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  1. Arriving at Piraeus yesterday morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2kn-_sZtzE P.S. both times that has come to Piraeus,even in the port program , as departure time was written 17.00 but both times left one hour ealrier.
  2. Maiden call at Piraeus ,some days ago..
  3. After many years of absence , Infinity came again at Piraeus
  4. Maiden trip , maiden arrival at Piraeus Port
  5. Arriving at Piraeus for maiden time
  6. Departing from Piraeus Port some weeks ago
  7. After finishing her drydock at Perama, CROWN IRIS came at Piraeus Port, so to embark Passengers(?) en route to Haifa.
  8. VIKING OCEAN ' VIKING JUPITER arriving for maiden time at Piraeus during her maiden trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuyrvQDEQY0
  9. Her (ocean) Majesty Queen Mary 2 came yesterday at Piraeus . One video of her arrival and one of her departing with Zorba the Greek in the loudspeakers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQYJ0fr6n-s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q3NimJLl2Q
  10. Departing after making her maiden call at Piraeus Port,Greece
  11. Farewell to an elegant ship, probably her last arrival at Piraeus . It was reported in a Greek shipbroking office S&P report that she was sold for demo
  12. I have created a blog for the videos , so to watch them easier FERRIES http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/FERRIES CRUISE SHIPS http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/cruise%20ships CONTAINER SHIPS http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/CONTAINERSHIPS CAR CARRIERS http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/VEHICLE%20CARRIERS TUGS http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/TUGS DOUBLE ENDED http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/double%20ended TANKERS http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/TANKERS SAILING YACHTS http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/SAILING%20SHIPS CEMENT CARRIERS http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/CEMENT%20CARRIER CARGO SHIPS: http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/CARGO%20SHIPS CATAMARANS http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/CATAMARANS WARSHIPS http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/WARSHIPS GREEK WARSHIPS http://www.piraeuships.eu/search/label/HELLENIC%20NAVY GREEK COAST GUARD http://www.piraeuships.eu/se…/label/HELLENIC%20COAST%20GUARD
  13. I repost the videos because the new format of the forum is not friendly withthe previous one 😛
  14. I repost the videos because the new format of the forum is not friendly withthe previous one 😛
  15. I repost the videos because the new format of the forum is not friendly withthe previous one 😛
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