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  1. the last 2 cruises I was on, I didn't buy the drink package but I ended up getting a 10 drink card towards the end of the cruise... I have 2 questions on this.. 1. Do they typically only sell it towards the middle / end of the cruise, or can you buy it on day one if you prefer? The "all you can drink" drink package isn't worth it to me on cruises with a lot of port days as I don't drink wine or beer. 2. I know when you buy the "Drink Package" it's per person, (so I get a package and my DH gets a package) Is the "10 Drink card" the same way, or can it be "shared" between a couple? Neither DH or I drink much, and neither of us are Beer or Wine drinkers, so if it's shareable, it would be awesome to "share" the 10 drink card, however, if not, we would just do as we normally would do & order whatever drinks we individually want and pay for them al carte. I'm not looking to break or even "bend" the rules - just wasn't sure how this worked.. Thank you!
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