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  1. If you had it, shouldn’t you be immune already? I thought they wanted to develop the antibody test with the idea that people who had the antibodies could go back to their normal lives earlier since they were already immune.
  2. I’m not sure that having wait staff bring the food to you is necessary but they could certainly turn it into a food court with minimal effort. Just extend the sneeze guards down so that you can’t touch the food at all. Have a staff member at each station. So instead of reaching in and making your own salad it would be like chipotle and you could just tell them what you want on your salad and then the could hand the plate to you.
  3. I consider myself a realist but I do slant more optimist than pessimist. Why? Is it because I have rose colored glasses and refuse to see reality? No; it’s because what possible advantage is there to assuming the worst. Is this disease bad? Yes. But I’m an esssntial employee and considered ‘critical’ by my city which means I still have to go to work every day (luckily also means I will not be laid off). So sitting in my house refusing to be exposed to other people isn’t an option for me. is the economy bad and getting worse? Yes. I feel very fortunate that I don’t need to tap into any of my stock market accounts right now but I have doubled my contributions for as long as I can afford to. It will come back and my portfolio will rebound nicely with the extra stock that I purchased ‘on sale’ will cruising return as a popular vacation option for middle America? I think so; I’m not confident enough to purchase cruise stock. I’m fortunate to have nothing booked right now. We had tentatively looked at a fall cruise and a large land/cruise combo trip in the spring. As far as I am concerned the spring 2021 trip is still on. The fall trip I am leaving as a wait and see. are things bad and getting worse, yet. Will it gets better, yes. No reason to believe it won’t and for the sake of your mental health; assuming the worst all the time is detrimental. Assuming the best with enough reality to take proper precautions gets you to to face the day every day.
  4. Wow. I actually did just renew. It said that starting March 20 they would stop accepting new applications. My payment posted on March 20 so hopefully that means mine got in by the deadline. No, I don't need to travel internationally right now; but I am planning on a trip for next February and would sure like to have a valid passport in hand before we start booking non-refundable flights.
  5. As far as the water bottles go... Most reusable water bottles have a spout that you remove prior to filling. Those I will fill up because using a cup to transfer is no more sanitary and it just takes extra time, clogging the station up. I haven't ever actually seen someone attempt to fill a "single use" water bottle at a drink dispenser. But I agree that if the portion you mouth touches is held up to the dispenser that that is unsanitary and inappropriate.
  6. maybe many won’t. But I think it will represent a very small minority of cruisers. All I see all over these forums are people saying they can’t wait to cruise again, people taking FCC over refunds because it’s more valuable and of course they will use it, and people hoping their summer/fall cruises won’t be cancelled.
  7. It’s hard to say. The ‘essential business’ list the governor put out was so long; it’s hard to not qualify. There’s currently a craft store that’s been in the news here for refusing to close. And the main problem is that if it’s open, people are going.... I think this exemplifies why we are not going to be on the same path as China. Why our mayor has been working with the national guard to a local convention center space to create a makeshift hospital (we don’t need it yet, but he wants it on standby), the governor’s office has to argue with a crafts store on whether or not they are ‘essential’. My husband and I are both police officers, though I’m in an administrative position now he is still in patrol. And apparently it’s a nightly occurrence to have to respond out to shut down parties that have 100+ people at them.
  8. OP. I would call the credit card issuer and explain the situation and see how they want to handle it. I agree that in general this would not be a "dispute" of a charge situation. But if that is the only thing on there they may be willing to waive the payment and interest in lieu of the upcoming credit. There's not need to take an adversarial stance toward celebrity which is how I have always experienced a dispute process to be. If the credit card is unwilling to work with you, you can pay it and when there is a positive balance you can request them send you a check for the amount. My concern with trying to "dispute" the charge and initiate a charge back would be that celebrity may stop your refund process because they wouldn't want you to receive a refund and a charge back. If the credit card company ultimately found that a charge back wasn't appropriate then you would have to start the refund process over.
