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  1. I agree with this. Voyager class casinos are crowded with too many slots for the space and a very tiny non-smoking section. Plus the location allows the smoke to travel to adjoining areas like the schooner bar and promenade above. Ovation is much better in these areas.
  2. I'm booking one of these on Allure after her refurb so I was specifically looking for photos of those balconies on Oasis after her recent refurb to see if they kept the hot tubs. Good chance if they kept them on Oasis they will keep them on Allure - but who knows. Enjoy the sweet suite experience!
  3. I saw a drone video of Oasis after the refurb and the hot tubs were still on the balconies of both of those deck 12 suites.
  4. It was close..... I wasn't sure my transaction was going to go through as it took forever!
  5. I agree. I would guess that the majority that purchased at $18 would not have bought the package at all. I'm one of them. They will still make a little money on us - especially since we won't be using the Diamond lounge drinks or vouchers.
  6. Well, maybe I won't then. I don't like sweet wine😏
  7. The Castle Rock Cabernet. I don't drink white zins but maybe I'll try it next time.
  8. If you are a wine drinker the "free" diamond wines are just one step above paint thinner IMO. The Pinot Grigio is the only one I can get down on the Diamond list - I prefer reds but they are absolutely terrible. I bring two bottles on board and as D+ we get one as an amenity so If I drink red wine that evening I bring my own glass of wine to the Lounge or dining room.
  9. I agree. If you're using the pool and/or hot tub intermittently then it is not chair hogging. As long as you're coming back or keeping an eye on it then you're fine. Definition of unattended : not attended : not watched or looked after : lacking a guard, escort, caretaker, etc We rarely use the pools or hot tubs and prefer to be on the top deck in the wind. We rarely have difficulty finding chairs and we only go when we are ready to use them and take our stuff when we will be gone more than 30 minutes. I wish RCI would get some cubbies for people who only want to use the pool or hot tubs so they have somewhere to store their stuff without taking up a chair. Also, I think RCI should reserve some chairs around the pool areas for parents with children. When our kids were younger and needed supervision it was difficult to find chairs in the first row and we only typically needed one or two for the 4 of us (depending on the age of the kids and level of supervision required).
  10. Oh my, that's a devastating and grateful situation all in one. I'm sorry about your friend but glad your fate took you out of danger that day. I personally know a couple of the characters in Come From Away. The Mayor Claude Elliot is a personal friend and I volunteered with Bonnie Harris at the Gander SPCA. I have not seen the play yet but I will. I grew up there so I'm sure everything will be familiar. I think it would be a great show for the ship but the Newfie accent can be difficult to imitate😁
  11. Yes it is beautiful here. I am originally from Newfoundland where come from away is based - another beautiful place with the friendliest people 😊
  12. School of Rock Memphis To Kill a Mockingbird Come From Away (which is based in my hometown😊) Anything but CATS, really.🙀
  13. Drink prices way up and food quality way down - those are the major changes for me. You will also notice that the MDR menus have changed in that there are a lot less choices and many repeat daily. I've basically given up on the MDR.
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