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  1. I am sure some of them are stuck, but I thought there still had to have a crew aboard the ship to keep maintained. Plus I am sure they did a deep intensive cleaning as well. The ships aren't dry dock, so I am sure there has to be some staff remains behind.
  2. I was just trying to make some light humor, because it seems like all I read is so depressing. Will go on a cruise, or won't you, face mask vs non face mask, ports closed, vaccine ...etc. Just trying to put some positive humor into the situation. BUT reality this is all new to us and the guidelines and the future "standard", we do not have any idea how it will be. I told my DH a couple of months ago with this face mask situation, those who wear vs those who don't.. I never thought I would live long enough to see a new type of predigest. Our cruise was cancelled. We opt for next year from what they offered us, but in the back of my mind I am wondering if I made the correct choice (as in business monetary way) Thank you for articles. Oh, and I know I am going to get a lot of backlash on that comment I made about a new kind of predigest. You will have to separate your thought process. I am talking how one feels about wearing vs not wearing a mask and how that individual feels. Again about feelings, not the bio chem of science.
  3. Beaddazzel is coming back. I am buying stock. LOL LOL The next Carnival contest, who has the best Beaddazzel mask!
  4. Ummm, can I be trapped on a ship ? At least I would have a different place to go on the ship, instead of living room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, living room... LOL Look at all that exercise!- All those stairs. Have the chef teach me on how to make specialty dish. Have some of the other crew members Retts Stone another and teach me another language. I know, I know, working on ship is a lot different than cruising.
  5. You sparked a thought with this last sentence. First, I hope you get to go. That would be wonderful. 2nd: I wonder if and when the vaccine is produced, I am wondering if that will be protocol to go traveling. It will be considered like a regular immunization, or one of those injection you must obtain to travel outside the US. Just a thought
  6. Just saw the governor of AK spoke today and he said this Friday 4/27 they will start to open restaurants but with some limitations. That's okay, we are still heading towards a reopen
  7. Same here. They were so fast. When we rebooked our cruise, I called them up and they we so kind. I would go with them 100%
  8. just watched it, it is one of the best "We will be Back" video's have seen. Thank you.
  9. Inquiring minds want to know! And can I use my OBC to get a picture of that.
  10. OH I see. I am just wondering do they have to go to a foreign port? I think they do. I didn't realize Canada was waiting until July. Good points. Thank you.
  11. Are you sure about that? Where did you read or get this info, it's only because I have one scheduled for June 2. Oh, I hope you are wrong... but I do have a feeling you maybe right too. If you can share any info on this please let us know. Pretty please!
  12. Thank you, found all kinds of boards, much more activity than the one on CC. Thank you .
  13. Any suggestions on how to find the name on other social media?
  14. God willing and the Cornavirus don't rise, I got an early embankment time. I am still looking for FTTF. That would be nice for once. Personally, the last 30 days have been rough, and it would be like a little luxury if we could get it. I really need some pampering. So, 3 weeks ago, hubby hospitalized with a PE is both lungs and blood clot in legs. Doctors are still scratching their heads because he doesn't meet any of the criteria to get blood clots. He is still undergoing test. Then this Tuesday, we had a small house fire ($45K in damages-yes we have insurance, doesn't cover all cost thou.), and we are now cleaning, throwing stuff out. Then my hubby's job they cut back the hours. Bright side, he has time to help with cleaning. My job, lay off scares are going on, and if I take time off now, I will lose my time off on this vacation. Would I still take this vacation, you betcha! IT's already paid. Now, I am NOT looking for sympathy, just wanted to show what a month I had. So, as you can see FTTF is my sunshine right now LOL. It most certainly will all work out. In Minnesota we ALWAYS say, "It could have been worse. " 🙂.
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