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  1. Just wanted to post about our experience in case anyone was interested. We went with the intention of parking at the airport and getting an Uber or taxi to our car around 3am. Before we went to pick up our hire car we spoke with the port security guys about parking in the area and what they recommended. They said to park at the mall. They said “of course it is at your own risk but they never tow anyone there, park there overnight don’t bother with the airport”. We then got an Uber to the airport to pick up the rental car our driver (who was the best Uber driver we’ve ever had btw) advised us that it would be impossible to get an Uber at that time and difficult to get a taxi as well. He showed us the parking lot at the mall in front of whole foods and told us to park there overnight. He too said we would be fine walking there from the pier and our car would be fine. I was still a little apprehensive about both the car and the walk but my partner was convinced. So we parked our car at the mall - at our own risk- and walked back. The walk was fine there are security guards checking ID and ship cards at both ends of the walkway which is well lit with high barbed-wire fences. We also found we weren’t the only ones making the walk at 3am and were with 2 other couples walking to their car. Again I am not making any recommendations it’s completely at your own risk to park there just wanted to provide my experience as when we were researching found little recent information. Our car was fine we made it up Haleakala for the most beautiful sunrise we have ever seen. Also make sure you dress warmly and take a blanket - it was freezing!
  2. That's awesome. Started to get excited now less than 100 days to go. We haven't booked any tours for sunrise. We've booked a hire car and planning to head up early ourselves. I've looked into a few tours but we prefer having the freedom to stay as long as we like and also head on to elsewhere afterwards. Are you planning to do Haleakala for sunrise as well?
  3. Thanks for the info. We are planning to park at the airport rather than risk it anywhere nearby. I was more interested if anyone had any experiences with getting a taxi that early in the morning. We'll try to order one in advance but you never know with taxis.
  4. Hoping you'll let us know how you went! We will be on POA in Maui 12/10 and 12/11 and also doing Haleakala sunrise. We were thinking of parking at the airport and organising a taxi/ uber/ lyft. Thanks in advance! Any feedback on recent experiences would be much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the info! I'll check the other posts out. Looking forward to hearing the rest of your review!
  6. Thanks for the awesome review! Just wondering how far from the ship was the mall you parked at in Maui? We are looking at doing sunrise at Haleakala Crater and trying to decide where to park for an early morning.
  7. Hi all, On my first cruise both my partner and my own suitcases did not arrive to our room for a few hours after sail away. We saw the alcohol notices for others and asked our room steward and he asked if we had alcohol (we said no) or maybe scissors or other dangerous items. We went down to where they were searching bags (saw LOTS of bottles of wine) but as we had not received a notice we ended up leaving. ANyway finally our suitcases arrived, although we were never called to security. My partner had coke cans in his suitcase and I found I actually had packed scissors in my first aid kit. SO (sorry bout the long post) my question is, what items are classified as dangerous or would be picked up on an xray machine? obviously glass and plastic bottles, but just wondering if anyone has any stories with other items causing them trouble? Cheers :)
  8. Any secrets to successful rum runner use?
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