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  1. Perhaps this is a very silly question but this is our first time sailing to the Caribbean area (St. Maarten, St. Kitts, & Grand Turk specifically). Is tipping at a "sit down" restaurant expected? I know it is not a common practice in Europe but did not know about the Caribbean.
  2. I have a difficult time adjusting to "foreign" pillows and always bring my own when travelling. Has anyone carried their own pillow with them on a cruise? We are driving to port so airline restrictions are not a concern. We also have FTTF boarding so, hopefully, I would not have to sit around holding my pillow for a long time. If you have brought your own pillow, did you just inform your cabin steward of that fact?
  3. For those that have visited since the hurricane, are the sightseeing tours on St. Maarten & St. Kitts worth the money? We are not much for just shopping or laying around on a beach and would like to take a driving tour around each island. It will be our first visit to these islands.
  4. IMHO, I would download WhatsApp. Its free (unless you opt for the deluxe stuff) and it does not have to use a cell carrier - all you need is a wireless internet connection. Will work at sea or land and cost nothing - not even your normal cell carrier minutes. You can decide which ship WiFi plan is best for your needs. That way you can text whenever you wish while at sea and find a WiFi hotspot when on land. Biggest drawback is that who ever you call has to have installed the App as well. I agree with all the previous comments - definitely keep your cell off roaming.
  5. Are any of the "specialty" coffees (espresso, latte, etc) offered free of charge after dinner in the MDR?
  6. When I completed my check in online, I was asked which time range I would like to board - did you pick a time?
  7. Thanks to all for their comments - especially about the power strips w/ surge protectors not being allowed! I did not know that. I was told by my Doc to only use distilled water. Not only did it prevent mineral buildup in the machine but it was also healthier for me to breathe - he said even filtered water had chemicals that are not good for "shooting" directly up my nose!
  8. Cruising on the Magic for the first time as well as cruising with a CPAP machine for the first time. Biggest question - Can I bring a gallon size container of distilled water with me? We will be driving down so I do not have to worry about the airport process. From other comments, I plan on bringing a power strip but are there any other "tips/suggestions" I need to consider?
  9. Thanks for the "reason" behind their policy - makes sense!
  10. Thanks for the information - sounds like the next best thing!
  11. Is it possible to have your cruise card access more than one cabin? We have multiple families traveling together and it would be convenient if we could have access to each other's cabin.
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