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  1. I don’t disagree with you. But I’ve seen numerous posts from people; primarily that think they shouldn’t have to pay for any drinks in port since they have cheers. So they bring on coolers and talk about grabbing an unopened beer as often as they can to stock up to take the beers into port with them. Have seen at least a couple posts also from people saying that grabbed unopened beers to take home with them. For some people, they think that cheers is a pre-paid 15 drinks a day so if they don’t want to drink 15 drinks that they deserve to get the extra drinks to give away to friends or take with them.
  2. Disagree. Think celebrity is the most restrictive American line. I know that casinos are completely smoke free. I think they have absolutely no indoor smoking areas.
  3. The purpose is so that you don't walk by a bar every few minutes, grab an unopened beer and/or soda and start stockpiling them. People do this trick to take their stock piles into port or off the ship with them at the end (if they drive home). It's all you can drink on the ship (up to 15); not all you can stockpile and keep for later.
  4. When the inside is $500 are you accounting for the single supplement? Very often the studio is more than the price listed for the inside; but the price listed is charged twice for a single to account for the single supplement. So that $500 room suddenly becomes $1,000.
  5. I personally would reschedule to late afternoon or early evening. For me, there are simply too many opportunities for a delay that it would make that appointment stressful. As others have said, the spa is a vendor, not owned by carnival. On embarkation day, carnival staff will be a lot more worried about getting their suite and high level loyalty passengers on. Not getting you on in time for your spa appointment. It makes sense to me that those early appointments are meant more for b2b customers.
  6. Yes, when cruise line gives OBC it is usually non-refundable. Why? Because it’s a lot cheaper for them. $500 that you can only spend on their overpriced shore excursions, Internet, specialty dining, alcoholic drinks, etc has a much lower out of pocket cost to them than them giving you something that has a cash out value of $500. But getting $500 for booking sure sounds good to a customer.
  7. Not sure if I'm using the same website as Hlitner but I have one also that allows you to search by those parameters. Also finding that there are none. Round trip Galveston or Florida to LA (or vice versa) are you only choices for this type of cruise.
  8. They don’t cancel cruises due to low booking. Food is ordered, crew is on contract, any money from paying passengers is better than just letting the ship sit for a week. Cruises usually sail very close to full. With the listed exceptions that the cruise was fully booked but due to weather or transportation emergencies they had an unusually high number of people miss the sailing. Saw a documentary about NCL and how they aren’t profitable on a sailing by room sales, even for a sell out. They don’t become profitable until people are onboard spending money. This is why they will give away rooms to casino customers or drop prices at the last minute to fill the ship. Even a customer who gets a free room is better than leaving a room empty because they may spend onboard.
  9. How many perks are you getting at that price? You said that that was the total cost for the upgrade (so including the grats on the perks, those are the added charge at booking). In your shoes I would probably go for it. It sounds like you are talking about 5 drinks per person per day. At a price of $10-$12 per drink you are already talking about a $500-$600 value. For me personally, choosing my room also has value to me probably in the range of $300-$500. I’m a sensitive sleeper and the rooms under the pool deck/gym or above the theater would not be ok with me. And especially since you are traveling in a group so having rooms close to each other would be nice. If you are getting other perks included at that price it would be an easy yes for me.
  10. I guess it depends on how many Caribbean vacations you take a year. We take one every other year or so so it’s an easy choice. Best time to go to a hot tropic destination is December-feb to get away from the snow and ice at home. And that just so happens to be outside of hurricane season.
  11. When you book a guarantee you are guaranteed to sail. The only thing people debate on guarantee/not guarantee is room type. You are guaranteed the room type you booked or better. Occasionally assignments come for ‘upgrades’ that people don’t believe are better than what they booked.
  12. I’m not so sure about that. My bf is a non-drinker. We inquired about downgrading him from the classic alcoholic package to the premium non alcoholic package and they were very clear that this would not be done for free. The classic package only (which alcoholic or non alcoholic) is given as the perk. To upgrade either requires an upcharge. So have to downgrade classic alcohol package to classic non alcoholic package and then pay to upgrade to premium. Not sure why minors would be different. Have seen many posters on here have the same experience. We did talk to the food/beverage manager.
  13. Good grief. The person recommended a vaccine that is a routine childhood vaccine in the US. They aren’t sending them a shot to inject themselves. You still have to see a medical professional in person to get a vaccine and even on a flu shot that do a basic history to determine if the vaccine is safe and appropriate for you. Lighten up. A doctor/nurse will still ultimately consult with the person to determine if the vaccine is appropriate for them specifically.
  14. Thats not how it works. If this was the case then ever time a cruise line cancelled a port you could institute a charge back for ‘services only partially received’. Heck, under that logic if any onboard services are closed (ie water slides or a pool) it would work. None of those things are promised to you in the cruise contract. She booked a cruise for two rooms in X category. She took a cruise in two rooms in X category. Services promised in the contract were received. What speaks volume of her motivations is that she is fighting to continue cruising with NCL. I’ve been in a situation with a company where I believed they violated that contract I had with them. They refused to make it right. I finally complained to the better business bureau and after that the company made it right. There is no way I will EVER do business with them. Fool me once, shame on u; fool me twice, shame on me. Why would I continue to do business with a company that violates their contracts. But she still wants to cruise with NCL, even though the compensation wasn’t to her liking. She can’t have been that upset about the situation and felt that wronged by NCL if she wants to continue doing business with them. This is simply a case of being a squeaky wheel to get the grease and then getting greedy. Serves her right to be banned. I agree that if she got on the ship and the room situation was truly unacceptable she could have left at that point.
  15. I really think celebrity will be a good fit. The pricing is competitive when you consider the perks that they are constantly throwing in. By cruising outside of school holidays and longer than 7 days you’ll find much less crowded ships and very few kids (honestly we often don’t realize there are any kids until we see a group taking a trip out from the kids club).
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