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  1. I hope you don’t mind me barging in on this thread, but my wife and I are booked on the Preziosa next May for a trip to Northern Europe and I would love to get your perspective about that ship and the Yacht Club in particular. Thanks!
  2. This is exactly why I use a TA for cruises, every single time. I just don't trust anyone else. I get that some people prefer to do it on their own, but it's just not worth it to me, for the hassle. (NB: I guess I've been extraordinarily lucky when I HAVE called MSC for information, because it's never taken more than 2 minutes to get someone)
  3. You might find this helpful. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Assets/MSC-Drink-Packages-08-2019.pdf
  4. We were on the Seaside last October and found the bar service to be good, generally. Bar service at the Aurea Solarium was usually good, but if lots of people were ordering drinks at the same time, it might take a bit (I'm talking ~3-5 minutes). Bar service when we were at dinner was very good, as was service in the buffet areas. The Champagne bar was the best, it was never crowded and the bartender was excellent.
  5. The price difference can depend on several factors: 1. Where you are from (i.e. are you using a US site? Canadian? UK/Ireland? Australia/New Zealand, etc.) 2. What ship and what itinerary (prices can be different for European sailings vs North American ones) 3. What currency the ship is using (some use Euros, others dollars) You might think those things don't matter, but they do. MSC isn't always consistent across the board.
  6. Maybe if Bea has a chance to chat up the YC Director, she can *gently* remind him/her that folk on CC are chatting about service quality. BTW I for one would love to know who the personnel are, for purely (well, mostly) selfish reasons. I want to practice some words in that person's language, because I find that people become more personable (and deliver better service) that way.
  7. That's great. What a nice gesture to offer to deliver a (love?) letter to her bf. 😚 The Mark Twain quote is something like this: "quitting tobacco is easy; I've done it hundreds of times." 😂
  8. I think it was smart of them to mention that the full complement of beverages may not be available. I for one don't see them having every bottle of wine and every premium spirit in sufficient quantities at every bar or restaurant on Ocean Cay like they would onboard the ship. That would be a logistical nightmare. (in my opinion)
  9. Good on DH for kicking the habit. (You know the old Mark Twain joke?) I think we'd mainly be interested to know who are the best servers and bartenders in the Yacht Club. I'm tempted to scour the pages here to see who is recommended, but I think someone mentioned that the staff may change when Meraviglia moves from Europe to the Caribbean so the info might be inaccurate.
  10. Glad to hear DH is doing better, and I hope your upcoming cruise on Meraviglia goes off without a hitch. As we are cruising Meraviglia in December, we hope to gain from your insights, especially any members of staff in the YC who do especially well.
  11. One assumes they corrected the misspelling ("charfes"?). I feel a bit sorry for the cruise lines, because no matter how they word something, they'll be criticized for it. (Usually by picky grammarians like me, LOL).
  12. Japan still not showing any later than March 2021.
  13. Any idea when the current version came out? I'm mainly just interested (right now) in itineraries in April 2021. I've been told that's a good time to visit, however we are flexible and could go anytime in 2021.
  14. Still not showing full itinerary for 2021 yet.
  15. Yes. I’ve done so, both with our personal TA and also with someone from Princess who reached out by phone and email. They’ll contact me when the full calendar is available. Thanks!
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