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  1. Thank you to all who answered my question regarding upgrading the drink package. We will most likely head to guest services soon after boarding to upgrade.
  2. We plan on upgrading from the House Select to Premium beverage package once onboard. Is this normally done at guest relations so a new card can be printed? Or, do you just upgrade at one of the bars?
  3. I also very much enjoy the Azamara forum for the overall helpful attitude and good discussions. I follow another forum because I had a cruise booked with them (cancelled due to Covid) & am still considering cruising with them in the future if the itinerary & price are right. Some posters in that forum seem to relish the opportunity to pounce on a poster to let them know just how stupid their question is. Then once someone makes themselves feel superior by denigrating the OP others feel the need to chime in to also make themselves look superior & add to their all im
  4. Thank you. I asked the CBP officers if they could waive the fine since my father fought for this country in the Korean War, but they wouldn't budge. Oh well, at least we were somewhere where it was easy to fly home quickly to be with the rest of our family.
  5. In April 2019 DW & I were on Journey with Captain Johannes in charge. On the 3rd day of the cruise as we approached Charleston Harbor I started receiving calls on my cell phone letting me know that my father had died back at home. Of course we needed to leave the cruise to get home to help with the arrangements. The crew members were fantastic in helping with arrangements for us to meet with Customs & Border Protection to get permission to fly home since we were in violation of a US Maritime Act that stipulated we could not board in one US city (New York) & th
  6. They are competing for my cruising $$ in 2022. We will choose to book a cruise with the one that offers the most interesting itinerary (for us) along with the best value for our money. And yes, we really enjoy late stays & overnights as a way to get a better feel for the places we are visiting.
  7. I am very happy to read this! This puts Azamara back as a possibility for a 2022 cruise booking for us. The competition for this booking is Oceania & Viking Ocean. Unfortunately, Azamara's prices are quite a bit higher than the other 2 for the itineraries that we are interested in. Hopefully the new owner will have some cruise sales that are actually sales for a change. We will wait to book until the ownership is complete & we see how the pricing ends up.
  8. We finally received the last piece of our refund this morning. Ship - Sirena Sail date - April 1, 2020 Oceania cancelled this cruise on March 13, 2020 We requested a full refund through our TA March 14, 2020 Cruise was paid in full December, 2019. The final 2 pieces of the refund (it ended up being refunded in 4 pieces total) arrived in our credit card account this morning, 93 days after receiving the cruise cancelled confirmation from Oceania. It would have been nice if O had paid out refunds on a first in first out basis.
  9. April 1 cruise Cancelled by Oceania on March 13 Full refund requested by us on March 14 & Cruise Cancelled Confirmation received on March 15. Still waiting for the final piece of our refund (about $725). I will contact our TA on Monday since she kept quoting the "up to 90 days" whenever I asked her to find the status of our refund. Today makes 90 days for us.
  10. Still waiting for the 3rd piece of our refund for our April 1st cruise which was cancelled on March 13th & refund requested on March 14th. Over 80 days waiting now.
  11. Exactly. The fact that Oceania hasn't processed refunds on a first in first out basis has only added to the angst & frustration of customers like me. The lack of communication is also frustrating. Just stating "be patient" or "we're slammed" isn't good enough.
  12. Glad to hear that you now have all of your refund. Hopefully the remainder of our refund will arrive soon as well.
  13. I certainly don't rate Oceania's responsiveness as stellar. We are on day 65 waiting since we requested a full refund on March 14 for our April 1 cruise that was cancelled on March 13.
  14. Just to add another data point, we are on day 58 waiting for our refund to be completed for a canceled cruise. We did receive 2 credits a while back but are still owed about $725. Our TA says Oceania has acknowledged that they still owe us the money.
  15. Pster55, Thank you for starting this thread. I check in every day in hopes that CC members will start reporting that they are receiving their refunds from O for canceled cruises. With NCLH recently securing over $2 Billion, I am hopeful that the refunds will start coming through soon. I still have a little over 5 weeks before the 90 days is up from when we requested our refund.
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