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  1. EM: Where can we find those pictures? (IF you are allowed to post that here?) My partial canal transit cruise was cancelled so we rebooked a full transit for 2021. I think it was a fair trade!
  2. Thank you!! This was super helpful and I booked a tour with Bruce for October!
  3. We have been looking to use Pro Excursions in La Romana for a catamaran and snorkel tour. Anyone use them before? Would love to hear some feedback about the company!
  4. That is what i did. He verified that I had it coming but to wait for the email to book. Once I got the email. we booked our next cruise. I would tell them you don't want to miss the extra 20% off offer. Then when you are ready, call the Casinos at Sea to book it, or keep the planner for the next cruise.
  5. Try calling them. Select the option to book a cruise and tell the person you want to book another cruise but you don't know how much your credit is for! They can look!
  6. I just reread your post. I never saw it on My NCL, I was sent an email with the credit amount plus the amount of the extra 25%. One email for me, and one for my partner.
  7. I was told you do not. Your TA can call NCL and get the 20%. But I like to book direct as I usually end up getting a better deal in the end (my cruise is not until 4/2021)
  8. I just got mine yesterday so I assume they are still working on them.
  9. Yes you can. I booked last night, got 30% off for the sale, plus another 20% off. The discount is only on the cruise fare. I was able to book a 4 day longer cruise, in a Spa balcony, for $250 less! But call your PCC and be sure.
  10. So I too was booked on the Pearl. I just booked last night a 15 day Panama Canal Cruise next April on the Encore and with the 125%, plus the sale today and the extra 20% off, I am upgrading my room PLUS have an extra $240 in credit once it is paid. Maybe you should look again at cruises for next year! I am very happy with the way NCL handled my FCC.
  11. You are inside the reef and the seas are usually calm. If it is raining, it can get choppy. Maybe only a few miles off shore.
  12. I cruised Hawaii last February and we didn't get to Port in Maui due to weather. They had 150mph winds on top of Mount Haleakala and 60 ft seas on the North Shore of Oahu. I was disappointed to spend 2 days at sea instead of Maui but you can't control Mother Nature! We will just have to return to Maui in the future 😊
  13. Did you bring your own snorkel equipment or can you rent it there?
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