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  1. Just playing devil’s advocate - If they start charging clean up fees for service animals then they could start charging clean up fees for children or anyone who makes a mess or has an accident. However, I don’t think that will happen.
  2. In regards to a service animal, why do people think it’s okay to ask about someone’s personal medical condition. I too would get tired of being questioned. I also would be evasive with my response or bluntly tell them it’s none of their business, depending on my mood. Yes, he does have a sign telling people to stop asking him where the dog goes to relieve itself, that Tommy is a service dog and please don’t touch him. He may have a legitimate need, but he also needs to ensure that Tommy is properly trained.
  3. You are fortunate to be able to control you BP with medication. But there are cardiac alert service dogs that monitor rises and drops in BP for people with certain heart conditions. He may have a legitimate need for the dog.
  4. I have not been on the Symphony, but on the other ships when I’ve been in a grand suite the suite party was on day 2.
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