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  1. If you've never tried Frixion pens, I rec them highly. They are erasable--but not like the old erasable pens. They are perfect for crosswords. You can get them at office supply stores and online. They make markers too.
  2. Thank you so much! This makes it much easier to choose. I don't need streaming and I don't want both of us on our screens at the same time when we should be watching for whales. 1 device surf package is what I need. I appreciate the help.
  3. I usually unplug on cruises, but it turns out I'm going to need to keep track of some business on my vacation in a couple weeks. I'm confused about the differences in the internet packages. 1. What is the difference between "surf" and "Unlimited"? 2. If I get 1 device, is that one device at a time or one device only? Say I use my laptop but then the next day, my husband uses his phone? Does that work or do we have to each have signed up for something?
  4. I'm loving this review so much. We're on the Solstice in three weeks for our 17th anniversary, and your review has got me so excited. Thank you for taking the time to do it. Also, I'm a Gen Xer too. 🙂
  5. I don't have an option there, but thank you so much for trying to help me. I appreciate it!
  6. Do you know where online though? I can't find it. I have a phone aversion, but I guess I might have to get over it. 🙂
  7. I would like to prepay but was never given the option. I can't figure out how to add it online. Does anyone know if that's possible?
  8. i wish that were true--I can't log in this morning. LOL
  9. The risotto is why I was asking. I'd happily just have a starter instead of a main. We are vegetarian not pescatarian--so the seafood and fish are also not in our diet. Though I've been thinking about adding seafood for this trip. It seems a waste to go to Alaska and not have fresh seafood. (Though I live in Washington State and haven't been tempted in the two years since we started.)
  10. It appears all the main dish courses are meat. Would they allow someone to choose an additional vegetarian starter instead of a main course? (We're making plans as a group and I don't want to just not go, but it seems odd not to have at least one vegetarian offering. I'm positive there are French vegetarians.)
  11. I've been hanging out in the Celebrity threads today and I think this is going to be a good move. I can't thank you all enough for reading my long laundry list and helping me make sense of what I was looking for. The Blu restaurant sounds like exactly what we were hoping for when it came to food on the other lines. And if I'm not out looking for bears or petting sledding dogs, I will be found in Persian Gardens for sure. Now I just have to wait A WHOLE YEAR. lol
  12. This is interesting. I didn't know you could disembark early. We're doing an Alaska cruise next year that visits Victoria BC in the evening, then goes to Vancouver to disembark next morning. But then we have to take a flight or 3 hour ferry back to Victoria to go home that day. If we can just get off the ship and stay off, we'll save a day of travel. (we don't live in Victoria, but that's the easiest way to get to our home in Washington) I'm glad I saw this. Thanks OP for posting.
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