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  1. Thanks for that link. There's a list on the first page of countries that are exempt from the visa requirement. Just for kicks I tried several other countries (Italy, Greece, Cyprus) and only Cyprus came up as needing an (electronic) visa. I highly doubt the average cruiser is going to run into trouble. But it's still a good resource, just the same.
  2. Don't you realize once it goes on the internet, it stays there forever?? 😉 Only kidding, of course, it's not a big deal. We all make mistakes. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's a spelling issue or something else. For all I know, a "mole" airline might be a subsidiary of a major airline. 🙂 Anyway, have a nice day!
  3. Must be a UK thing - "most" occurs far more often than "moles" in American English so the auto-correct has some interesting settings, LOL. 😄
  4. One question I had is whether NCL is deliberately keeping some cabins off-limits in terms of booking just in case they need to quarantine people there. I’ve read on the MSC thread about an entire deck being treated that way.
  5. As @BermudaBound2014 has also pointed out, there's a big difference between: What people on Cruise Critic say What people on Cruise Critic DO What other cruisers *not* on Cruise Critic do What the general public does Thus, posting a poll on this website that concludes "80% of people surveyed will only sail on a 100% vaccinated cruise" is very misleading. Too many times I have seen people infer that support for 100% vaccinated cruises on here = no one will cruise without that requirement. WRONG. The fact that NCL isn't filling its ships even with 100% whil
  6. One tiny issue is that I got an email earlier today from NCL saying that my Priority Access was cancelled as part of some operational changes NCL is making on cruises up to December 31. It's a small bummer, I guess, but it does mean my recent upgrade just ended up costing me less. 🙂
  7. I do speak Italian, and one of the reasons I am looking forward to seeing Italy again is so I can practice it some more. I am glad you loved the Grandiosa, I read SO many good reviews of that online when it began sailing last year. I will post a review of the Splendida upon our return.
  8. NCL site is showing 15 available, also known as the maximum they'll display. 😉😄The only sold out category was Aft-facing Club Balconies.
  9. Seriously? For which sailing? Is this the Gem on 9/19? I just checked again and saw 40 available cabins. Or our friend @BermudaBound2014 is having some fun, LOL.
  10. Haha, good luck, I probably will. BUT: if you're afraid that I'll have "buyer's remorse" if/when prices decline even further, that's a slight possibility, but the way I look at it, I am comfortable/happy with the price I paid. If someone else snags the same category for less, good for that person. I just know I think I got a good deal. Somebody else could score a cheaper cabin but it might be in a location I deem undesirable. I also did some comparisons on earlier sailings to see how low MA and MB cabins were going for. Lastly, I don't know what NCL would do if our rebooked cabin were LESS tha
  11. Haha, it's OK. I did some searching the other day on another site that I won't mention, but I *did* notice that when I clicked on a cabin, it quit flashing red, indicating that it was no longer available. I've been saying that $999 or below was my trigger point, so when I saw $1,000 this morning, that did it for me. Well said! Sorry to hear about the engagement ☹️(I've been there myself, buddy). You DO deserve a vacation. 😃It would be a great help if, as you said, people could just be comfortable in their decisions and not judge others who make different ones. FWIW I'm sure @MsT
  12. Yes, we are booked on the MSC Splendida for 8/28. Keeping our fingers crossed that it sails, with us aboard, LOL. Anything could happen between now and then. Our backup plan is a land-based trip to Italy just in case the cruise gets cancelled for whatever reason. (not that we think it will, but you know what I mean.) I will definitely plan on doing a review of it. I am so glad you were able to stay in Maui earlier this year. Hawai'i is such a wonderful place to visit. We hope to go back one day in the not too distant future. Since we both still work, 4 months away isn't possible right now
  13. FYI I just asked our TA to upgrade us to a Club Balcony suite, the cost for the cabin was only $117pp more than the Oceanview we had before ($1000 vs $883). He told me that 7 cabins in that category had been snapped up over the course of a few minutes when he and I were emailing. The price has dropped from $1,599 to $1,000 since last week. 😊 Prices could drop even more, but I wanted to lock in the price and get the cabin we wanted.
  14. It could be either, or both (weary and wary). Personally, I'm weary of not getting to sail. It's been too long. Yes, it's unfortunate that NCL hasn't sailed from the US yet, but the Jade IS sailing in Europe and, to be fair, NCL is on track to resume sailing when it said it would. My fingers are crossed for the Gem sailing on 8/15 because we're booked on 9/19, and, oh, Club Balcony suites are getting cheaper every day. 😊
  15. Weary or wary? Wasn't sure, it could be either you're tired of them or hesitant/cautious. I didn't think NCL was idle, isn't the Jade sailing right now?
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