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  1. Holland America ,Celebrity and Royal Caribbean also do cruise tours in Alaska.


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    The last I knew, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean itineraries do not include Glacier Bay, so if that is important you may want to look at other lines.


    Princess and Holland America have been cruising Alaska the longest of the major cruise lines and are generally considered to be excellent for Alaskan cruises.

  2. [quote name='RickEk']They know about it... obviously a typo. I wonder how many folks called insisting on them honoring that price...:p[/QUOTE]

    I haven't seen the printed info, but I'm sure Princess has wording in fine print to the effect that this offer is capacity controlled. They won't be giving any minisuites away at this bargain basement price, no matter how much people may push.

  3. We always swapped out all the small bottles of vodka, gin, etc. for the little bottles of Canadian Club. But they don't have the small bottles of Canadian Club any more.


    Could it be that this is not a fleetwide change but rather they were out of the Canadian Club on your particular cruise? Just a thought.

  4. I noticed a change in my cruise personalizer a few weeks ago. On the right hand side of the booking summary page are all the tabs for itinerary, flights, special requests, etc. A few weeks ago a new tab showed up for onboard credits. It shows OBC from TA, FCC and Princess. I expect after final payment and I can apply for my shareholder credit that it will show there as well.

  5. I understand the policy of being able to bring 1 bottle of wine per adult and paying the corkage fee for any additional bottles but I was wondering exactly how Princess enforces this. For example, if each person in the cabin had two bottles with them in their carryon and claimed it was for both passengers, do the people scanning the luggage know that you are together in the cabin? In other words, what is to stop passengers from bringing double their allowance onboard without paying the corkage fee? The same thing goes for packing wine in both checked and carryon luggage to bring twice the "free" allowance onboard? Do they log it into a computer when wine is detected?


    I'm not looking to violate the policy but I was wondering if others get away with this when honest people follow the rules.

  6. Since there is still nearly two months before your sailing I would expect that Princess will offer some good flash sale fares to fill the ship. And also, there may be more cabins booked than you think if the guarantee bookings have not been assigned yet. As far as whether upgrades will be assigned if the ship is not near capacity is anyone's guess. I sailed on a transatlantic last year on the Ruby Princess that turned out to only be about 2/3 full. I was one of those lucky ones who was upgraded to a full suite (from a minisuite) on that cruise. There were others on our roll call who were upgraded to a higher cabin class as well. I do think this was the exception to the rule though.

  7. Welcome to Cruise Critic. The amounts also vary according to stateroom type. The suites pay a little more per day than the regular sized staterooms, due to more services offered to them and more than one steward.


    I have sailed in full suites several times and never had more than one cabin steward. Suites do not have dedicated stewards either as each time in a suite my steward has serviced all of the cabins in the area, from insides to full suites. Also, minisuites (which do not have any extra services included) pay the same autotip rate as full suites.

  8. You had me checking this out too because like you I thought this would be a good way to try a small ship. What I found interesting is that the rate for an inside cabin was actually less for a solo booking than the per person rate for double occupancy. Too bad all of the other categories were the usual double price for single occupancy. Unfortunately I can't even think about booking it since I will probably have a son graduating from college around that time.

  9. I would personally go with two minisuites. I was upgraded to a family suite once when I had booked a minisuite for DH and myself along with an inside across the hall for my two sons. If you book the family suite all four persons will pay the full suite price. I would imagine it is much less expensive to pay for four persons in minisuites instead though you would have to weigh how much the the suite benefits are worth to you.


    As far as the room itself goes, it is one inside cabin connected to a minisuite by an enlarged living room area. How do you decide who gets the minisuite side (with a larger bathroom than the inside room side) and who gets the inside cabin when you are all paying the same rate? Also, while there is a door between the living room and the inside cabin, it locks on the inside cabin side but not on the minisuite side, so essentially there is no privacy on the minisuite side.


    The balcony is a whole other story. While it is larger than other minisuite balconies it is the very first balcony at the front of the ship with no wind screen facing the front and is extremely windy. We were on an Alaskan cruise and it was too cold to use. We awoke each morning to find the furniture had blown up against the back partition of the balcony.


    It was a great cabin for us to get as an upgrade since we were travelling with our sons and it was the first time I was going to put them in their own cabin but I would never actually book this cabin, especially with four adults.


    p.s. - I neglected to mention that a regular minisuite is plenty large for four people to relax in the living room and balcony areas.

