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  1. cruising cockroach

    hot water for tea

    Bring green or white tea; it'll taste better - even ideal - given the temperature of the hot water you're going to get.
  2. cruising cockroach

    Self disembarkation question

    Might be the particular car or location then, or even maybe new policy. We just went with a standard econo and took our own GPS (advantage to Garmin is open source maps). Picked up in La Spezia and dropped off at FCO. We did a direct rental (Hertz, Euro or Sixt - don't remember) at FCO and dropped off in Termini. Previously have rented at FCO and dropped off at FLR, rented in Siena and dropped off at Civitavecchia, rented in BRI and dropped off at CTA w/o drop off charges/OW fees.
  3. cruising cockroach

    Ships Liquor Store

    One place in the U.S. where liquor/spirits prices are high. Are liquor purchases still subject to the 20% sales tax + alcohol equivalent tax?
  4. cruising cockroach

    Immigration Chaos Port Everglades

    I thought the photo and fingerprinting at U.S. airports has been in place for well over a decade? This practice has since spread to other countries.
  5. cruising cockroach

    hot water for tea

    Maybe the British have lost the taste for strong black tea? I buy Indian market Brooke Bond Red Label and Lipton Yellow label loose leaf tea (this form of Lipton tea is much more palatable than the same stuff that comes in a tea bag) for my daily afternoon brew. Cheap at 4-5 quid for 2 lbs.
  6. cruising cockroach

    hot water for tea

    You must either be referring to green tea or like your black tea a lot weaker than I do. I can never make it strong enough from the hot water dispensers, even if I warm up the mug 3-4x first. Or maybe it' the anaemic tea (I usually use two bags). Only solution I can see is to befriend the crew and have someone in the galley make chai masala for one.
  7. cruising cockroach

    Self disembarkation question

    Try a different rental company. I've rented in Italy several times through Hertz and Europcar (+AutoEurope broker) and not had to pay drop off fees or higher one-way rates. Be aware that Rome has ZTL (limited access zones) which will incur a hefty charge for vehicles that are not authorised, and getting out of the Rome Termini rental garage is devilishly difficult (among the tightest turns I've ever seen in a parking garage - we were involuntarily UG'd from a Fiat 500 to a 500 XL (think small SUV) and the immediate area is surrounded by ZTLs.
  8. cruising cockroach

    Immigration Chaos Port Everglades

    https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/why_differ.shtml Substitute "will" for "may"
  9. cruising cockroach

    Immigration Chaos Port Everglades

    Probably a case of YMMV depending on who is in charge that day and what they feel like doing.
  10. cruising cockroach

    UK to South Africa

    I see at least one line that does monthly Rotterdam-Anvers (BE)-Walvis Bay (port for Namibia) and Cape Town in 22/23 days. Only carries 3 pax in 2 cabins. German (think 530p dinners) or Marshall Islands officers. There are windows in the cabins presumably and hopefully open.
  11. cruising cockroach

    Ponant status, worth something

    Yes, not complaining. I was surprised to find that I already had base level loyalty before even cruising. The only thing I'd hope is that internet access might now be complimentary instead and the OBC is merely in place of the excursion allowance. The French FAQ still rates for internet access while the English one makes no mention.
  12. cruising cockroach

    Celebrity Edge- Major Ship Envy!

    Does RSSC and Oceania not count?
  13. cruising cockroach

    Ponant status, worth something

    Well, 3 months before my cruise, it looks like they've changed (and reduced total) benefits. I got an e-mail about loyalty benefits and went to have a look. Complimentary laundry is still there but it appears that internet access time allowance + excursion allowance have gone. These two have been replaced by an OBC (amount depends on level). It may actually benefit us as the 2nd cruise has no stops and excursions, and the allowance will more than cover the loss of complimentary internet access.
  14. cruising cockroach

    Cruise without Christmas Music

    "Lost"? I guess if it was someone hurling it over the side, then it counts as lost.
  15. cruising cockroach

    Reliability of ships

    A brand-new-from-the-shipyard-just-delivered ship may lots of bugs that show up due to construction and installation errors, and for new-design, design errors. These get fixed during the first few cruises (hopefully) and the ship gets near to 100% functionality and reliability (again, hopefully). It then starts to degrade over time as components age, corrode and wear out (some, such as engines, are difficult to change out). As the ship gets older and older, more and more things go wrong (just like commercial aircraft). A lot has to do with design and maintenance but things can still go wrong. Maybe choose a ship that has been in service for at least a year but not more than 10-15? What's surprising is that the Marella Discovery isn't that old at 22-23 years.