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  1. Scootaround brought the recliner in in sections and set it up in the cabin. No troubles.
  2. My DH sleeps sitting up due to old injuries. We used Scootaround in July for a motorized recliner with great success on the Equinox. It was set up in the cabin when we got there and made the cruise for DH a great success. Special Needs at Sea also has them listed. We let Celebrity special needs dept know about the recliner set up before hand. Good luck. It will make all the difference in your cruise.
  3. For DH's rollator, used a carrying bag, put a luggage tag on it and put on some Fragile stickers I bought at a Dollar Store at home. Used Celebrity's luggage valet at the end of cruise along with regular bags, had wheelchair assist at FLL and everything arrived back at home, OK. Happy Sails!
  4. TsdCruiser, absolutely fabulous! You are right, worry not about what others think, but use the support services and devices that allow you to use your energy for a life that is full without regrets! Wishing you many days of enjoying life. Happy Sails!
  5. It's all about the quality of life and up until 4 years ago we cruised twice a year happy and able bodied, but then life threw a few curve balls and we've adapted...so with some planning, go enjoy the many benefits of a cruise. We have had great response from wheelchair boarding and disembarkation with both Celebrity and Princess. My DH requires a scooter to assist with more than 10 steps, limited by physical issues, so we rent one. The staff have been outstanding, most recently on a 7 night Equinox cruise. He is on an oxygen concentrator to take care of a scarred lung. He sleeps sitting up...not a problem, we rent a motorized recliner chair, have it set up near the bathroom, viola' quality sleep. Make your plans and go enjoy! Happy sails.
  6. We have done this several times successfully on Barbados and Aruba. Love the Hilton Barbados, although transportation is on our own, it has always been a great beach/pool day with lunch. Aruba, we did one of the all inclusive properties and it was good also. Major hotels always have cabs ready to take you back to the ship before sailaway. Happy Sails!
  7. Great review. We were with you and our 4th time on the Equinox. Have any many other cruises in our past, most with Princess, but once we came onboard with Celebrity, we enjoy coming back time and again. The staff always go above and beyond. Glad you had a wonderful time, Happy Sails in your future.
  8. With the bungee cord type, you can slip clothes between the braid, and with the heavy duty magnetic hooks, you'll have a clothes line for the bathroom or anywhere else. Helps to have it with you for those rinse and hang items. Happy sails.
  9. Cabin 9378 Eclipse. Love the aft cabins. It is a bit of a walk to the elevators, but the view and cabin make up for it.
  10. HI. Just back from the 6/29 Equinox sailing. The service staff in the Alcoves are great BUT, there is NO shade mid day when the sun is overhead and no cover when the weather turns rainy poured in Grand Cayman-typical summer Caribbean). The sliders worked OK on the last sea day until the sun was overhead for about 3 hours, so plan a reprieve in the mid day sun or take an umbrella for shade 😄😄. We enjoyed both days in our alcove, the staff did a great job, and if there is some type of top canopy for future sailing would do it again...chairs are comfy, watching the lawn activities entertaining. So, my summary: Staff get a 10, design as is < 5 (because staff alluded to some sort of top canopy that didn't get put up yet because of the truncated revolution). Happy Sails!
  11. Bring some long Velcro strips, or a couple of bungee cords to secure it to the scooter (and keep it closed) while Dad is motoring around. That might work and save having one of you carry it. Hope you all have a great cruise!
  12. Thanks Essiesmom. appreciates the reply. Happy Sails!
  13. My DH will need WC assist to board the Equinox next Saturday and I have arranged for a scooter on board (he has used them before), and I have submitted the paperwork some months back, since he can only walk about 10 steps with his oxygen. Can anyone with experience using this service before answer where he is taken to (I figure somewhere in the lobby since cabins aren't usually open til 1PM), and the big question, will I be able to go up to the room and bring the scooter down to him? Other wise he'll be sitting where they take him until the cabins are ready and I can bring the scooter to him. On Princess they took him to the cabin but I don't think that happens on Celebrity. Thanks for any guidance on this. Happy Cruising.😎
  14. For our June 29th sailing on Equinox, I also found them in Specialty Dining. Thanks for the tip on where to find them. It will be great to have a cabana a couple of days. Counting down to sailing.😎😎
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