  9. The day sill come when the cruise lines can resume sailing; now will take be May 11, June 11, July 11???? Who knows. They are taking it day by day and have decided to announce closures 30 days at a time and I can’t really blame them. I don’t know when cruises will resume at this point so o can’t expect them to know either. Could this 5 minute test they are trying to roll out become a game changer for containment? Maybe. I don’t think there is ill intent; just a company who wants to get up and running again as soon as it’s safe to and doesn’t know when that will be. your perspective is that they should obviously cancel out a few more weeks to May 18, but then there someone leaving May 30 that thinks that, and June 5, and June 18, etc. what what point is it no longer ‘obvious’ that cruises won’t sail? I don’t think anyone can agree on that.
  10. you are more likely to get your question answered by starting a new thread rather than digging up a 3 year old thread. Many posters will only read the first few posts and respond and never made it to your question.
  11. And I don't think it's necessarily an argument of which is "better". The biggest risk of choosing a cruise solely around one excursion is if that port stop gets missed. If you are on a land trip, short of a catastrophic event shutting the entire country down, there's no reason you wouldn't be able to see Tulum. Chances are good of being able to see it on a cruise because I don't think cozumel gets missed often, but it has a significantly higher chance of there being a hiccup. That to me is more of a deciding factor on which one is 'better" than having a more leisurely time. If I had a make it or break it place I wanted to go on the trip, a cruise is simply not how I would choose to travel there. But, I understand the OP's conundrum and this very well may be the best option. I personally think that Mexico and AI's have enough to offer that is different than a cruise that I wouldn't hesitate to do both, a cruise with a stop in cozumel and an AI in the future. So knowing I would be happy to do both in the future, I would hold off on a mainland excursion for the AI trip and save a Cozumel excursion for the cruise stop. But I understand that not everyone will want to do both.
  12. Our last cruise was on celebrity and started in hawaii and ended in vancouver. We choose this option because my DH has never been on a flight as long as going to Hawaii and was very apprehensive about it. He ended up doing ok on the flight to Hawaii but was glad to not have to fly back. But this cruise was my first time having 5 sea days in a row. The trip was wonderful; but 5 sea days in a row was tough for me. Had the weather been nice it would have been better but I failed to realize how cold it would be once we left Hawaii. After the second sea day I was ready for it to be over.
  13. I"m in Cincinnati, Oh; and it's turned into a bit of a joke here. Not meaning to make light of the situation but people here are not taking the restrictions seriously. Restaurants are closed aside from take out. Bars, salons, casinos, etc are closed. We are a week into a "stay at home" order with "non-essential" businesses closed. My husband and I are essential so still go out quite a bit to go to work and there are people are cars everywhere I go. The term "essential' has been used very loosely. Many many many retail stores that don't sell food or prescriptions are still open and full on the weekends. Traffic for my morning commute is lighter than normal but still packed with cars. Luckily we have very few local cases and no deaths so I just think it will take that turning for people to start taking it seriously. Not sure what the next step is after "stay home" and "non-essential" business closing but they will have to find one if it does get bad here because the spirit of the orders are not being followed.
  14. I"m in Cincinnati/Harrison and that's my perspective also. A lot of bluster about non-essential and "stay at home" but people seem out and about quite a bit and I'm not quite sure why every store justifies themselves as "essential". My husband and I are "essential" so still going to work. We are police officers with the City of cincinnati. They just came out today that they are going to furlough about 25% of city workers but luckily the police department won't be on the chopping block. I stopped grocery shopping in the store last week. Too many people in the stores and no one was distancing in the check out lines or aisles. Our biggest chain has a service where you can order online and drive up and they will load the groceries in your trunk for you so have been taking advantage of that. Until other people start to take this seriously you really have to go out of your way to avoid everyone who isn't following directions.
  15. It's not always that easy. I'm union and our vacation selection process is contractual. Once it's made it's done for the year. If you can't use your vacation pick too bad so sad for you.
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