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  1. I think you mean South Queensferry? If you do then there is a shuttle bus - run by a private company, taxis and the option of catching the train. The station is about a 15 minute walk from the landing jetty where the tenders dock. We got a taxi very quickly as we were going to the outskirts of Edinburgh.
  2. Thank you so much for the pictures and the comments, I really appreciate it. Having been a little bit apprehensive about the layout, I’m now quite excited!!
  3. We were on the Royal last summer when our DS had just turned three. We had a mini suite. The sofa bed was great - we kept it as a bed during the day so the room steward didn’t have to bother changing it over. One side was against the wall and on the other side we put the adult pillows on the floor. He is in a toddler bed at home but he didn’t fall out once on the ship. Study the deck plan carefully to make sure that the third bed is a sofa bed and not a pullman.I did take his pillow with me as he hasn’t transitioned to an adult pillow yet. He wet the bed one night as toddlers do and I went to reception at 4am to get spare bedding. They sent a steward who insisted on changing it all for me. The dividing curtain was great. It kept the light out of his part of the room completely. We will back on the Royal in Alaska this summer. In relation to the door I did buy an extra magnetic lock but never used it as the door was so stiff that I could barely open it and he wasn’t tall enough to reach the handle. The kids club is fantastic- he had an absolute ball. He enjoys adult company but by the end of the cruise his preference was to go to the club!!
  4. I would love to see some picture if you have them. We are booked in one for Alaska later in the year. Did you have to keep the blind shut in the main bedroom and is there a curtain / door between the bedroom and living area? Thanks in advance for you help!
  5. We were in R329 on the Royal this summer and it was really quiet - we didn’t hear anything from above at all.
  6. We took our DS3 to Sabitinis this summer on the Royal. They are fantastic with children. We were told that he could order off the menu or have something off the ordinary children’s menu (which someone then has to run and get from the main kitchen). He had calamari to start, followed by spaghetti with meatballs and then vanilla ice cream. He loved the different breads / breadsticks to start!!
  7. We were looking at this recently. It’s not on the UK site (well we couldn’t find it) but is in the new UK brochure that’s just come out - with no price. Our TA rang for a price for three of us and it was eye watering! (£23k!)
  8. Thanks for the helpful advice. We are turning round in Whittier so that all sounds straight forward. At the moment we are in a mini suite going north and a suite coming south hence the different cabins.
  9. Thank you so much for this, it’s really helpful. We are on a b2b in Alaska next summer - booked as two separate cruises, with different cabins as we weren’t allowed to book it as one cruise. Please could you tell me what happens on turnaround day? Did you have to pack all your belongings and get off and go through immigration etc etc before reboarding?
  10. Our DS3 absolutely loved the kids club. He didn’t go all the time as we did stuff as a family & it was port intensive but when he did go he loved it. On port days the two rooms were joined together and it was free play but on sea days and in the evenings it was structured in specific rooms. They had a theme (pirate, Timmy turtle, whale, bear etc) for each day in the 3-7 room and it was educational too. He came back with loads of stuff to take home. In the 3-7 room there is also a secure outdoor area which he loved. For the smaller ones, they have a pager system so if there is a problem they will page you (they never did). It doesn’t work if you go off ship. Feel free to ask me anything else as before we went I couldn’t find much about the kids clubs on here!
  11. Thank you so so much for your detailed review, it really is very much appreciated.
  12. Thank you all for your comments which have (for the most part) reasssured me. He will be wearing collared shirts - I’d already got that sorted but his formal evening outfit is a collared shirt, bow tie, waistcoat and shorts - it’s a set - hence my original question! So, he will be “dressed up”. It is indeed true re shorts for the upper class / those that attend public school. I gave a wry smile as he is at such a school where he will wear shorts til he is 13! (Not I hasten to add that we are upper class :p) Thanks again for all the helpful comments and for the support after the less helpful one!!
  13. Firstly, I’m very sorry to be starting a dress code thread & I’m sorry if this is answered elsewhere but.... our DS is 3 and will be joining us for dinner in the main dining room on Royal Princess. Will it be acceptable for him to wear shorts? I’ve bought him a formal outfit which looks lovely but it has long shorts and given the weather at the moment I wasn’t planning on him having to wear trousers. He has shirts for the other nights as well which I was planning on matching with shorts.
  14. We couldn't book in advance due to medical issues so we booked ten days out and didn't have any problems - although this was three years ago.
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