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  1. I can do that as I can still get a refund as long as I act on it by the end of the year. Honestly that is why I don’t want to make a decision at this point, want to see how it plays out, especially the affects on cruising upon its return whenever that may be.
  2. Thanks Firefly. With the option to get a refund or the cruise credit we will just leave the cruise as is for the time being until we see what cruising will be like upon its return. Thanks
  3. We received all the cancellation info. My question is what happens if we choose to do nothing by the sail date of May 16th. Thanks
  4. I don’t do anything for my cruise scheduled to depart on May 16th? Do we lose our money? Still eligible for a refund at a later date? Does cruise credit and onboard credit of $600 still apply if we cancel after May 16th? We have been holding out as long as possible to see what cruising may look like upon it’s return before making a decision. No surprise, as things are so fluid, but we don’t have an answer on what cruising will be like and most likely won’t until July or August and perhaps even later if more postponements occur. We treat the money as already spent so letting it sit there is no issue for us and if we can still be eligible for refund or credit we will most likely just wait it out until we see what cruising in the future looks like. Thanks
  5. I would say GC is around average for the islands. DR is by far having the largest outbreak, 10k cases after today and that number is obviously going to be higher as they have done little testing. I don’t see ships heading to DR this year. Cozumel could be bad as Mexico has been called out for not reporting the numbers to be as bad as they actually are. Jamaica is reporting around 500. After that the majority of the remaining islands are around 10-120 cases.
  6. About when cruising returns when you receive a FB post or twitter post pertaining to how they intend to handle all the new guidelines they must deal with. Until you see this I would expect cruises to continue to be cancelled. I would imagine this would come out at least two week, probably closer to a month before they intend to cruise. They, along with all other cruise lines, have so much to figure out and it’s going to take plenty of time. In addition to all the things they must figure out to properly run a cruise they are at the will of so many others that will have some determination on when they start. Hotels, airlines, food distribution, and opening of foreign ports are just a few outside pieces that must come together for them to operate. I could mention more but below are somethings they must address before cruising. arrival outside cruise terminal how to handle inside cruise terminal muster drills elevator usage bathroom usage how to serve food how to control physical distancing on the entire ship how to disembark within ship how to handle inside cruise terminal during disembarkation how to let people leave and return on port days what happens if corona is diagnosed during cruise until all these questions are answered from the cruise lines you know cruising is still in a pause.
  7. If you read the latest guidelines, the practice of physical distancing is mentioned in all three phases. Physical distancing is 6’. Going to be tough to operate cruises in this manner.
  8. Dominican Republic almost 5k cases, not good, imagine it’s much more due to limited health care. They are getting 300+ new cases over the last couple days. More cases than 26 states in the US.
  9. It’s bigger problem than how to serve food....social distancing will not allow buffets to work due to how many people need to be served in a 1-3 hr period. Rather it be 8-11am or 11a-2p or 530p-830p the ships don’t have the current room to accommodate people at 6’ or even 3’. The social distancing aspect is going to hurt cruises more than anything until it is eliminated. The cruise lines have so much to figure out that it’s going to be near impossible to see any cruises happening this year. btw...has anyone notice that Dominican Republic is nearing 5k cases and rising daily. I would imagine it’s only going to get worse due to the limited health care provided.
  10. Does anyone really understand how these guidelines and phases work? Sure I understand the fine print, like most, but nobody knows what numerical numbers need to be hit to get from one phase to the next. Improved testing, what is that? A 5% increase based off what you are completing now, which is minimal. A 14 day downward trend? Does this mean NY achieves that when they go from 7-10k daily, recent results, to 14 days of achieving 4500 new cases? So vague, the way I look at it, the governors will just determine based on there own thoughts. If anyone can explain how it actually works I would love to hear.
  11. Biggest piece for me from article was that most of the layoffs were permanent vs designated days furloughed.
  12. Any cruise company would have to answer a plethora of questions before I got on my cruise in May. what specific cleaning is being done daily? who will serve food? what ports and what happens if they are closed? will there be any restrictions on how many people can be in one area? what happens if one person shows symptoms, is everyone on quarantine then? This would have to be a specific answer, I want no grey. how do I get home and who is responsible for getting me home if ship quarantine? are there even any hotels open in Miami? I could ask several more but this is just the tip. Pretty risky to run a cruise out of Miami when the convention center is a make shift hospital, that right there should tell you something. More to lose than gain in my opinion. Hopefully, when they decide to return cruising, especially this early in the game, they will give u the option to cancel using the same terms as what they provided for all people with cancelled cruises.
  13. Thanks for the response!👍once my cruise is officially cancelled I will be canceling my flight.
  14. what constitutes as a cancel? If the airline changes the time of your flight as well as the flight number to a new time and new flight but on same day is that a cancel or change? Our May cruise, which won’t happen, has had our return flight now changed twice. Was a 1pm departure, what I booked, then changed to 1130am, now it is 930am.
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