fantasy cruise told me the channel does not have a enough maneuver room for a larger ship to come and go without tugs. I hope this is wrong since I would enjoy a bigger ship.
  7. We enjoy sailing from Mobile but would enjoy another ship but it appears the port cannot manage a ship larger than the Fantasy class. I suspect that the Fantasy will be retired when some of the new Carnival ships set sail so another Fantasy class ship will be assigned to Mobile to fulfill this contract. After the three years the Fantasy class ships maybe ready for retirement leaving Mobile without a ship.
  8. We pay the auto-tips and most of the time tip extra so I do not see the necessity of carrying cash for extra tips each night. But it is a personal decision. I have gone to customer service and had an extra tip add to a specific staff member to my account. IF this way there is a record that the crew member was recognized for providing great service.
  9. Right, be nice and book a more expensive cruise or cabin.
  10. Right, I had to cancel a few days before a cruise, got no refund and no VIFP points. (thankfully I did have third party insurance.)
  11. I never bought Cheers but I noticed my friends with Cheers water bottles were not opened by the bartenders on the Dream.
  12. I have seen smoke from both sides also especial while going at high speed.
  13. Sometimes a person with FTTF will upgrade to a higher cabin category that does not require FTTF so you might can catch it at the right time to get it. I was on a cruise Facebook group when a person announced this and I was able to buy it at the last minute for a cruise. Good luck!
  14. I doubt you can still purchase any insurance with a cancel for any reason this close to the cruise. Also preexisting conditions will be excluded but you still certainly still purchase travel insurance that will cover unforeseen circumstances from a host of providers. We use Travel Guard. It is an affordable and easy to understand product with excellent customer service.
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