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  1. They did try that. I believe that the idea bombed and they aren't doing it anymore. I know they took it away for the black Friday sales. I don't think they reinstated it.
  2. I take it you are on norwegian based on your posting history. They do it differently. Many cruise companies allow you to bring 2 bottles of wine on and if you drink them in a public venue they charge corkage and if you don’t they don’t. Norwegian allows you to bring on as much wine as you like but charges corkage on all of them when you walk onto the ship. You are then free to drink them anywhere on the ship.
  3. Well, obviously if you are paying for a vacation no part of it is ‘free’. I think people use the word free when they really just mean included due to companies using ‘free’ as a marketing cruise. I don’t think anyone thinks that they are paying $3,000 to a cruise company and that suddenly makes their meals ‘free’. But if you are seeking out a cruise and want specialty dinners, not to pay extra for drinks, and internet and one company offers those items ‘included’ at a price that is better than purchasing everything separately, it can still be a good deal.
  4. I carry protein bars everywhere (convenient to keep in my purse in case we miss a meal) and I certainly brought some when we went to australia and didn't have any problems. I did declare it and they waved it off with no problem.
  5. Sorry, the certificates they are talking about are cruise next deposits. So can only be applied to book a new cruise. So, Can purchase a $500 certificate for $250. And take that $500 certificate home and book a new cruise. You get nothing on the current cruise.
  6. No, the OBC certs are half price when you buy $500. Since the OP has $250 OBC from their credit card they can purchase $500 worth of certs, be charged $250 and have a zero balance. But normally you would pay $250 for $500.
  7. I can help with some of this. With the "complimentary" drink package you cannot get specialty coffees or bottled water. You will be limited to the free basic coffee and tap water and paying for anything else like if you didn't have the package. I can't help with energy drinks of Jagerbombs. But alcoholic drinks up to $15 are covered. So, if that drink was $15 or less I would think it would be included. If it's over $15 you pay the difference. i believe the way the promo is running right now is that all people 21 and over in the cabin get the drink package. If children are passengers 1 or 2 in the cabin they will get the soda package instead. If they are not they get nothing. I don't quite understand this distinction myself, but I'm guessing that children are usually passengers 3 and 4 and are more likely to buy the soda package if it's not included whereas the adults are unlikely to pay $100 a day for the drink package? Just a guess though. So, no, if you children are guests 3 or 4 in the room they won't get the soda package included.
  8. Norwegian and celebrity offer the beverage package as a booking perk. If you choose it on Norwegian you have to pay "gratuities" of 20% of the daily cost. On Celebrity you do not.
  9. I appreciate the OP reporting this and don’t think they were trying to make excuses. One of the reasons I enjoy reading a cruise lines forum before I book the cruise to find all the ins and outs specific to that line. Virgin is hard because there’s so little knowledge about them yet. This is good information to know.
  10. The OP did say they had insurance and I"m not surprised insurance didn't cover this situation. I'm not sure I've seen an insurance plan that will cover you 100% for your mistake. Typically they either offer "cancel for any reason" with 75% coverage or they offer 100% coverage for things that are outside of your control (illness, plan delays, work cancels scheduled vacation).... not you failed to secure required travel documentation The part that keeps getting glossed over here is the NCL did not deny the OP boarding. We don't know at this point if they would or wouldn't have. All we know that the airline denied them boarding. So really, shouldn't this be directed at the airline and not NCL?
  11. I agree with some of your points. The media certainly publishes misleading reports on both sides. And while I'm sure cruise ships are a contributor (as are cars, planes, power plants, farms, etc); I doubt very much we would see a measurable difference by attacking any one source of carbon. But the argument that the earth's climate has had extreme changes in the past sidesteps the issue. The reason for the earth's past climate changes have been researched and are well established with theories and data; and those reasons are not occurring now. While the earth and some life on it may have existed at hotter levels in the past, that doesn't mean that for those conditions to occur now wouldn't wreck havoc on the species that are alive today and the the property/infrastructure that we have built.
  12. When I try to send messages to other users it flashes a notification that I'm "allowed to send 0 messages per day". How do I go about changing that so I can send messages?
  13. The answer changes dramatically based on how you want to ask the question. If I want to take a cruise on the Norweigan Epic on December 2, 2020 and, especially if you want to choose your balcony room - the answer is to book early If I want to take a cruise in December 2020, but I"m flexible on which one, and fine with a guarantee room - the answer is to book late I book early and have seen prices go up and down after final payment. I've also seen them sell out months ahead of the cruise. If you have a very specific cruise you want or you are at all fussy about the location of your cabin, waiting for a last minute deal is a risky proposition. But there are certainly deals to be had at the last minute if you are flexible.
  14. I don't know how NCL's free air works; but alot of cruise lines that allow you to book cruise and airfare together offer a "to ship' guarantee where even if a long delay causes you to miss the original sailing, they will cover your costs to fly on to the next port including hotel stays. Does NCL's free air include that? Of course, that only does you any good if everyone has passports...
  15. There are some good last minute deals. There are websites that specifically will advertise last minute cruise deals (look for a phrase like 90 day ticker). But agree that flexibility will be key in exactly which week you go and which cruise line you go with and where you go. Cruising outside of school holidays will help.
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