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  1. Xeriod-That is quite a distance from Monterey attractions and Fisherman’s Wharf. Was there any sort of transport available?
  2. Battery Tap lights left over from our RV travels, two levels of light by touching the center button. We keep one on each nightstand, not in the bathroom because occasionally I get up during the night for a reason other than the bathroom.
  3. We booked a 3 for free cruise in the past and simply had out TA place a No Upgrade tag on paperwork, We happily accepted our free gratuities and the free specialty dinner. No problem at all, We had picked a cabin we liked and weren't anxious to give it up.
  4. Do they even have a pizzeria on the Ruby Princess?
  5. When you bring them on board it just boxed as from the store or in a tote bag perhaps labeled with a luggage tag? What is the easiest way?
  6. When purchasing a future cruise credit, while on board, will one always get a reward of onboard credit? Can't quite remember but think I always have.
  7. Thank you, I actually don't think I would do a nonrefundable cruise anytime.
  8. Back in April, someone posted information that the Ruby was having a new (trial?) menu. Is there anyone who would have current news regarding the menu?
  9. While on my upcoming 2018 cruise I plan to purchase 2 FCC ( for hubby and me) receive OBC, then book a cruise. What if a month later I have to change the date of that cruise because we are coordinating with another couple, do I still keep my OBC and will the FCC be moved for the deposit be moved to the new booking?
  10. NavyVeteran Thanks for your kind suggestions, with some of the other comments here, I hesitated to ask for favors regarding the seating. However it works out we can't wait to get aboard.
  11. I am a bit resentful regarding the comments about "gaming the system" and "feeling entitled". My problem was not booking my cruise early enough and for having a partner that isn't able to stand in line for a long time. Gee, I sure wish I wasn't on the long waitlist for my first choice MD-fixed time dining. We certainly will call and ask for an AT reservation but if we don't get one we will make do and enjoy our cruise. But please understand why some people are hopeful for a set dinner time.
  12. What time are most of you boarding to be able to lunch in the MDR? We have almost been provided a tour bus by TA and never arrive until MD is closed. This time boarding in Seattle by ourselves. I wonder what time we should arrive, the lunch menu will be a great treat.
  13. We did rent a tux on two different cruises. Tux arrived within an hour of our arrival in our cabin, fit as expected. Hubby was definitely a minority in choosing to wear a tux. I didn't want the extra weight in the suitcases. The price went up considerably between the two. I believe the price was about $80 the first time and at least twice that the second.
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