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  1. I was on Paradise 2018. Inside cabin. We had refrigerators, however it didn't get cold. I was going to take a fold up cooler, decided at the last minuet not to, wish I had. The cooler was just big enough to hold 4-5 drinks and ice. However, I like my drinks cold. I did report it twice not until the next to the last day it worked.
  2. That is what we did. We gathered in one room to make sure everyone had it and was able to use it. We used it on the Paradise, but it wasn't very good. A lot of delayed messages, however we were on the back end of the storm or we didn't see the message in time. Kids loved it, as they could look up their charges and what was for dinner. IT was the chat feature that was disappointing. Going to try it again, new ship, new ports, new weather. It's all good.
  3. Oh sure, I will explain a lot better: If we happened to obtain a shuttle from Houston Hotel to the Pier, I advised I would need either cash or check ahead of time so that I could make the payment all at once. Payment would also include tip to the driver. With this many people a shuttle should be pretty responsible and we get to be together. Hope this helps. This will be the only money transaction I will do. Besides, DH & I have to get to the pier.
  4. Yep, we already have a FB and I do polls, stating majority wins. I haven't tried SW air, will call to see what can do. However, people are coming from all over with a possible different times so it may not work. BUT! it doesn't hurt to call to see what they can offer. Thank you so much for the tips and the "You Go Girl-which is the first thing I read before my coffee!" I am still smiling 😍😋😊
  5. I actually thought of the same thing. We are going to Alaska. I will keep checking thou... you just never know. I called Carnival and they can't tell me anything. I originally booked this through a TA (never again) would they also be able to assist, or is it just a luck of the draw? I am thinking the latter.
  6. Bury me at sea... Thank you so much for your advice. I stated to look as soon as I booked it, which was almost 2 years ago. I have to patient and also realize I may not get it. Ophfta! It's like playing in the casino! LOL!! OH! by the way, I did find some answers to some of my other non written questions, but the heading was FFTF not FTTF. Thank you again, you are to sweet.
  7. Some what off topic..but I have looked and unable to find the answer. 1. How soon does FTTF became available before you cruise? I am going June 2020 2. How many (on the average) are there FTTF offered. I assume based on the size of the ship. **I want to try it and afraid I am going to miss it. I check 3 times a day.
  8. as well as the drink package. You already have your bartender and supplies. Alcohol purchases depending on where they buy their alcohol from regarding overhead cost.
  9. The price is per stateroom, so only one guest needs to purchase Faster to the Fun and all occupants in the stateroom receive the benefits. Prices are subject to change and may vary by ship. Faster to the Fun is subject to availability. Prices Starting From Per Stateroom 2019 Cruises 2020 Cruises $39.95 USD 2 day cruises 2 day cruises $39.95 USD 3 day cruises (excluding Carnival Liberty) 3 day cruises (excluding Carnival Liberty) $59.95 USD 3 day cruises on Carnival Liberty 3 day cruises on Carnival Liberty $49.95 USD 4 day cruises on Carnival Imagination, Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Sensation 4 day cruises on Carnival Imagination, Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Sensation $59.95 USD 4 day cruises on Carnival Elation, Carnival Fantasy and Carnival Victory 4 day cruises on Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Victory, Carnival Conquest $69.95 USD 4 day cruises on Carnival Conquest, Carnival Dream, Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Glory, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Paradise, Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Sunshine, Carnival Triumph, Carnival Valor and Carnival Vista 4 day cruises on Carnival Elation, Carnival Dream, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Glory, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Paradise, Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Sunshine, Carnival Valor and Carnival Vista $59.95 USD 5 day cruises on Carnival Sensation 5 day cruises on Carnival Sensation $79.95 USD 5 day cruises (excluding Carnival Sensation) 5 day cruises (excluding Carnival Sensation) $89.95 USD 6 day cruises (excluding Carnival Horizon) 6 day cruises (excluding Carnival Horizon) $109.95 USD 6 day cruises on Carnival Horizon 6 day cruises on Carnival Horizon $89.95 USD 7 day cruises (excluding Carnival Horizon) 7 day cruises (excluding Carnival Panorama) $109.95 USD N/A 7 day cruises on Carnival Panorama $99.95 USD 8 day and longer cruises (excluding Carnival Journeys departures and Carnival Horizon) 8 day and longer cruises* (excluding Carnival Horizon) $119.95 USD 8 day cruises on Carnival Horizon 8 day cruises on Carnival Horizon *Faster to the Fun is not offered on Carnival Journeys and Europe cruises. Faster to the Fun is not offered in the following home ports: Honolulu, Norfolk, Vancouver, San Diego and San Francisco. Faster to the Fun will be offered on the Carnival Panorama, starting with departures in February 2020, Carnival Radiance, starting with departures in January 2021 and Mardi Gras, starting in 2021 (date to be determined).
  10. Response to Billy Bob. First, I want to try FTTF, but agreed with several posters if the price keeps going up or on my next cruise it is $109, then I will not get it. I really think Billy Bob's response with "you" was not directly to a person. I do believe the term was used more general of a statement. Like a teacher saying "You do not have to do that" to the class. Not to one person but of more of his opinion in general. GO back and re-read it with that in mind. You are correct no one doesn't need to be first in line....etc, BUT! BillyBob...some people need this service or maybe they want to spoil themselves for once...ME! FTTF is a money maker for the cruise, however there is a lot that goes behind the scenes for those services. If it keeps going up I will not purchase and will be right there with ya. I will let you go first. (LOL) .
  11. I was curious as well, and I just did that. Good info not only on CHEERS, but dinning too. I can understand why original OP asked that question due to I did not see on the guideline/rules of CHEERS. So sad that my next cruise, Alchemy Bar will not be on there. 😢 But that is okay, it's not gonna stop me from crusin'!
  12. Was out there 3 years ago, has it happened? Is it filled up and Carnival placed a cruise ship there? LOL This means I have to get a different T-Shirt now! Just some fun. I read it, went back and read it again....then I knew what you meant. So AGREED on Spell Ck.
  13. We will TOO! 6/2 on Spirit. I have done a lot of research as we going out a week early B4 getting onto the ship, to explore other parts of Oregon and Washington. Suggestions: Look on You Tube for things to do and tips on what to see in Seattle, also google it as well. We are doing all those things, plus I want to see the troll sculpture under the bridge. We are going to try as many as free things as possible. We booked our excursions through https://alaskashoretours.com . I am sure there are a lot of tour companies, this is the one we went with d/t to high ratings. IF you book more than one excursion, ask for a discount. So, far their communication has been wonderful and the website is very informative and easy to follow. Photography: We were going to take our DSLR camera and 3 lenses, however, on some of the excursions, you can not bring a bag and we will also be near water. Went to Photo & Camera Discussion under the title of Digital Photography & Cruise Technology Board. Found a lot of info to help me. Remember it maybe "wet" and that does not do well on the camera. Have your son start reading the forum. What a great way to get him involved with vacation.
  14. What is the purpose of opening drinks before you walk away from the bar? So, that those bottle caps are not everywhere? Does this include soda, can beer, etc ? Just purely curious question. I am a icy fruit girl, DH is beer. Original OP: THANK YOU ! For posting this question. I was looking for this on a board, so glad you asked. It not only answered my question but also other advice as well.
  15. I know this is not the OP original questions, but are you saying you can buy one beer, have the bartender save it. Go up and buy another in 5 mins save that one... in other words buy enough beer for a bucket by buying a beer every 5 mins. Do you think they would do that ? And then have the bartender open them all at once when you purchase your last beer. One more question: Do you need to bring your drink container ie: glass, beer bottle, to get another drink?
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