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  1. Certainly appreciate that! Thanks again.
  2. Appreciate the fast response. Sounds exactly what we are looking for!
  3. We were wondering about the $40 food credit. We've visited Nassau many, many, MANY times and know that food is expensive on the island. The only menus I could find online was either for breakfast or a really nice dinner menu. So, my question is do they have a restaurant/bar where the $40 food credit is accepted that serves things that I would consider "beach food". Hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, etc...?
  4. Sounds like you answered your own question. We love the cove balconies. I'd keep it. Save the regular balcony for ships that don't have the cove balcony!
  5. Yes, as others said, cell phones will work, but will be very expensive. Keep in mind that you call is not going from one phone to another, but being bounced from one phone, to the ships antenna to a satellite, back down to the antenna and to the other phone. If you need to contact each other on board, in your case with your flip phones, I would definitely look into a pair of inexpensive two way walkie talkies.
  6. Then you should be fine. These ships are kept shiny and clean. People have different interpretations for "party". If someone is talking about a bunch of people standing around a bar with drinks in their hands, laughing, then that's going to happen on all ships. Happens on Royal, Carnival up to the high end lines like Cunard, Seabourn and Azumara. If the ship is "hopping", you see people having a good time, singing and drinking in the piano bars. That's really the extent of the parties.
  7. Not sure if they have Quest on a 6 night sailing, but as someone else said, definitely check the Fun Times or ask at Guest Services. Just wanted to add, if you are used to Royal's Quest, you might be in for a shock watching Carnival's Quest. Carnival's game is a lot more wilder and definitely for, not only those who are 18+, but those that enjoy adult laughs. If someone is easily offended, it's not for them. It's definitely a lot of fun.
  8. You mentioned that you are a hotel/resort snob. I'm assuming you're talking hotels the likes of Four Seasons/Rosewood/Ritz-Carlton. If these are your preferences, then Royal Caribbean and Carnival are probably not going to be to your liking. The shorter cruises (3/4/5 day) on both lines definitely see more people at the bars than the week long (7/8 day) cruises. I've cruised both these lines many, many times and can tell you that both lines, and both of your ship choices, are nice experiences for week long cruises.
  9. Most porters will have a passenger manifest ( usually rolled up in their back pocket) listing all the cabins. Also, they will have blank luggage tags. Just fill out the tags and attach them to your bags before you give them to the porters.
  10. We were in a Cove Balcony a few years ago on the Breeze Cabin was 2283. I highly suggest a cabin right off the Atrium. No noise at all. Here's a video I shot from our Cove Balcony.
  11. Tell me a bit about it please 1. do they have anything like a Drinks on Us Card and if yes, what do you need to achieve it? (4 night cruise) 2. do they offer free or discounted cruises in the future if you reach a certain # of points or play at the tables, and if yes, what are they? Anything you think will help is appreciated... Thank You
  12. I rented a bungalow on Coco Cay but weather report shows rain. Even if the ship (Enchantment of the Seas) stops there we wouldn't be using it... Do they refund us the money we paid or are we SOL ? Does anyone know the latest we can cancel it? We sail Monday and Coco Cay stop is scheduled for Wednesday. Thank you
  13. Thank you.. Can you tell me if one bungalow as far as location is better than another? Like which one would you choose?
  14. Cruising next week with my wife and her parents (84 & 89 years old) and rented a beach bungalow... Can someone please tell me if there is a "good" bungalow or a "bad" bungalow and which ones and why? I know when we get to our cabin there should be a note telling us to go some wheres (Excursion Desk?) to sign up for one... Do I have to wait until I get the note or can I go as soon as we board to sign up for one? I saw some pictures and it looks like maybe 3 rows of bungalows... is it best to be in the first row ? Thanks for any information you can provide to me...
  15. ...My experience with Carnival is to always keep trying. Travel agencies usually send their reserved cabins back to inventory approximately 75-90 days before sailing. You're obviously shorter than 75 days, so all cabins should be accounted for. ...Keep calling, or set yourself up with a Carnival PVP. If you let them know what sail date and cabin category you're looking for, they may be able to keep an eye out for you. Sometimes when last minute cabins come available, the PVP's scoop them up for their clients and these cabins never appear online.
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