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  1. Clearly they can NOT be trusted. How can they be allowed to advertise 4 perks included and then not include them? Oh yes, it is a website glitch.🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. You misunderstood me. It never for one moment occurred to me that the price was “too good to be true”. I proceeded entirely in good faith and accepted the price offered once I had established that it was within my budget.
  3. There was no question in my mind that the offer was “too good to be true”. I specified the cruise I wanted using Celebrity’s own booking site which I have used many times before. I confirmed that I wanted the 4 perks to be priced in. They gave me a price. I had a budget in mind and their offer was within my budget, I accepted. They then refused to honour the price they had given me If that is considered acceptable business practice I am totally bewildered.
  4. I did indeed ask a question and am interested in hearing from anyone with a view on the matter, however exceptional. Thank you again for your interest.
  5. Thank you for your contribution.
  6. Four Perks? Just a word of warning. Two weeks ago I booked a 9 night cruise via the Celebrity website on Apex in 2021. I was offered and ticked acceptance of the 4 perks package and added that to my booking. The final page of the booking process showed the total cost with the 4 perks listed. I paid the deposit and took a screenshot of the final page. When the confirmation email with guestcopy.pdf arrived there was no mention of the perks so I called customer services for clarification. They said the perks were not included in my booking and if I wanted them it was an extra £1000. I emailed a copy of the booking page showing the 4 perks included. The rep consulted a supervisor who said it must have been a gliche on the website and they could not honour it. They did however kindly offer to cancel the reservation and refund the deposit. I cancelled feeling thoroughly disappointed by Celebrity. I followed up with a formal complaint and this is the gist of their response: ”I have spoken to the reservations supervisor who has advise me that we did experience a problem with the online booking system where the cruise was offering 'perks' but against a cost that didn't offer any perks.We have spoken to our revenue team and that have made the decision that we wouldn't honour any bookings that experienced this problem.” Am I wrong to think this is outrageous? Not that it should make any difference but I am an Elite Plus member of their loyalty club and this would have been my fourteenth Celebrity cruise. I made the booking in good faith using their website facilities and they refuse to honour it. Horrible way to treat a loyal customer in my opinion.
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