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  1. We just finished a cruise on the Spitsbergen and met a couple who were originally staying on to do this voyage. They were offered a discount on a repeat of the voyage we did, Svalbard or a full refund which they took.
  2. From following cruisemapper it doesn’t look like ther has been a circumnavigation this year. We are on the Spitsbergen from 17th August and am thinking that we won’t get to do the circumnavigation.
  3. Will definitely lets you know all about it when we’re back. Am hoping to go to Antarctica in 2023 for you 60th. We did the coastal cruise on Spitsbergen in 2017 and loved it. Am really looking forward to the expedition cruise.
  4. Bob, thank you for the link. I had not seen that guide previously
  5. We are going 16th August this year. Booked April last year. The time will go quickly
  6. Jackie, there is a Facebook page called Hurtigruten Insiders. You might want to join that and ask on there also. You will love it. Pip( a fellowPerth girl)
  7. There is a Facebook page called Hurtigruten Insiders which also has a lot of questions and answers and many beautiful photos for those of you researching.
  8. Has to be a personal decision. Coming from Australia we did the round trip as thought we may never get that way again ( now going to Svalbard in August!). Breakfast at the North Cape was wonderful. We had a night in Bergen before and after and did the Norway in a nutshell round trip from Bergen after the cruise.which I highly recommend. Can never have too much Norwegian scenery IMO.
  9. Thank you hallasm. We chose September due to the fjord, chance of seeing the lights and because it wasn’t high season. We had great weather and loved the whole Hurtigruten experience.
  10. Sally and tex. We sailed on the Spitsbergen mid September 2017 and saw the lights 5 nights. Also sailed into the Trollfjord night and day and the hjungerfjord (?) to Urke, which was beautiful and I think only done in September and October. We had a cabin with a window but spent most of the time on deck. Take layers. We are also in Australia and on the UK website you can book to pay in GBP or Euros, it’s just a gamble on the exchange rates.
  11. Fabulous photos. Thank you for posting. We are booked on a cruise similar to this in August 2019
  12. We went to Hjorundfjord in September last year and it was stunning. We had also been torn but decided to go in the autumn and didnt regret it. We also had 5 nights of Northern Lights which is not possible in July/ August and that possibility was another reason we chose Autumn.
  13. We did the art and saw them northbound from the second night. On the return journey it was cloudy so no chance. We went in Septemember with the thoughts that the NL would be a bonus if we saw them.
  14. We went mid September last year and were lucky enough to see NL 5 nights.
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