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  1. At some point, we started equating comfortable with being slobby. I can look dashing AND be comfy at the same time. It does take work to choose fabrics and clothing carefully for travel to make it all work, but it can, and does. We don't need to look like we are doing yard work all of the time. We were out to eat the other day at moderate place, and I looked around and thought, wow, the majority of the people look like they have been mowing the lawn. Sorry guys, you seem to be the worst offenders.
  2. Hello! I am wondering if anyone snapped photos of or scanned Daily Cruiser newsletters for Danube ports on Ama? Thanks in advance!
  3. That's the port we had to hurry up onto the Ama ship so the ship could cross the river to the other side. They said the river was falling rapidly or something.
  4. Follow this thread. This is the best info you will get.
  5. Fly home from Budapest. Going to Munich isn't practical. Congratulations on winning the trip!
  6. Chloe’s mom has given you great advice. For non schedule drugs (is, not narcotics) my pharmacy gives me extra sticky labels for each drug. I slap a label on a pill envelope and go on my merry way. In many parts of the world prescription drugs are not dispensed in pill bottles but in blister packs so there is no real legal need to keep pills in pill bottles (again, I am not talking about narcotics here or other schedule drugs). This has served me well all over the world, but for certain Asian countries I would check and see what if any requirements they have. Japan especially comes to mind. Also, if you have normal quantities of the non schedule med, like 14 blood pressure pills, that’s way different from say...300 pills. They are not looking to cause problems for the average river cruising traveler.
  7. The French balcony cabins on the Serena are at the back of the boat. But, we had zero vibration or noise, I believe mostly because we were traveling in the direction of the river.
  8. I sailed on the Stella and the Kristina. I think a balcony cabin would be a waste on a Christmas cruise, honestly.
  9. Hello! Are the waterways used for the tulip time cruises susceptible to high water? Thank you!
  10. His price almost doubled. He was doing great then, as now.
  11. Johnny's Tours was great - my husband did a night one a couple of years ago. The price went up so much this year that he didn't repeat it.
  12. We were on AMA and it was at least a 20 minute brisk walk. You can take the bus in for the tour, and then don't take the tour 🙂
  13. Thank you everyone for your comments!
  14. Thank you everyone! Wow! Vienna I was so sure we would be docked IN town. Everything else I sort of guessed!
  15. We were on the AmaStella (it was supposed to be the Kristina) Basel to Amsterdam, leaving 12/3/18. It rained every single day. It rained so much the weekend before the cruise that we didn't have to deviate. We were also able to get through the gorge. We had a couple of weird deviations - we had to move from one side of the river to the other to dock - quickly - due to water levels. Which killed being able to go out and about. We also did not get to be in Rudesheim on our own. We only had an afternoon there. We did have to change ships, which involved packing up everything and having it out at our doors early in the morning. It also involved a 1.5 bus ride to get to the Kristina. They told us it was due to low water - technically that was not true since all the other ships were passing through. They needed to position the Stella and the Kristina, though, for future cruises. The Rhine Valley is temperate. It doesn't get bone chilling cold on a regular basis (or so were told, they grow grapes so...) nor does it snow very much. The good news is for all the weirdness, we got a large credit to use by 2021.
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