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  1. We stayed at the Frontenac. Iconic building and great location.
  2. Cruise out of San Pedro twice........and no, EZ Check was not offered either time.
  3. Have done the Panama Canal itinerary 3 times; with the latest being this year......so far have not needed a "Yellow Fever" shot. So from my experience, don't worry about it.
  4. I have had it where the personalizer has shown the wrong loyalty level too. This probably happened because I booked the cruise while at the lower level. All you need to do is call Princess and they will correct it........very easy and only took a few minutes.
  5. The spouse and I do that all of the time (with the "soda and more" package) and never had a problem. Just take your cruise card or in your case, medallion to the counter and show the staff them and order. On our last cruise we had the medallion, and when I ordered, the staff asked my room number and name.......and on the I-Pad that they carried around they typed that information in it and could see that we both had the "soda and more" package. So, based on my experience, I don't think you will have a problem. YMMV
  6. Have you ever taken a photo, only to find out that there was a surprise in that photo? If so, feel free to post it here. I took a photo of a flower/weed at the Bay of Fundy........It was only after I downloaded the image to my computer that I saw a bee in flight in the image. Was I surprised, oh yes I was.
  7. Had that problem once..........called Princess and they fixed it immediately.
  8. Yes, there is a big party.......do arrive early if you want to get a good location to view the festivities. The time will be posted in the "patter".
  9. That is good news.....so if I have this correct; if a cruise is sold as either 2 seven days or 1 fourteen, you still get 2 minibar setups?
  10. I too would recommend the Embera excursion. Just let the people know that you need help getting into and out of the canoe. You do wear a life vest.....the canoe is not fast.......depending on which part of the river and how much rain they have had determines the depth. They do have crafts and will take US$, but please don't take large bills. Make it 1's, 5's, 10's or 20's so you can be as close to the amount of what you want to purchase; if you do buy something.
  11. The Island has more passengers and less public space..........because the aft public viewing areas and lounge were replaced with cabins. International Cafe, the Coral has one but the Island doesn't.
  12. We did the Princess excursion....the one that is the 8 person van, and that is the one I would recommend. Much more personable, quicker to get on and off the van at the various stops and the seats were comfortable. The only way I would rent a car to do that drive is if I was staying on the island as the drive is long and longer if you do numerous stops to see the sights. Plus traffic coming back to Lahaina can get quite heavy.......too much risk for missing the ship.
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