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  1. Carnival Vista, Mediterranean cruise, from a cove balcony...
  2. Pictures taken from a cove balcony while on Carnival Vista...
  3. Carnival Horizon speeding back to Miami, from a cove balcony. 8E8BF526-9F8A-4306-AAB9-BF1372FB8A71.mp4
  4. Get a cove balcony, you won’t bake in the sun. The sound and proximity to the water is fantastic, l will never go back to a regular balcony. The views are fine, you won’t be looking at bridges in the Caribbean.
  5. Carnival Vista entering Port of San Juan from a cove balcony. 5CB511E4-7889-4E54-B455-5C7057BCE213.MP4
  6. Carnival Horizon leaving Nassau, from a cove balcony... B307DF84-DAEF-4245-92B6-7CA555F9538F.mp4
  7. I hope the food isn’t as bad as some have stated. Was on Mariner about two months ago and the food was horrible, so was the MDR service. We tried Chops one night and was not impressed, good thing It was at a pre-cruise discounted rate.
  8. Mariner has come back to Port of Miami, any ideas as to what’s going on?
  9. Quick question for anyone that can help. For those that have cruise out of Venice, if you still remember, at what time did the ship arrive back in port? Did it arrive as advertised, 6:45AM or earlier and/or later? Trying to decide if to change my flight or stick with it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Time lapse of Coco Cay from the ship. 3A7115B5-4A65-4A8C-9727-38B3EDAC1953.MP4
  11. My best guess is that the pier will be pretty close to done or done by May. The rest of the attractions will be hit or miss, again, a guess. The pace of construction in the Bahamas is much slower, saw a lot of guys standing around. There’s also the weather factor, pouring concrete takes time and requires preparation.
  12. This will be the lagoon, where the tenders currently head out to sea will have an overpass or walkway in place. As you can see, that’s far from happening and as long as they keep tendering, it will delay progress. The pier is missing about 3 to 4 segments and not all of the supporting pylons are in place. There’s a barge that’s moved around to complete this work.
  13. Doing Magic in December out of Fort Lauderdale, looking forward to that cruise. We got a cove, which is our favorite balcony, close to the water and bit a more private.
  14. I totally agree, Oasis Class is a different caliber. What's kept me away from them is pricing, a party of 4 is almost twice the cost when compared to Carnival's Horizon (Latest Ship).
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