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  1. Any that sail out of Galveston 😀 HATE flying for a vacation trip.
  2. Several other cancellations after 8/31, including our 9/8 from Galveston 😞 Rolled the dice and booked a 10/3 to replace it. 7th cancellation/FCC shuffle so far.
  3. Back to the original topic of >7 day cruises reopening 🙂 Still waiting for word on our 9 night out of Galveston September 8th. There's still a gap in the Explorer OTS itineraries for the dates, but ours still isn't open on the website OR talking to them on the phone. Final payment isn't due until 6/10, so hoping to snag an upgrade.
  4. I spent over an hour this morning getting (I hope) my mess of FCCs correctly identified. One was issued with no name and a partially used one had never been created. Waiting 30-45 days to see if they show up in email. Want to apply them before the 6/10 final payment is due. They said they will give me an extension of the due date if I don't have them in hand.
  5. Waiting for a September 9 night to reopen for updates.
  6. I'd kind of like it. We were on a cruise a few years ago with friends from church. We found out as we were clearing out to disembark that their room was right down the hall from us. Hadn't seen them all week.
  7. Another vote for Gaido's 🙂 Always great and a long tradition for us.
  8. We still have a 9 night in September out of Galveston, so waiting to see what happens. Not booking any more this year. Still waiting on FCCs and refunds for May and June cancellations. Got our 2nd shot this week, so we're ready to go.
  9. Same here for Explorer out of Galveston. Didn't expect to go, but weird to see CP showing it first.
  10. Horrible for the people stuck on the ship for weeks. Fortunately a LOT was learned about the virus from it.
  11. Assuming you're talking about BofA credit card the points/dollars should be held for you and you can call the My Cruise Rewards team at (888) 305-4626. They can locate them and you can use them on a future reservation. I'm not sure about getting a refund.
  12. I got it asking about a January 2023 I booked last week (Allure from Galveston) so it must be sort of random. I have May and September cruises booked for this year out of Galveston and nothing asked about them. Seems the CDC is finally getting its act together.
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