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  1. 55 minutes ago, Butterbean1000 said:

    I'm from a family of attorneys. People need to educate themselves when selecting representation.  A good lawyer will advise if a case is worth going forward.  There are too many frivolous lawsuits out there.  Think about the other side.  An unnecessary lawsuit can be devastating to a small business or eat up an individual's life savings and more to defend.  And you know what? Life is not fair.

    Correct,  the system is not perfect.  Most lawyers don't want to waste their time on a pointless lawsuit. I know, my daughter is a lawyer.  The majority  of cases are settled out of court.  If life was fair, the horse would ride half of the time.  

  2. 1 hour ago, ontheweb said:

    And if there are ever payout for these class action suits they will be to the attorneys with pennies to their clients.


    2 hours ago, Elaine5715 said:

    Being in an area with a recent man made disaster, I can tell you the attorneys are coming at everyone hard, promising huge payouts if you sign with them.  

    Lawyers cannot promise a huge payout.  They can only inform as to the possibility of a payout. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Butterbean1000 said:

    But Carnival Corp will have to pay attorneys and all other associated expenses to defend.  As always, the consumer eventually has to pay.  This is why I believe in tort reform.  Loser pays.

    Not fair. The little guy could never sue then,  for fear of losing.  People love to bash lawyers but when you need one they are there to represent you.  

  4. I have cruised Carnival more times than I can count and have cruised NCL once. In my opinion NCL is the superior product. But all that free at Sea stuff has charges attached to it. The free booze when adding the charges was of no benefit to us as we do not drink that much. We did not choose that. We just paid for our drinks . The drinks were quite a bit more expensive than other lines though. $11 for a basic gin and tonic. All that being said I would still Cruise NCL over Carnival

  5. 3 hours ago, roguebandit said:

    I saw on the CDC website that the Diamond Princess that had the coronavirus outbreak had an infection rate of 1.6% , with the current  US infection rate at .3%. Those are very low infection rates to stop or shut down an entire industry, or even a County for that matter.

    That is one school of thought. However Sweden,  which did not lock down, had a 10X higher infection rate than Norway, which did lock down.  100, 000 + deaths is no joke if someone you know died.  According to your stats,  the infection rate on ships is 500% higher, a very good reason to shut it down. 

  6. 2 hours ago, tattoos said:

    The only food item I would consider eating out of a cardboard box is a hot 3 lb. Maine lobster with a stick of real melted butter to slather it in.  That's never going to happen and neither will box lunches.  

    That sounds really messy. They would have to include a very large napkin and a cholesterol pill.

  7. 20 minutes ago, john91498 said:

    I can wait until it's completely safe to cruise.


    I'm not going to risk my health or my family's health for a cruise...

    I feel the same way. Not going to take any unnecessary risks. A lot of people depend on me.

  8. I can't wait until we get back to.....


        Jeans/shorts in the dining room 

        Flip flops in the dining room

        Beverage package

        What time to arrive


        Sea days

    You know what in mean. All these refund and guessing games and mask questions are wearing me out. Best of luck to all and stay healthy.  

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