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  1. We were on in May and it was the same as you report but this 3 drink limit change apparently happened on June 1st.
  2. So more reports from Adventure on the other social media site: They are swiping your card for every drink in the Diamond lounge. They are limiting you to 3 drinks in the Diamond lounge. The 3 drinks in the diamond lounge does count towards your 3 drinks loaded to your card every day. So so you only get 3 drinks during happy hour on Adventure no matter where you get them. Just a matter of time before this goes fleet-wide I guess.
  3. My thoughts are on the same wavelength as yours on this. It is possible they are testing the waters, so to speak, on Adventure to see how it is received. I guess we shall wait and see.
  4. Yes, who knows. There’s a reason why they are doing this on a few select ships and we are left to guess why.
  5. When getting a drink from the waiter they take your card when you place your drink order and return your card when they bring your drink. Adventure also had a make shift bar in the lounge and they took your card to scan when ordering there. I didn't look closely at the scanning machine but assumed it was similar to what they use at other bars.
  6. That has not been reported back yet (that I have seen anyway).
  7. But on Adventure it's not just checking your card - they are actually taking your card and scanning it for every drink you order in the DL. This was happening in May when we were on and it was for every drink for every person. So they've been scanning cards for drinks in the DL on Adventure since April but the OP is saying since June 1st they are scanning your card and limiting you to 3 drinks only in the DL. This is something entirely different on this ship if this is true.
  8. Voyager class ships are my favorite. We cruise on Ovation in September which will be our first Quantum class ship so we'll see if we have a new favorite then.
  9. Come visit your fellow ship mates on our roll call.
  10. You are correct - they are removing the CLs and adding new SLs.
  11. I was just on her last month for 12 days and she looks just fine. We had an aft balcony and we did see more rust than we have on other ships but it's a steel ship in salt water so some rust is to be expected. We did have a notice that they would be doing maintenance on port days but did not see any changes. I also noticed the wall paper in the aft stairwell was completely bubbled and looked horrible (nothing I've ever seen on an RCI ship before) but for the most part the ship is in fine shape - no worries.
  12. We booked a balcony gty on Ovation for the Hawaii cruise in September but there was an option to book a 6d balcony gty so we chose that. I'm picky about cabins so I would never book a basic balcony guarantee on Quantum class. We were assigned a very nice 6d category cabin on deck 10 last week. I think it varies per sailing as to when cabins are assigned.
  13. RCI's IT at it's finest. That is definitely frustrating.
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