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  1. It does make more sense to get certified but honestly, without going into details, I have been given some bad news regarding my health and given "5 years or less". So, I just don't think that it's in the cards for me at this time and I'm happy with what I'm doing as long as I'm living life to the fullest and just happy to be blessed enough to spend this time with my family. We will see what the future holds for me. It's just too up in the air at the moment. Kim....when I read this I was absolutely shocked and so sad. I just can't believe that this could be true. Surely there is something that can be done so you don't have to face this limited time frame. As you know, so much is discovered with medical treatments, and I sincerely hope something can be done for you.
  2. Thanks for the review and photos.....I didn't even know this ship existed.
  3. Hi Kim....I have missed your posts on FB and tried to message you to see if all was okay and saw that your account was cancelled. I still would like to keep up with you and if you are on another link can you e me the link? cac104 at aol dot com.
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