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  1. While I am not fond of any of the proposed restrictions, the requirement to take a ship tour in order to exit the ship while in port is the deal breaker.
  2. Could you please site your source? I have had both doses and have heard so many conflicting stories. I'm not sure anyone knows for sure.
  3. I am afraid you are correct. That is their current business model.
  4. I would love a mini cruise right now. Ensenada would be terrific. Margarita, fish taco, Bufador. Si!
  5. We are booked on the Panorama August 21, 2021. I hope she sails.
  6. Continuing to be promote a product they have not been able to deliver for a year and have no idea when they can deliver it. Which is no where mentioned in the ads. Marketing genius.
  7. Ontario. California. Sorry, couldn't resist. 😎
  8. I had the first and second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. A sore arm both times. Nothing more.
  9. I am sure all cruise lines will require all employees to be vaccinated. And I think all passengers will have to be vaccinated. How else can we return to normal?
  10. God willing, we will be on her in November.
  11. Usually for itinerary. Like to go to new places. But I also want to take my 7yo grandson on the Panorama for the water fun.
  12. False equivalent. This vaccine is for a specific virus, already know. The vaccine is 95+% effective. Just as the polio vaccine is for a specific virus and is 100% effective after full vaccination.
  13. Got my second shot today. My passport to party.........
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