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  1. Time lapse of Coco Cay from the ship. 3A7115B5-4A65-4A8C-9727-38B3EDAC1953.MP4
  2. My best guess is that the pier will be pretty close to done or done by May. The rest of the attractions will be hit or miss, again, a guess. The pace of construction in the Bahamas is much slower, saw a lot of guys standing around. There’s also the weather factor, pouring concrete takes time and requires preparation.
  3. This will be the lagoon, where the tenders currently head out to sea will have an overpass or walkway in place. As you can see, that’s far from happening and as long as they keep tendering, it will delay progress. The pier is missing about 3 to 4 segments and not all of the supporting pylons are in place. There’s a barge that’s moved around to complete this work.
  4. Doing Magic in December out of Fort Lauderdale, looking forward to that cruise. We got a cove, which is our favorite balcony, close to the water and bit a more private.
  5. I totally agree, Oasis Class is a different caliber. What's kept me away from them is pricing, a party of 4 is almost twice the cost when compared to Carnival's Horizon (Latest Ship).
  6. Just got off a Mariner of The Seas cruise about two weeks ago, nothing to write home about. Dining room service was incredible slow, food wasn't that great and the design of the ship leaves a lot to desire. Royal ships have that indoor mall design, promenade is indoor with rooms on both sides. Haven't been on the Oasis class but from what little I've read, it's the same. There's no true lobby like Carnival, so you have to find one of several areas to hang out and there's very little seating at some of these. Perfect example, Boleros vs Havana Bar, there's a ton of seating at Havana Bar plus you even have tables to play Dominos. Boleros on Mariner was mostly stand up, just a couple of seats near it. Mariner's promenade had very little seating, other that what's around the Cafe or Sports Bar or Pub, there's nothing else you can use to sit and people watch. Royal's steakhouse is nothing to write home about, the dessert we ordered came from Windjammer. Was quite shocked given that Carnival's steakhouse does everything in house. The prices of drinks, internet and the likes on Royal are quite high. On average, a drink on Carnival is about $9-$10 plus 15% service charge, on Royal you are looking at $12-$14 plus 18% service charge. Johnny Rockets is an up charge, Guy's Burger Joint is included in your cruise. At least on Mariner, the shows were horrible, reminded me of when I first sailed on the Carnival Destiny. Old old dancers, some singers and a band, nothing to write home about. The juggler guy is also not that great. Compare to Carnival, the theater was nice, plenty of seating but hardly anyone attended. The ice skating show was alright but the venue is small and seats weren't that great. The dining room staff kept asking us to give them a great review, never seen this on a Carnival ship. Also, for breakfast, they have juice pre-served on these shot like glasses (slight bigger). Point is, all juices were at room temperature and if you asked for a cold OJ, they tell you it's the way it is. Room was small, we had a balcony. The balcony was slightly bigger than Carnival's and the chairs were better. Closet space was also limited, just shelves on one side of the closet then the middle is open so you can store luggage. In short, not very practical. The dresser drawers were small as well as the TV, on Vista or Horizon, the TV is a good 40" or so, centered with the bed and fully interactive. Decor is on the old school side, greens and light to yellow wood looking furniture. The top deck of Mariner was nice, they spent all the remodeling budget there. Crown Viking Lounge is nice, my only complaint was that the couches needed to go, stained and worn down. As far as food, Carnival hands down. Most things we had in the dining room or in the Promenade Cafe didn't have much flavor. Pizza was great as well as Johnny Rockets. As for ships feeling open, you can't beat Breeze, Vista or Horizon. These newer class ships have a ton of seating areas, indoor and outdoor, that allow you to kickback and have a drink or just plain old people watch. One more thing, specialty restaurants, the cost of these on Royal is crazy. Izumi vs Bonsai, with Bonsai you order what you want and prices are very reasonable. Izumi, is a flat price, for our upcoming med cruise they are asking $49 and on Mariner remember being around upper 30s. We have a second Royal cruise coming up and now I'm having second thoughts.
