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  1. My husband called yesterday and they couldn’t tell him anything. We are 41 days away and we sail on the Harmony for a 9 day. Did you get assigned a JS or did you end up with a full suite? We would be happy with a JS, but it would be awesome to have a full suite!! All we know is that the double points finally get us to Diamond! Yea!
  2. We booked a WS GTY over a month ago on Harmony. We hadn’t heard anything until today. Our E-docs show Deck 7. Should we call and ask to see if they have any more info on the room?
  3. rkkunk


    We were in a CLS on Harmony last May and definitely felt more movement then the rooms we’ve had on decks 9 or 10. But, we also had the worst weather that we have ever had on a cruise. Lots of rain and wind. However, it did not ruin our cruise. But, we don’t have problems with motion sickness.
  4. rkkunk

    Some HARMONY questions

    Don’t have him bring his skates. It is only open for limited times and it is usually crowded because it is a small rink.
  5. Our original station was the Aqua Theater. It was raining out so we met up in the place where you purchase your photos. It was crowded and so loud you couldn’t hear what they were saying.
  6. rkkunk

    Harmony Entertainment

    We have not once gone to one of the Headliner shows but I know that so many others enjoy them. Wow! I guess I know why they are getting rid of them but just wow! I can maybe see it on the Oasis class with all of the entertainment, but on the smaller ships, I think they are still needed. We were absolutely bored on our Radiance cruise, thank goodness it was Alaska and we had the beautiful scenery to look at!
  7. rkkunk

    Harmony Entertainment

    When is Royal discontinuing their partnership with Dreamworks? Is it April? Will they still have the Hideaway Heist as a show after that? Since it has the Dreamworks characters, I figured it wouldn’t happen any more. Such a shame! I thought the Dreamworks characters made it more fun for the kids.
  8. rkkunk

    Diamond status

    That is also a fear of mine! While not being able to use the benefits until the next cruise gives us something to look forward to, since we don’t have a future cruise booked, I am not sure when we will finally be able to use them!
  9. rkkunk

    Diamond status

    Congrats on making Diamond!!! We will also finally make Diamond on our cruise in March! Too bad we can’t use those benefits on our next cruises. Have fun!
  10. For the teens in the group maybe have them go to the teen club and do an activity? (Sorry if you already have this on your list.). Also, maybe have them do the zip line and or knee board on the flow rider? (Or do stand up flow rider if they are into that.) There’s also the rock wall.
  11. Thanks everyone! I think we will ask. Like Ken said, all they can say is no. We are even willing to pay the 20% off. We will have the BOGO. Our son turns 17 the day before the cruise and has never been to hibachi before. We thought it would be a fun way to celebrate.
  12. If you receive free speciality dining for 2 when you book your cruise, can you use that at Izumi Hibachi?
  13. rkkunk

    ice shows

    Personally, we did not care for 1887, it was just strange. (A lot of RC’s entertainment is strange, but we just did not care for this one.) We did really enjoy iSkate. That was fun because it was the skaters picking their own music and making a routine that showcased their talents. That being said, everything is personal taste, and I say go to all of the entertainment to see what you like the best! Make sure that you go to Columbus! It was hilarious and the music was good.
  14. rkkunk

    Free Specialty Dining

    Love Giovanni’s! Miss it on the newer ships!
  15. rkkunk

    Flu on Anthem of the Seas

    Welcome to CC. Unfortunately there are some people here on CC that seem to like to stir things up. Just don’t engage them. They will just keep twisting things. Sorry that this happened to you!