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  1. Live reporting on Viking Sky arrival on webcam - wish I understood Norwegian! 🙂 https://direkte.vg.no/studio/nyhetsdoegnet#!verbatimId=5c976bd65152f7e35da7e372
  2. One what site did you see this - can you include a link so we can keep up with reports of these problems? Thanks!
  3. Can I ask how you all found this information about the Viking Star? We are scheduled to board this Thursday, February 14th - and want to be kept up to date on what's going on between the mechanical issues and norovirus! Thanks!! Melissa
  4. Thanks so much - Now at least I might have an email to look forward to tomorrow! !! Hopefully there we'll be able to see the deck plans and fares too! 🙂
  5. Hi! Does anyone know how we book a cruise tomorrow and what do we need? Is there a contact number and start time booking opens up, and what we will need to quickly determine what cabin, etc.....? So hard without knowing price, dates, location of cabins, and itineraries to book in advance!!! Virgin Voyages we need more info !- Can't believe there is no info anywhere - just teasers!! Melissa
  6. Hi! Interesting first glimpses - hope the cruise fares come out soon! But does anyone else feel an Ikea/ Scandinavian vibe in all these cabins? I would expect this look more in a new NCL ship - I understand the ambiance they are going for - but I expected it to be Fun & Refined with a touch of British flair, not just a Union Jack or an expand Virgin Club lounge area - We are very much looking forward to cruising with Virgin Voyages, however I think we're leaning more towards the suites! 😉
  7. Just saw this about the cabins: https://www.virginvoyages.com/article/cabins Video -
  8. We just came off the Quantum a week ago - and I still have to make a trip report! But wanted to tell you and everyone else that Jamie's Italian restaurant was hands down the best all around on our cruise - so make sure to eat there. Even lunch there was a line for stand by seating (they do not take reservations for lunch) and get there 20-30 min before they open as a long line develops before they start serving- at least on our cruise! Servers and even our concierge said that they should have made that restaurant much bigger due to the popularity of Jamies. Make sure you get the the charcuterie platters as an appetizer they are huge and fun for your table! Also the pasta is made in house and you can really taste the freshness which is unusual on a shipboard restaurant (btw, for lunch most of the menu is the same - although the truffle pasta dish is not available)!! :)
  9. Hi! We are going on a family cruise (approx. 40 people including 10 kids) and arriving in Nassau in the morning 9am - 5pm (however group would like to leave for a shore activity about 11am until 4 pm). Looking for some ideas on an activity/company to book as a group or charter that allows some to beach it/provide games/water activities as a group - perhaps on a cruise to an island/ all inclusive day pass for a private group/ or renting a large villa on the beach for the day - that's hopefully affordable and looking to book for November 2015 !! We can't wait to hear all your thoughts and ideas!! :) Thanks in advance!! Melissa
  10. Thanks for your great trip report as we are sailing on the Quantum in December!! FYI, if you are thinking of seeing a show on Broadway - definitely checkout Broadwaybox.com for show discounts in advance, as it might be slightly easier than waiting on line outside at TKTS in the cold!! (although some might not be 1/2 price). BTW, if you do go to TKTS in Times Square definitely stop by 'Toys R Us' and the Disney Store with your darling daughter!! Melissa :)
  11. Hi! Just wondering if anyone had any copies of the 2014 Reflection Mediterranean Dailies to share? Thanks in advance! Melissa :)
  12. Hi! FYI, we just celebrated our 30th anniversary on board the DCL Dream, and yes we love Disney and have gone with and without family, especially this time we splurged and went concierge (where we noticed in the concierge lounge they had many of the snacks actually from their specialty restaurants, top shelf liquor and special meet and greet and private deck areas. Also reserved a private cabana on their adult only side of the beach which was a real treat!! However we have gone on Celebrity (12 + times, but has dropped in quality IMHO), RCCL, NCl - btw - we love the NCL relaxed atmosphere, Cunard, HAL best adult for the money we feel, etc... and have thought that DCL measures up very well for adults well - especially in the MDR Food department! Enjoy your trip whichever you choose to go on!!! Melissa
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