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  1. Hi IM sailing oN a Grand Suite Navigator of the seas, as a perk we get the "Bridge, Galley & Backstage Tours" do they still do it on a 3 nights cruise and if they do how do I get the invite, is it worth it ? Thank you
  2. I’m sure most people don’t care in other cruise lines but for some reason royal has managed the art of making you feel important based on your status or just look at the “key” lol
  3. 1-2 years ago can’t remember the exact moment now royal use to write your crown and anchor status 🏆on the sea pass large bold words you could see 🧿it a mile away. Now they got rid of it and it’s super hard to read 📖anyone status anymore. I remember some blue sea pass guess with higher status to flash 🤸🏼‍♂️or get attention to their cards, since the words are smaller now you can flash all you want but all I see is a blue card 🎫hence less people are showing off their cards. On ships that I sail I only find people sailing for the first time or super low crown and anchor level 🔻with their cards in a lanyard ( I can tell it’s convenience for them or they might think that’s the best way to carry a seapass) and of course those on a suite 🛁also with lots of points that make sure it’s hanging outside your T-shirt 🤪
  4. I was going to get the package in the Symphony it was on sale for less than 120$ or so I can’t remember but my friends joined me on the cruise and I cancelled the package. I had some doubts about getting the package or not but no you can have nor Ethan one entree when you have the package so I’l definitely going for the package next tjme
  5. Omg what we gonna do with those people who love to flash their gold card on their neck ?? Are they getting a silver card now??? That’s almost transparent can’t be flashed easily.
  6. 320 months ago over 1k now btw - do you know if we get the special golf cart to take us to the cabanas as they used to do before ? - also the small lunch section just for cabanas is gone right?
  7. idk the rules if you sail from around the world but sailing from Miami or port Everglades they will never turn you away now, don’t wear shorts on formal night they might “ might” say something to you.
  8. They were doing it at Sorrento's- oasis class - omg the pizza was so good
  9. Hi did you see shrimp or lamb during the night at the windjammer?
  10. In privates islands specially coco cay our guards are super dowm, never have had any issue
  11. Because I'm sure they dont know where to send those 2 ships now
  12. I hope they dont send all those ship to coco cay at the same time😘
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