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  1. I have not been able to confirm if Edge has a library from any of the deck plans. Can anyone confirm as it is a huge plus on all Celebrity ships and others to avoid lugging books to the other side of the World. Yes, I have an iPad but prefer to hold a book.
  2. I have asked before but no answer as Quantum had not yet sailed on its first cruise. Can any passenger now please confirm if there is indeed a library on board like all other RCCL ships? I still have not seen one designated on any deck plan. Main concern is whether or not I have to carry books with me or download some on my pad? Problem is extra weight in the luggage to meet airline regulations? Thank you.
  3. I have asked before QoS began her actual cruises without anyone being able to answer but you mentioned that you and your parents like to read. Is there a library on board as on most other RCCL ships or do we have to bring our own reading material with us. Small point but an impact on airline luggage limits!! Thank you.
  4. The latest Quantum deck plans still show a number of free spaces. So far, I have not seen an area designated to a library. With all the high tech on board, will we be expected to use an e-reader and/or carry our own books for the cruise? Does anyone have any feedback as contact with RCCL did not enlighten me?
  5. Just received via email information from UK cruise travel agent that Royal Caribbean now offering similar Free Drinks, Free Gratuities and On Board Credit for all cruises to that of Celebrity 123Go. I have not seen or received any such offer from RCCL in Australia for any cruises either in Australia, Europe or Asia!! Has anyone heard anything before I book or do I have to yet again go overseas for a fair deal? Thanks for any replies.
  6. Just curious if anyone recently on Solstice in Australia can tell me the names of the ship's Captain as well as the Staff Captain. Only wondering if they are the same as our last cruise? Thanks
  7. Sometimes I am curious why cruise lines make a stop in a place like Port Hedland. Any ideas what to do other than watch iron ore be loaded? I have checked the web page for Port Hedland but still missing ideas. Any suggestions are welcome for February.
  8. I am tempted to book Aqua class for the next cruise but I am concerned about the potential noise from the Resort Deck above as well as the Fitness Centre. On another ship, the crew scraped the pool chairs together at about 10pm to clean the deck and then early the next morning dropped the chairs back from being stacked into place at the pool. Also what kind of an impact does the overhang from the Resort Deck have on cabins on the deck below, namely the Penthouse Deck where most of the Aqua Class cabins are located? We like the openness of the balcony but just curious if you have the feeling that you have an enormous roof over your head when sitting there.
  9. Thanks for phone information. I assume we will have internet access through whatever Radiance of the Seas has on board as an "internet set-up" for passengers. On other cruise lines, we were given a personal internet address for $100 which allowed us to access our home server 24/7 through the satellite. My question concerns availability and reliability in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and not just in a port. Thanks again.
  10. Sailing soon on Radiance of the Seas Honolulu to Sydney. What are the internet connections for Email and phone contact when the ship is sailing for 5 days between stops in the Pacific? Any idea on costs as need info for family emergency situation before I might have to cancel. Assume weather causes some restrictions. Thanks.
  11. Just been given $200 On Board Credits by RCCL for our upcoming cruise. My travel docs do not give any reference to these credits. Are they automatically credited to your cabin account when you board or should I have something in writing prior to boarding in my Guest Ticket Booklet or other documentation? Thanks
  12. 13 days at sea on 18 day cruise Honolulu to Sydney so plenty of reading time. Any recent input welcome on book choice (any recent editions) and time limitations on withdrawals. Just trying to limit carrying too many books.
  13. 19 day cross Pacific cruise coming up with 13 days at sea to really relax!! How extensive is the library book choice as I would prefer real books rather than my eBook and I really do not want to pack too many books with me with airline weight limits to Honolulu. Can you take two books out at a time or are there restrictions? Thanks.
  14. Ship sounds great after refurbishment but maybe a bit ridiculous question for you. I could not see a laundry on the Deck Layout plan for us to use during our 18 day trip down to Sydney in September. Can you or anyone confirm availability etc, which deck and do we need Quarters to operate machines? Also are all electric outlets for US plugs or do they accept others like European and/or Australian plugs. Thanks.
  15. Anyone know why cabin layouts for those with balconies have the bed next to the balcony. Seems back to front with sofa furthest from the daytime view and bed away from bathroom??? Other cruise ships have a more logical layout. Maybe I just do not see hidden advantages!!
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