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  1. navigator sailing in October interior guarantee to promenade got it for 30PP$ We sailed last month but weather was bad so we decided to book again I had an owner suite thanks to royal up from a junior suite, well this time I had an interior and had offers for virtual balcony ocean view balcony and so on but only opted for promenade biding the minimum 2 days later got the email accepting my offer and new documents
  2. They don’t seem miserable but extremely tired. I was on the navigator a few weeks ago and they just try to avoid eye contact they are so busy and focusing on what they have to accomplish that they forget about the passengers. I was in a suite so I was able to do lunch at the Italian restaurant. There was a lady with a white shirt ( she wasn’t a waiter ) and that lady never looked up the whole time while she was in the computer by the entrance, not even to say HI I know she might be busy but wow Just a simple fake smile will Donat least once.
  3. Since their first sailing My friends have bn diamond - this is not the airline that will stop you and send you back once boarding started. Sabe your 20$ and join the diamond group 🤫
  4. At least it’s inside the ship I don’t understand how people give their luggage’s to the porter and leave. I always chase someone that is pushing the cart inside the terminal and just drop it in there, now port of Miami has a better system you can drop it yourself and it goes straight to the terminal.
  5. And you forgot to mention the dessert section was empty during lunch during boarding everyone wa saying something about it but they didn’t do anything
  6. I had cabana number 5 and I agree with Jahannah, noise is minimal no one can get in the cabana section unless you have one. I noticed that only 50% of the cabanas were booked. There is a pager in each cabana so you can page your attender, there is a mini safe ( i didnt know about it before) the lunch menu is weak in my opinion we end up eating lunch at the regular lunch area. You can walk or wait for the tram to go around all cococay until it gets to the cabana we opted to walk it was less than 10 mins but took the tram for out way back. To be honest this was my 3rd time booking a cabana and I dont think I will do it again, I see a reductions of perks for booking a cabana I guess they want more people booking the newest cabanas that are coming in December instead of chill island. btw no one was in the sand/ water the entire day most people went to the beach area near the floating bar ( I dont remember the name of that beach )
  7. Hi on the navigator right now I booked a cabana but if you really like a cristal clear beach don’t book a cabana.
  8. There are bringing more but they are lying we have been in the windjammer for half and hour - we r sailing today pics were taken at 12:49pm but I noticed they were gone by 12:25pm
  9. Omg I really like royal Caribbean I’m not the person complaining about the food or anything like that but im now on the Navigators and the desserts section is basically empty. I know is day 1 but this is the first time I see this
  10. Thank you so much everyone how about For the excursion ?
  11. Hi im sailing with friends we have several cabins, one of the cabins has 4 people but one of them can’t go- sailing is tomorrow he is not looking for a refund but the other passengers in the cabin want to know what to do so their reservation won’t be affected. Thank you
  12. Hi I was wondering at what time port of Miami terminal A is open, boarding is usually around 11am but I was wondering if you are able to get early and seat inside the terminal before boarding time
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