  10. Do suite prices ever drop? I know others on my sailing are reporting drops but not for our rooms yet. =(


    Actually, I was able to take advantage of a $1200pp price drop on the full suite we had booked on an Australia/New Zealand cruise we had booked for Feb. 2012. I was checking on the Princess site and saw the new price so I immediately called my TA and got the price drop. For all I know it may have been a mistake because when I looked later that day the suite price was back to what it had originally been. Unfortunately we had to cancel that cruise due to the death of my father in law just 2 weeks before the cruise.

  11. I'm confused (not hard to do these days.) When you give Barclay your booking number, do they apply your points credit to the booking, or do they apply the points credit to your monthly statement?


    If you opt for $$$ off of your cruise they apply the credit to your monthly statement. If you opt for OBC that is applied to your booking.


    And I did get the answer to my question by calling Barclays (I had been trying for 2 days and kept getting an error message until I realized I was calling area code 800 instead of 866). Yes, I can use the $3000 free cruise option with my 200,000 points rather than just getting $2500 off of my cruise using the cruise discount option. I was told the credit will simply be applied to my Barclaycard statement just like the cruise discount would be.

  12. Here's a question I haven't seen addressed before...


    If you use the points for a free cruise, can your cruise fare be more than the dollar amount you earn for the free cruise? The reason I ask is that I will have 200,000 points before my next cruise. That would be good for $2500 if I simply apply it as a credit toward the cost of my cruise but the same 200,000 points is good for a free cruise worth $3000. My cruise fare is slightly over $3000 so I was wondering if this would count for a free cruise and I simply pay the balance due.

  13. I called to ask about this and was told that if you were unable to dine on the day/time you were assigned that you could change it. Of course, that was a Princess rep who told me that so I'm not sure how much truth there is to that answer since they often give out incorrect information.

  14. I am sailing solo on the Emerald transatlantic next spring in a minisuite so I am paying 200%. I booked this cruise about a month ago. I noticed the fare went up by $100 (pp, double occupancy) on September 1st, which was probably when the early booking discount for past passengers expired.


    I called my TA this morning to see if I was eligible for the promo. My fare didn't change but I was able to get the perks applied to my booking. I suspect that is because I am paying 200% and if I had a lower single supplement I would probably not have qualified.

  15. I believe the referral credit comes as $$$ off of your cruise fare rather than OBC. If you refer someone who is not sailing with you, you will not get the credit until your next cruise after those you referred have sailed. If you sail with your referrals you will get it on the cruise you sail together. At least that is how it worked the two times I have used this program.

  16. BTW, I am solo in my cabin which answers my question if they'd ever upgrade a solo to a suite!! I am kind of worried about that enhanced turn down service now. You've got me thinking! ;) When I was telling my friend about some of the amenities she said I probably won't leave my cabin. LOL. Now I know I will have to leave the cabin to go to Sabatini's. I'll have to do a live thread about the "suite life".


    I can vouch for the fact that they do upgrade singles to full suites. I was booked to sail solo in an Emerald deck minisuite for my transatlantic on the Ruby last year. Five days before sailing I was upgraded to a Vista suite. I almost felt guilty having a full suite to myself but I certainly enjoyed every minute of it. I am booked solo in an Emerald deck minisuite for a transatlantic on the Emerald next spring but I highly doubt I will be so lucky twice in a row.

  17. I am planning to use Hilton Honors points to stay one night pre-cruise in Fort Lauderdale next April. I can't remember which Hampton Inn it was that I stayed in last time I cruised out of Port Everglades. I am looking for any Hilton brand hotel that has a shuttle from the airport as well as a shuttle to the port. I recall the Hampton Inn that I stayed in the last time was right next to a McDonald's as well as having a shopping center across the street with a Winn Dixie or Publix. Does anyone know which Hampton Inn this is or have recommendations for other Hilton brand properties that have shuttles?

  18. Several years ago we were on an Alaskan cruise. We had traditional fixed seating. Our waiter was excruciatingly slow with his service, to the point that there was no hope of making it to any shows after dinner. Diners from all of the other tables around his area were finished with their dinners and gone long before we ever got our dessert menus. On the third night the headwaiter came over and inquired how things were, so I mentioned that the service was extremely slow. He immediately called the waiter over and told him that "this lady thinks you are too slow". I was mortified. The next night we returned from an excursion too late for our seating and skipped the dining room. Our tablemates later told us that the waiter told them he didn't think we'd be back because I had complained about him.

  19. Even if the bed is on the wrong wall perhaps you could ask the cabin steward to make it upside down. You wouldn't have a wall behind your head, but it may be better than feeling ill for the entire cruise.


    I have to admit, this is a new one to me. I cannot ride in a car, train or small excursion type boat facing backwards but have never had a problem on a cruise ship.

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