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  1. I’m sure they do. Free money is free money. I prefer to pay for the things I want and I want what I paid for. Not pay for a cheaper item in the hope I run into an unscrupulous employee who will accept a bribe for a free upgrade.
  2. I doubt it. So let’s say I’m on one cruise that has an outbreak. 5 days after I return home I get tested and have COVID. Did I catch it on the ship? In port? In the airport to and from the cruise? In the grocery store the day after I got home? No real way to tell. Assuming people traveling on the cruise are relatively spread out geographically when they get home, no health department will be able to link it to the cruise based on one case. Unless the CDC makes a point out of keeping tabs of every cruise customer for two weeks after they get home, it’s never going to be traced back to a shipboard out break.
  3. no need to feel badly for the credit companies. They make lots of money, even with dealing with these issues every day. They will pursue the company that failed to provide the service to recover their money.
  4. This is not fraud. This is a contract violation. Fraud is criminal. Contract violations are civil. Contract violations occur all day every day and while they are frustrating if you are in them, that doesn’t elevate them to the level of fraud. Luckily, US credit cards will allow you to do charge backs for fraud or contract violations.
  5. First of all, I don’t do that because that is definitely a bribe. Second of all, that’s an entirely different scenario. The desk clerk isn’t providing you service for the length of your stay, as your room steward is.
  6. glad you enjoy it. It’s just stressful to me. Agree w getting older slowly. Big cities Are find for short visits but for a longer trip much prefer to get into the countryside. Love wide open spaces, wildlife, fresh air, beautiful landscapes, etc.
  7. it’s not about running out of things to do. Think the longest I’ve spent there is 4 days and that was plenty. Get burned out on the crowds, the traffic, the noise, the cost, the smells...
  8. They only charge gratuities to the people who get the perks. As the prior poster said, best to read the Terms and Conditions. They change from time to time, So there's not one answer that is always right. The last time I checked it the beverage package was for all adults and the dining package was for the first two. But it may have changed.
  9. I personally would not, but to the OPs points, I would also not spend 14 days in vegas or manhattan.
  10. There are certainly people taking this lightly (I'm not accusing you of being one of them). We have had a dramatic increase in my county and it's been primarily traced back to people packing into crowded bars and having large house parties. And I know of one coworker who was working in a crowded bar that got infected and spread it to 5 other people at work.
  11. I wouldn't travel under these conditions. You book a 1 week stay at a nice hotel and suddenly you have a positive test and on the hook for paying for a second week plus being stuck in your room the entire vacation. No thanks. I'm not the market to travel internationally right now but if I did it would only to be a location that allowed me to get a covid test before I left and bring that with me.
  12. Completely disagree. FCC is not a refund. Completely irrelevant to the discussion. OP opted for a refund and was upfront that NCL agreed to that but that the terms were simply unacceptable. They did not choose to have NCL involuntarily automatically add FCC to their account.
  13. We will be doing our part and spending our staycation - staying home of course. I had briefly considered a fall trip to California but now that's not looking like a great idea.
  14. In what part did they freely admit to hiding information. NCL trying to push an unwanted FCC on them is irrelevant, that is not a refund. They were entitled to a refund and chose that option. They said "I closed the letter indicating that I thought it was ridiculous to wait this long, almost be 1/3rd of a year, to receive my money back. " So clearly they told the CC company that they had filed for a refund and simply found the terms unreasonable.
  15. I never tip at the beginning. To me it sends the message that I don't think they will do a great job without being tipped, which is a bit insulting. I've never had trouble having special requests accommodated. If I made special requests I usually tipped a bit extra at the end. Agreed, there's no rule or right or wrong, just what you feel comfortable with.
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