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  1. Depends on where you want to eat, and plan to travel to and how. Trams and ferries are very cheap, busses cost more, MTR even more, and taxis the most.
  2. The person who wrote the review stated that the MDR was closed on 4 out of 6 sea days. I think that is excessive. I don't mind closures on port days too much, when, as you say, many pax are ashore. Yes, the numbers are frightening (though after the Prinsendam is gone, no HAL ship with under 1,000 pax exists?) My "large" and full ship experiences have been on the Island Princess, Star Princess and Celebrity Millennium. Not pleasant or enjoyable at all. Rather not cruise. Fortunately my HAL cruises (long repos) have apparently been a lot less than full. Assigned late dining on the Zaandam had lots of empty tables, with at least 4 waiters doing nothing but folding napkins during dining hours!
  3. Depends on how many people they hosted in the MDR. If the ship was full (1,900 pax) and suppose the MDR was closed for 600 pax (probably an overestimate but who knows), that leaves 1,300 pax looking for place to sit and eat. Not even a larger ship can handle that.
  4. Could be a large group. I do remember portions of the dining room closed for special lunches but certainly not the whole thing. The implication, however, was that the buffet and adjacent pool area was very overcrowded as a result. FWIW, the person who wrote the TR was booked in a Neptune suite.
  5. I just read a TR somewhere else that on a very recent 15 day Westerdam cruise, the MDR was closed for 4 of the 6 sea days, resulting in an overcrowded buffet. Just wondering if this is a new development? Certainly wasn't the case 5 and 7 years ago on other HAL ships when the MDR was closed for lunch only on some port days. Considering using the Westerdam for TPAC crossings later this year or next and won't be so keen if the MDR is closed for lunch. The fact that the Crows Nest is shrunk away and there's no library isn't making it very attractive (not that the alternative Celebrity Millennium seems all that much better).
  6. To be fair, such beasts don't exist here in high season which coincides with cruise season. Land is way way too valuable for them to exist.
  7. No guarantees but wheat isn't a common ingredient in local food.
  8. My suggestion too. Although Cinque Terra may be chocabloc with visitors.
  9. As to your other post, no. No need for ESTA, I-94W, and no need for I-94 either unless you're working, studying or going to the U.S. for business.
  10. Canada is not a VWP country. Rather, visa exempt.
  11. Thanks. Looks like a few of us locals have no idea (or particularly care about) what station RM uses. Must be the site of the old GM offices in Vancouver, or a some building that was briefly the home of some chocolate show a decade of more ago.
  12. I couldn't find anything about baggage restrictions. Anyway, you're outside rush hour by that time.
  13. Deb51: M'ecrivez s.v.p. Mon e-courriel est à la gauche.
  14. Nous allons pratiquer en le voyage à Japon!
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