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  1. Our reservation with the Diamond Princess is more than a year away (April 2021), yet we're already a little concerned about a virus of this magnitude affecting the ship. I am going to assume that Princess will scrub every inch of that ship once the virus threat has abated, but it certainly is worrying, especially for passengers booked in the coming weeks and months.
  2. I have decided that it's completely futile to argue with people's opinions (such as "you would think that an Italian ship would have excellent pizaa. But that is not the case."). We loved the pizza on both the Seaside and the Meraviglia (which we just sailed Dec 8-15). But the reviewer states things that are factually inaccurate. The buffet on the 15th floor does NOT only include junk food, that is blatantly false. In fact, most of what we saw was anything but junk food, ie fish dishes, pasta, carved meats, fresh bread, salads, sandwiches, potatoes, etc. I'm sorry the reviewer didn't enjoy the cruise and he's entitled to his opinion, BUT NOT HIS OWN FACTS.
  3. I work in downtown Washington, DC and there's a passport office located at roughly 19th and F Sts, NW. I believe they offer same-day passport renewal so if it's worth your while, you could come to DC and have it done in a day. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/get-fast/passport-agencies/washington.html
  4. We were in 14002 2 weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Ours was the last cabin before the officers' quarters and occasionally we'd see them in the hallway near our cabin. Would rebook this cabin without hesitation.
  5. I heard back about my bid about 2 weeks prior to sailing date.
  6. Same here. Only one bathroom was indeed a bit of a challenge. That said, it was a pretty nice bathroom, I thought. The folded towels (as opposed to paper) were a nice touch.
  7. We never asked the price of stuff, just told the waiter what we wanted and he would bring it. Sorry I overlooked the EASY part of your question, my error.
  8. We were in Yacht Club on the Mera last week and I had a delicious Robert Mondavi Private Reserve Cab Sauv.
  9. Cruised Meraviglia Dec 8-15 and absolutely loved it. Flawless embarkation in Miami, spoiled from the very minute we walked on. Staff absolutely marvelous without exception, we made new friends and saw staff we'd remembered from the Seaside last year. Yacht Club really is the way to go, our butler was amazing, we loved the Top Sail lounge and the restaurant. To give one example, I mentioned to Sharock Pereira, one of the waiters (who is from India) that I loved Indian food, so they made me something every night without me having to mention another word. Also made me a delicious Italian pasta dish that I wanted (not on the menu). They will do absolutely anything for you and smile while doing so. MSC has made a believer out of me (and my wife). Oh and don't miss the delicious food they have for you at the YC pool!
  10. With pleasure. And coincidentally, Ocean Cay opened on my wife's birthday. I told her it was meant to be.
  11. Thanks for this, we're supposed to call at OC on the 14th and are looking forward to seeing the island (and the Yacht Club restaurant).
  12. We've only been on one cruise with them (next one starts in two days). Favorite things so far: 1. Italian coffee 2. Italian gelato 3. Real Italian pizza 4. Pasta 5. International clientele 6. Great value 7. Elegant and beautiful ships 8. Friendly staff (but not over-friendly in that fakey, "I'm paid to be nice to you" way) 😄
  13. Agreed. When we were researching prices for our Caribbean cruise, MSC YC was easily more than $1,000 pp less than similar cabins on Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, and NCL. Celebrity was especially crazy, it was something like $3,000 pp and we're paying about $1800. They do have cheaper itineraries at other times, but I choose based on what fits with my schedule, not when the cruise line wants me to go.
  14. DCGuy64

    Upgrade, really?

    We were booked in a YIN and I took MSC up on the offer to bid on an upgrade to a YC1 room, and it was accepted. Minimum bid was $358 pp and I just rounded up to $400, FYI. Incidentally, I was under the (mistaken) impression that I would be informed in short order whether my bid had been accepted, so I bid several times at different amounts over several days. In the end, they took my initial bid, which I now understand is what they always do. Congrats to @Lookn4Sun
  15. I was just thinking "here we go again!" 😆
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