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  1. 1. Creme Brulee 2. Chocolate Hazelnut Souffle 3. Floating Islands 4. The Volcano
  2. I have digital hearing aids with Bluetooth. Been on the CB and Regal with Medallions and never had any chirping or interference. Buster
  3. 1999 Sky Princess, Alaska RT from San Francisco. Had a blast
  4. Going on the Allure on a family (6 peeps) cruise in May. Haven't been on RCL since 2003, so I have a few questions. 1. Are there online documentations to fill out? So far the web site says I have no check in docs yet. When do they pop up? 2. In the general info on the web site, it says that extension cords are prohibited. Does this include a 6 in 1 non-surge protected short cord? Should I put it in my checked luggage or my carry on? 3. Do we need to make advanced reservations for entertainment events (Momma Mia, Beatles, etc)? 4. Do we need to make advanced reservations for the main dining room (6 top)? 5. How diligent is RCL for looking for booze in checked luggage? Shhh, have it down pat on Princess 🙂 Thanks for any info
  5. www.cruisett.com has FLL cruise schedule, but I don't think they list the actual pier. On the 6th, both the Regal & Crown will be in port. The Regal priority on Berth 2, so my best educated guess would be that it is likely that the Crown will be in #4 right next to the Regal
  6. We got a break on the 9-1 sailing, had to skip the Cays and went straight to St Thomas, arrived at around 7:30am and left at 10pm. Shops closed at 6pm, but the few bars in Havensight had some good business going. Senor Frog's was still closed, but rumors are it may reopen during the winter season.
  7. Bring your own. The ship's hair dryer will also wake the dead
  8. More like HUGE! I just flipped the request for a Volcano to my waiter and he just froze for s few seconds and said "Volcano?" I said "yup, I'm just a kid" (65 yrs old) He said"okkkkkk" and then just grinned. Plopped down about three pounds of ice cream, toppings, bananas, whipped cream and said "enjoy". and then stood off at his station watching me (late ATD). Didn't even come close to 1/3 of it. I asked if it was a typical serving and he said"maybe". We laughed about it the rest of the cruise
  9. Pretty much what I was told during our Ultimate Ship Tour, it will be a major undertaking to get it done. Sounded like they have teams set up for 24/7 work. They also said that the parts & replacement equipment have been or will be shipped in the very near future. The reps for whomever is supplying the materials/parts/equipment have been onboard to see what is needed and to confirm that what they have is the right stuff. There can be no "OOPS" I noted the difference in the prop wash
  10. Alaskan Amber Ale ....... how I miss thee ..............
  11. Nothing in the next cabin will affect yours (loud TV/talking an exception). The connecting door is for setting up the two cabins for "family" usage. The same is for the door on the balcony, it can be opened by your Room Steward if requested. As far as the upper berth coming down and blocking your balcony slider, I don't see how. You just have to duck under it to get to the slider door. Once your Steward turns over the room, the upper berth pops back up into the ceiling until the next night.
  12. We normally eat around 7:15 - 7:30. Once we find table and wait staff that we want each night, we call the dine line (around 8am) and reserve that table. They may ask that you slide back to 7:45 on the formal nights.Once you get a reservation set, then talk to the M D at the entrance and ask if you have the table for the rest of the cruise. Some will do it and some will not. Tell them that you love the wait staff and location and they may try to keep you happy. Our last cruise on the Caribbean Princess we had the same 4 top table in front of a window and had a blast, cutting up so much that the MD and Head Waiter came by to see what was going on. Once they saw how much fun we were having with our staff and the surrounding staffs they allowed us to just come on in, even on the night or two that we forgot to call
  13. On the 9/1 cruise, Caribe deck. Got the ***** at check in and it was not operational for the first 24 hrs. Saw a bunch of IT peeps with laptops roaming the Caribe deck and viola, returning from breakfast it operated the doors. Handy when you are carrying two lattes. At the coffee bar @ International Cafe the first morning I was asked to tap the ***** interface next to the register and I placed the ***** on it and it changed to green and the young lady said "Thank you Kenneth" and the guys hollered out Kenneth when my lattes were ready. Easy peasy. At the 3 card poker table, they kept placing the card to get you in on the table. Security check in/out going ashore was scanning both. I asked our security lady on the Ultimate Ship Tour why they were doing both and she said they were checking the accuracy of the ***** versus the card. Understandable. The lanyard nice to get, but a bit too wide and short for me, so I switched back to my normal thin lanyard that had the same clip and life was good.
  14. Works ok, door is open as you arrive. Paid for my latte with a tap of the *****, called my name at the pickup. There tend to use the card in the casino to check you in on the table and to get a cash advance. To come and go off the ship, they use only the card, but do it twice, once with a IPad and then with the normal scanner. Haven't bought anything in the other shops yet, so no clue how they are doing it. Dinning room still uses the folio number.
  15. Shortly after sail away on 9/1 sailing on Caribbean Princess the ***** was operational on the Caribe deck. Internet for Elite & Platinum is free and pretty fast
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