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  1. Thank you for your opinion that I did not ask for.....as I said, it worked for us. And please forgive my “faux pas” on referring to a ferry as a “water taxi”...
  2. From the Dockyard, we took the water taxi to Hamilton and then a taxi to CoCo Reef. We had already purchased a three day transportation pass and then the taxi ride was $22 there. Reversed it coming back...it worked for us. CoCo Reef front desk calls for the taxi when you’re ready to go.
  3. You have to get the resort passes on line ....the resorts only offer “x” amount of passes for the day. We’ve been to CoCo Reef twice and enjoyed it tremendously.
  4. Sorry to hear HAL no longer goes to Bermuda....we went last year with them ...went a little earlier in the season that we would normally go to Bermuda (July) but they were only doing a few trips to Bermuda from Boston. Never checked for this year as we are going in the fall (this Sunday to be exact). It was lovely to be docked in Hamilton!
  5. I vote for Holland America, certainly not because of their “rousing nightlife” on the ship but because they docked in Hamilton. If they (HAL) still do (I went last year and it did) and you are seeking as much time in Bermuda as possible then HAL is the answer.
  6. We’ll be taking Serenade of the Seas out of Boston in early October. We have made reservations to stay the The Adams Inn (Best Western) in Quincy, MA...they have a shuttle service to the pier (both ways) that is included in their rate ...”Park and Fly” or “Park and Sail” (they offer shuttle service to Logan as well) we have used this service several times and things couldn’t have gone smoother.....used Uber to go into Boston the night before....
  7. We travelled to Bermuda with our two year old granddaughter and getting the stroller on and off the ferry was very simple/easy...same as any of the bus transportation. My only suggestion would be is to use a lightweight, easy fold-up style stroller.
  8. As far as the beaches go....Tobacco Bay has “cleaned up” and has more to offer the cruising crowd....Ft Catherine’s beach is just the beach now, no concession stand, no chair/umbrella rental...that ended a few years ago. Last year we took advantage of the “Resort for a Day” deal. We went to Cocoa Reef for the day..$100 per person gave us a quiet and peaceful beach day, chaise lounges, umbrellas, the use of the resort pool, showers, changing n room and bathroom plus a wonderful lunch. If this sounds like something you might be interested in you can find out more on it and book it online...”Resorts for a Day” and click on Bermuda.
  9. We travelled with our granddaughter to Bermuda a couple of years ago...she was two at the time. We never used a car seat in any of the buses or taxis we were in and never felt she was in any danger (vehicles don’t go that fast there...not like here!) we kept the “sight seeing” to a minimum....We did take a trip to the aquarium, she wasn’t “impressed”....she’s two! A lighter stroller is a good idea, one that will close easily is even better. When you get on to bus there is a spot right up front where you store the stroller. Like to be able to tell you that there’s a lot to do with a toddler but there really isn’t...
  10. If your question is how far a walk would it be from where the bus would drop you off at, my answer would be, it’s a considerable walk.....we took a taxi there last year and it was a distance before we reached the hotel once we left the main road.
  11. Drinks were about the average price for Bermuda....if I remember correctly, beers about $5/6 and mixed (cosmos) about $10....a bit more than “ship prices” didn’t drink a whole lot....between swimming, walking the coves near by and just enjoying the view before we knew it, it was time to go!
  12. We were at Coco Reef last year under the “Resort for the Day” pass. Pool use was included, lunch was excellent and never felt like we were “outsiders”...enjoyed it so much that we’ll be going back this October.
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