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  1. Being familiar with the construction industry it will be interesting to see what they do here. Being so close to the dry dock date I would guess that most supplies/contracts would have been ordered and committed to so cancelling them would come at a huge penalty. Things like the water slides, and extra cabins will already have been manufactured. New custom carpeting, millwork, furnishings, etc. would also be ready to go and they will have to pay for them regardless. Sometimes in these situations it would be cheaper or cost neutral to continue than to cancel. I'm sure Royal would now be deciding a path forward based on what is financially sensible and with such huge renovations planned this will not be an easy task. I am scheduled to sail on the Explorer TA this November and Allure in August 2021 so I will be following this with a vested interest.
  2. Prime Minister Trudeau just announced the cruise season for Canada is postponed until at least July.
  3. Exactly. Then there's public transportation (busses, subway, etc) - in Toronto alone the TTC has a ridership of 1.69 million per day! But cruising is bad🤨
  4. This must have been a horrible experience and to know you paid for it must be heartbreaking. I would be upset too. Regarding the beverage packages - I think that if one bartender has cut someone off they should have the ability to cut off the package on their card. This seems simple really. Bartender deems the person too drunk, calls a supervisor to confirm decision and then the supervisor should have the ability to deactivate the booze portion of the package for a few hours (I say booze because they will probably need the non-alcoholic portion😜) Personally I rather see RCI limit the number of alcoholic drinks per day on the package but then allow only one person in the cabin to buy it. It could be a good compromise and also limit liability for over serving issues.
  5. Yes, sometimes family members will choose to live in denial rather than face the truth about a loved one. A bit long but an example of denial: We had an incident on a ship where a man (pervert) exposed his genitals to my 12 and 14 year old daughters while walking on a passenger cabin hallway. I was there as well but a few feet behind and he didn't see me until I came around the corner while his pants were already dropping. We got a full frontal view. I checked for cameras where it happened and reported it. My statement to Security matched the video footage. Security found hm with the camera footage and questioned him. Even though he claimed his pants fell down (with no underwear on) by accident, the video showed otherwise, and he was confined to his cabin. They asked me if I would like to see the video and I chose to watch it just to confirm it was deliberate and not a mistake as he had claimed (my wanting to believe the good in people was making me question what had happened) He was undoing his pants when he saw my girls coming so it was no accident. Once we got to Fort Lauderdale the Broward police reviewed the tapes and questioned him and his wife. His wife was asked if she'd like to see the video and she declined. She believed him. They've been married a long time with an adult daughter and grandkids. Sadly, some people choose to be an ostrich to protect their image of people they love.
  6. We did the sushi making class on Adventure last may and you can absolutely attend with your daughter but not participate. We had a couple of people attending our class but just watching and taking pics. BTW you make a lot of sushi - we could not eat all of it and you cannot take it with you so if you have anyone else who can go and help eat the food that would be advisable.😁
  7. Thanks Bob. I do check their website and follow them on Facebook but there hasn't been any updates since 2015 that I can see😔 I was hoping someone has seen or heard something recently.
  8. Wanted was really good on our Ovation Hawaii cruise this past September. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Rock the Boat? They are a cover band we saw on an Independence transatlantic cruise a few years ago and they were excellent. They were regulars on Royal ships for years but haven't heard anything about them lately.
  9. I agree with this. Voyager class casinos are crowded with too many slots for the space and a very tiny non-smoking section. Plus the location allows the smoke to travel to adjoining areas like the schooner bar and promenade above. Ovation is much better in these areas.
  10. I'm booking one of these on Allure after her refurb so I was specifically looking for photos of those balconies on Oasis after her recent refurb to see if they kept the hot tubs. Good chance if they kept them on Oasis they will keep them on Allure - but who knows. Enjoy the sweet suite experience!
  11. I saw a drone video of Oasis after the refurb and the hot tubs were still on the balconies of both of those deck 12 suites.
  12. It was close..... I wasn't sure my transaction was going to go through as it took forever!
  13. I agree. I would guess that the majority that purchased at $18 would not have bought the package at all. I'm one of them. They will still make a little money on us - especially since we won't be using the Diamond lounge drinks or vouchers.
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