  7. We were probably on the same cruise, I also went on the two day that left Miami on the 22nd. My survey did ask if the dining room staff requested positive scores. I'm guessing they are tweaking these surveys based on feedback.
  8. I enjoyed the cruise, it was nice to be out of town for two days. Although the design of the ship was not ideal for me, it was in good shape and didn't ruin the experience. Food, on the other hand, was a different story. Wish that would have been better. We have another cruise this summer out of Venice on Rhapsody of The Seas, looking forward to it.
  9. Our second Chef's Table was on Vista. Fantastic experience, food was tasty.
  10. Just got back from a 2 day cruise on Mariner of The Seas, first Royal Caribbean cruise. The good... Boarding was quick and easy. Port of Miami terminal is beautiful. Coco Cay was nice, even with all the construction going on. Johnny Rockets was great, too bad you have to pay for this. Room steward was fantastic, kept the room spotless and followed up regularly. Ship was clean and staff was for the most part very friendly. Bed was super comfortable, guessing new mattress. The bad... Dining room service was incredibly slow, took us 2.5 hours to eat the first night. Breakfast in the dining room the morning after wasn't any better, waiter took our order and disappeared. Had to ask a second waiter for coffee and bread. Windjammer, on boarding day, was chaotic to say the least. We circled for a good 15 minutes before finding a table. Staff was slow to clean tables and customers were allowed to move chairs around leaving some tables without any. Drink prices a bit on the high side plus 18% service charge. More food venues should open on boarding day, for example, Izumi. Would alleviate the congestion in Windjammer on boarding day. Ship design, promenade feels like an indoor mall. There aren't enough seats to listen to music or people watch, it turns into a battle between those wanting to sit around vs those trying to eat at some of the venues there. Studio B is odd, chairs uncomfortable and a bit on the low side. Ice skating show needs a remake or should be replaced. Shows in general weren't that good, at least for the two days we were on the ship. Not sure if the experience changes with a longer cruise. General observations... Looks like Royal spent a good chunk of the remodeling budget on upper decks. Could have used a portion of the budget to refresh some of the other areas. Promenade lacks windows to the outside, given its location. Promenade Cafe food is average at best, pizza is the saving grace. Cruise director, forgot her name, was mediocre. Visible mostly in the evenings, disappears most of the day. Dining room staff didn't seem motivated, only a small percentage of them. Don't see how Coco Cay's newest areas will be ready by May, a lot of work remains to be done. Overall, food on this ship was just ok, not sure if this is the same across Royal's fleet. We will be cruising with them again in Summer, that would really suck given that it's a longer cruise. There was a lot of confusion between Terminal A and Terminal G. Ship left out of Terminal A but was returning to Terminal G. Royal could have sent out an email a day or two earlier letting everyone know. Instead, you arrived at Terminal A only to be told you needed to park at Terminal G then return to Terminal A on a shuttle provided by Royal. If you haven't been to Terminal A recently, there's a ton of construction next door, NCL is building a new terminal. As a result, traffic is slow approaching Terminal A or driving in the immediate area around it. Carnival's steakhouse is superior to Chops Grille. Quality of steaks, menu options and overall presentation/taste.
  11. Can someone confirm for me if the new terminal in Miami has its own parking garage or do you need to use one of the nearby parking garages? Have a cruise coming up and would like to confirm.
  12. For our Barcelona cruise, remember just walking off the ship into the terminal and out to the street. The whole process took less than 15 minutes, debarked with our luggage.
  13. Looking at Royal's Website, they offer a third party company. However, that company's website doesn't show any sail dates beyond Oct 16th, 2017. Not sure if they are still in business, will find out later today. Thank you JohnInDC for the recommendation and for sharing your experience.
  14. Plan to call Royal to see what options they offer as well, with the idea that if I book through them, I'll have higher priority when debarking the ship. Even if it costs a bit more money, I'm willing to pay it just to get there on time. With that said, as far as passports, you don't need a Visa to travel within Europe if coming from the US? For our 2016 cruise out of Barcelona, a Visa was not required. Just checking to make sure nothing has changed.
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