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  1. Eh, I don’t agree with this. Buffet’s are all you can eat and first come first serve. I don’t begrudge anyone who takes what they want as long as they eat what they take and not just take to take and throw half the plate out. I personally don’t like seafood and always get a kick out of it when we go to a Chinese buffet. They bring crab legs out every so often and when they do there’s always a line up at the station and people walk away with their plates piled high with crab legs. Whatever floats your boat. They run out immediately but they manage their inventory costs by only doing so many pans a day. Now, I’ll admit, my favorite item at the Chinese buffet is the green beans and I’ll line up and pile my plate high when they bring out a fresh pan, but for some reason, no one else bee lines to the green beans. To each their own. There’s always food to go around, even if they run out of one item.
  2. Not sure how knowledgeable foreign border patrol agents will be of US court decisions. Most likely they will be going off his official record as reported by the US. Step 1, should really be for him to run his on criminal background check at his local sheriff’s office and see if his case is listed as a conviction or not at this point. Step 2, really either way since this could be an issue with him getting a job, credit, or any number of things is to apply for an expungement. Then it will cease to be an issue anywhere he goes.
  3. The other thing you have to watch out for on these deals is that only certain rooms have 4 person occupancy and some cruise lines consider it an upgrade and charge more for passengers 1 and 2 for them.
  4. The final payment date for the cruise and the date you make payment in full are completely unrelated. You can pay the balance off months ahead and would still be eligible for any price drops/upgrades you normally would be prior to the final payment date. However, the difference is going to be whether you actually pay less or have to get money refunded. My preference is to make final payment a week or two ahead. Wait till close to the required date but with enough wiggle room in case there’s an issue processing the payment.
  5. I’m in the group that checks for land travel but not for cruises. I’m not overly concerned about spending 6-8 hours anywhere though I do look into whether it’s safe or advisable to explore on my own or if it’s better to be escorted via a tour. I would/have altered my travel plans based on advisories for land trips. For example, we went to playa del Carmen recently and while originally we planned to stay in a hotel in the city, we ended up staying in a resort outside the city and barely left it due to the advisory.
  6. Not necessarily. On our last cruise the go best package was $540 pp. we already had the beverage package under go big. So the extra $540 would have gotten us: upgrade to premium drink package - $141 $150 in OBC free gratuities - $168 abd free internet - not sure if the value so to but everything separately would have cost $467 plus the internet. The internet wasn’t worth $70 to us so not a great deal. If all of those items were important to you, then there would have been a discount to do it that way. We ended up not buying any of them except the gratuities and have a perfectly lovely cruise.
  7. Everyone here who is blasting the buffet does know that you don’t have to eat in the buffet? I primarily go to the buffet for a quick breakfast and the salad bar so may not be the best judge but can’t say that I’ve noticed any significant difference between the buffet on norwegian, celebrity, or carnival. I would rate all of them higher than Golden Corral and the only thing that I found consistently disappointing was the desserts.
  8. You are welcome to have that opinion. However I know a few people that have cruised without a passport and it was a perfectly valid decision for them at the time. For each of them it was their first trip outside the US. They had no idea if they would like it and if they would ever do it again. The cruise was also not their idea and something they were invited on by someone else. Yes, you can argue that a passport is only $10 a year, however that assumes you would use it again in the next 10 years. For a 1 trip purchase it carries a hefty price tag. One of the examples was a family of four and they have not cruised or traveled outside the US again, so a passport would have been a large money commitment for a one time trip for them. The other was my bf and after he took his first cruise he decided he would do it again so we got him a passport. But IMO it’s a perfectly reasonable decision for a first time traveler.
  9. My answer for this one is different for a Caribbean cruise vs traveling anywhere else in the world. For what you are doing we; I would carry my passport, phone (only if not on a cruise ship excursion), 1 credit card, and just the cash needed for the day. I use a crossbody bag. I actually have one that is supposed to be theft proof because the strap and bag are lined with metal wire so it can’t be cut. But, I would be comfortable with any bag where the items were held in front of my and my hand could hold onto the bag part in tight quarters. For a caribbean cruise i do I do use a waterproof neck case for just cash and a credit card since most days I would be doing something water based. I don’t find the neck case to be difficult to access. Just put your clothing on first and slip it into the collar of your shirt. Can pull it in and out that way by the strap.
  10. On our last ncl cruise I believe we took the 10:30 shuttle. Got to the pier around 10:45. Barely any lines. Embarkation began at 11 and since we had a prior cruise with NCL we were in an early boarding group and were onboard by 11:30. This was out of Tampa.
  11. As others have said. The issue is that this is carnival insurance. Carnival expects to paid for passengers #1 and #2 no matter what. Cabins are priced for double occupancy with addition passengers being less. So if you were to cancel #2 and get the full insurance benefit, carnival would still expect to get the fare. If it was a single passenger they would charge a single supplement. Since there are multiple passengers besides the canceled one, they are shifting them around to make another passenger #2. As someone else pointed out. Otherwise you book passengers #1-4 and then always cancel #1 and #2 so 3 and 4 can sail at a significantly reduced rate
  12. That is surprising. I was onboard a carnival ship several years ago when some similar major disaster occurred. It may have also been a mass shooting. I personally don’t watch the news on vacation so was unaware but the captain also made an announcement and expressed sympathies. It may have been in the city we embarked in, can’t remember exactly. But I agree, it’s surprising that nothing was said.
  13. This. I’ve never felt the need to ‘grease’ anyone on a cruise ship and have been perfectly happy with the service I have received. If I ask for or receive extra services throughout the cruise I might leave a little extra. But certainly not $5 pp pd. The DSC covers what is expected, anything else is gravy.
  14. Cell phones can communicate in two ways. 1. Cell service, 2. Through internet (WiFi or data). Many people on the ship Who you will see using their phone have bought the WiFi package. If you have a flip phone cell service is probably you only option. You will not be connected to your network so you will pay roaming rates to use. On the ship it will be through cellular at sea and on land it will be through a local carrier. You’ll pay a per minute fee for phone calls and a per text fee (usually to send and receive although sending is generally more expensive). And assuming you are texting between yourselves you’ll pay double since you are paying for both phones. The charges would rack up fast to use them like you would at home although you could do an occasional text here and there and probably keep it under $20. Not completely up on current rates but pretty sure w Verizon it was in the neighborhood of 50 cents to send and 10 cents to receive. So a text and response back from two people on the ship would cost around $1.20.
  15. And this attitude is the problem. People get too focused on what they can technically get away with as opposed to what is right. Same theory that allows billionaires to pay no taxes. Meanwhile you and the others participating in this strategy are artificially driving the sales and therefore the prices up and causing other perfectly nice and decent people to not be able to take their dream cruise because they are now priced out of the cabin selection is too limited. Justify it anyway in your mind that you like. If you can’t sail in two cabins, you shouldn’t be booking two cabins.
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