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  1. I call it transition weeks maybe it’s consistency but a few weeks before a ship gets to dry dock, something new is coming ( new coco cat in May), new ports or ship I see so much confusion from the crew like everyone is following their own rule.
  2. They are assigning the same word to everyone sailing the same day. I told my friend to book a cabana, he is sailing with us and our reservation is not yet linked with mine. He did and was assigned H, same as mine. I made a complete refundable new reservation and yes I also got the same letter - I guess we r missing something here or the system is not working right-
  3. I got H for navigator Unless there are some good news from royal that we dont know until may 1st this new system to pre assign cabanas will bring so many unhappy people to the island. I really dont care if I'm on the left or the right but I prefer to be in the front row. Or maybe they no longer have a cabana behind another instead they are all in single line who knows.
  4. I'm pretty sure I read less than a week ago about a person going to excursion desk and selecting his own cabana number, I believe they are going into the transition mode to the new system in May at coco cay and every employee is telling you and doing whatever they want lol Quick question , how did you find out what cabana you had was it when you arrived at the beach?
  5. My friend put them in a backpacks and he gives it to the porter. Scenario 1 or 2 will apply but you will have your luggage delivered since the bottle of wines are separated from it. 1)You will have to descend into the bowels of the ship to "the naughty room", open your suitcase, show them that all you have are the two permitted bottles, and you will be allowed to take your suitcase and go on your merry way. OR 2)If your suitcase is not locked, the security people may just rifle through all of your unmentionables and check your bottles, then either deliver your suitcase or make you pick it up.
  6. I think the terminal is super ready if you park there but if a friend is dripping you and picking your that’s a different scenario. You go up the ramp and park while we have to go straight and make a u turn, traffic is a mess right after the ramp at one point we just wanted to get out the car grab our luggage and walk a few feet to the porter. Boarding can be complicated since they didn’t have sections according to your crown and anchor and they were calling people by their status and they were literally turning people away if you were not Diamond- emerald and so on. After that check in is super fast especially if you are using your phone. In the way back we were almost the last group and it was a big mess trying to get your luggage and walking to the custom but the new process is super fast. I like the port but it wasn’t ready
  7. Hi Most of the time I add the tips to my cruise price I have never removed tips on a ship but I read over and over that most people don’t pay the tips in advance because it’s hard to remove it if you need to. Had you ever removed the tips because service was so bad that you felt you had to do it? I only had 2 staterooms attendants that were bad, well not exactly bad but unapproachable and always serious. I didn’t remove the tips but I didn’t give extra.
  8. I was wondering if you arrive on time at coco cay
  9. I offer my sympathy to the family, thank you for your answer.
  10. Junkanoo Beach has so many algae I just dont like the feeling underwater and Cabbage Beach has rough waves, you might even find a lifeguard not letting you get in the water. I think my next option is cable beach
  11. I read they have the deluxe lunch now but no one is sure if thats going to be case after May
  12. Thank you for reporting back, yeah I agree 100% with your review the bar is terrible I had to walk to another bar to get my drinks and the line was huge. The new cabanas are going to have an attendant so they can grab your drink 😃
  13. I dont get it, if its a medical emergency why hold the hold ship for just one person. I dont know how the system works but do they wait for the passenger to be ok while they are treating him/her?
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