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  1. Thank you all for your kind and very helpful replies. Sorry that I did not pick up on the fact that there was a Florida board. I think the HAL transfer will work best and I will also look at some tour options since my flight is so late. I do not use Uber or Lyft when I travel alone. I live in Alaska and it is considerably less expensive to get home from MIA when using AS miles to fly.
  2. Ending a Canal Cruise at Port Everglades in mid December and need recommendations for reasonably priced transfer from Port Everglades to MIA International. Flight out of MIA is not until 8p. I have searched and can find every transfer combination imaginable except the one I need. Can anybody who has done this fairly recently offer any suggestions? I am a solo traveler. Thank you for any information you can share.
  3. May I suggest that you, as a new Alaska cruiser, might do well to find yourself a well qualified Travel Agent who specializes in Alaska. Choose one who has actually been to many areas of the state (more than once hopefully), and has sailed on several cruise lines so they will be able to provide information on the unique differences among the several most popular lines. The services of an agent are generally free to you (some charge...ask!), and they do not have to be doing business in your town. I live in Alaska and my agent is in Ohio.
  4. I totally agree!!! I am an Alaskan and have cruised Alaska many times on various lines. I think Princess has by far the most "Alaskan" experience.
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