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  1. If you pre-purchase, you get 10% off Cheers and 15% off internet packages.
  2. All these posts just saying some cruise line is “better” trying to continually one up another person’s preference. Let it go already. None of this cheerleading changes anyone’s opinions.
  3. This post has devolved into a cheerleader back-and-forth. Both lines are very successful at what they do, and they're also not trying to pretend they're something that they're not. While both have nice ships and niches of exclusivity in their offerings, they're not upscale lines -- their parent companies have lots of other options for those markets. I think the OPs original question has been answered...
  4. I think this is the source -- it's a Cruise Critic ranking: https://cruisefever.net/carnival-named-best-cruise-line-for-the-money/ https://cruisefever.net/carnival-named-best-cruise-line-for-the-money/
  5. It is available on Vista, Horizon and all of the other newer ships (about half so far) and is being extended to the other ships over time. I heard / saw them promoting using it on Vista and Dream.
  6. I fully agree with this. Frankly, making Your Time Dining table requests through Carnival's HUB app is the slickest experience I've had with this. We make our requests while getting ready for dinner and wait time is rarely more than 10-15 minutes from that point, so we literally walk right up to the dining room and are seated immediately.
  7. That looks nothing like the 12 hour French Toast I've had on other ships... it's supposed to have peaches on top and obviously not soggy like that inside. Yuck.
  8. Hmmm. It is under the "Food and Drinks" section of the app , then there is a Menu button for the main dining rooms. But -- maybe not all ships post the menus in the app. If it is there, you can also go back and forth from the current day's menu.
  9. Likely a piece of nut shell. On the Vista recently, the "granola" in the parfait was almost entirely nuts.
  10. Awesome -- thanks! You'd think they'd make this possible within the app like you can see the dining room menus.
  11. Awesome review so far! Thanks for taking the time to do this. Question -- how are you capturing these PDFs of the FunTimes?
  12. I was on this sailing too. The OPs points are pretty spot on, but I actually found the tender process worked well for us (we weren't in a rush to get off as we were just going to 7 Mile Beach on our own). The tickets are available the day before (this was the Cozumel day on our sailing), and are located just outside the RedFrog Pub on deck 5 starting at 3:30 PM. They will leave a detailed sheet of water shuttle (tender) information in your stateroom the day before (or maybe it was even two days before, I can't remember for sure).
  13. If Conquest 8 years ago was your most recent Carnival cruise, then your experience is very outdated to make a comparison. Guy's Burgers wasn't even on any ship at that time (so not sure how you experienced that), and nearly every ship has since gone through major refits with the Funship 2.0 amenities. Newer ships (especially from Breeze onward) have left behind the Joe Farcus era of gaudy design to a much more contemporary style, and as older ships go through major upgrades / re-names (Sunshine, Sunrise and soon, Radiance), the neon gaudiness is no more. OP, the Spirit class ships -- while older and smaller -- have a great ship layout unlike any other class of Carnival ships. Like others have stated, probably the highest deck space : passenger ratio of any mass market cruise ship. It has a high ratio of balcony staterooms vs. other categories. I think you'll be very happy with Spirit.
  14. It's in Ocean Plaza on deck 5. Not the variety of the full buffet, but super convenient and uncrowded.
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