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  1. I used to have auto gratuities but what I do now is that I purchase onboard credit which is refundable. In the less likely event that I need to remove a tip I won’t be able to do it if I have auto gratuities added to the account
  2. I saw him on his cave ( private cabana)dying for attention on the navigator -October
  3. Hi 2 days ago I booked the symphony for an amazing price, it was cheaper than oasis n allure just to give you an idea. Today prices are back to almost 1000 per person. The amazing price was for an specific date only so my question is , when you see a ship that has a low price for x week compared to the rest of the month's sailing is that because of a sale or a mistake by royal?
  4. and you can also order food form the MDR
  5. I looked at a picture I took last month when we sailed, 10:01am we were at the terminal and 10:20am onboard They board super fast and early , same thing when it comes to say good bye by 9:15am you will be out the ship and believe me we were the last one leaving the ship
  6. In miami I am always diamond plus , believe me it works like magic lol I dont know why they dont enforce any status at least when it come to board the ship
  7. Hi I was looking at 2020 when my friend told me about the Odyssey a new brand ship sailing from Florida ( I though they were repositioning it from New York or Asia sailing from FL in the future). I booked the 6 night and prices seem reasonable if you take in consideration that this is a brand new ship so here is my question. Do you think Odyssey is or will be a popular ship? I remember that prices for the Symphony were high when they first sailed from Miami but Oddyssey is not that bad.
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