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  1. If you did not book under early saver, you can request price adjustments until the date that final payment is due. After that, no more adjustments. If you have early saver you can request price adjustments until shortly before sailing.
  2. I don’t know if any restrictions from bringing food on except ‘homemade’ food. Yes, you can bring factory packaged snacks off on the islands and you can certainly bring a water bottle off. The snacks have to be individually packaged though, can’t bring trail mix on the boat and then take off in baggies. Not sure about a bottle filled with juice though.
  3. The horror stories of people who miss the ship are usually not on independent excursions (it usually involves drinking and losing track of the time). Those companies rely on positive reviews and getting people back to the ship on time keeps them in business. We have taken many independent excursions and have never come close to missing the ship. In my experience the excursions are cheaper and better than the ship’s excursions. For example, went to sting ray city in grand cayman with an independent excursion. Was on a small boat with a guide and 6 people. We arrived early and got to feed, pet, hold, etc the sting rays. 30 minutes or so after we arrived a huge double decker boat pulled up and our guide told us that was the ship’s excursion. It was crammed full of people and only had a few guides. Several people saw everything that we were able to do and came over and asked our guide to help them hold one because they didn’t have anywhere near enough guides for the people they had.
  4. They run customs checks before you ever board the ship. As prior poster stated, if you aren’t allowed in Mexico they would know before you board and wouldn’t let you board.
  5. I do live in a rural area. Verizon was flawless. With ATT there are many areas with no service and at best I have 1-2 bars. However, I work in a major city and several coworkers switched to ATT when I did (there was an employee discount) and agree that the service is subpar vs Verizon. But frankly, if you phone doesn’t work when you get stuck in the middle of nowhere, what’s the point. If you find yourself lost or stuck in a major city, it’s easy to find someone to ask for help. Based on my experience, Verizon is superior on this point.
  6. The real question is how much do you travel. If you go for one week a year, then it’s probably not worthwhile to choose a cell phone plan based on international packages. If you travel several weeks ago or may be worthwhile. I had Verizon for many years and was very happy with the service (though not the price), I switched to ATT recently to save on the price and can tell you that any switch from Verizon to another carrier will be a disappointment. My service now is quite a bit less reliable than it was with Verizon. I switched to save year round but would probably go back if I had only switched to get cheaper international service for an annual vacation.
  7. OP is missing the mark a bit. The connection time wasn’t the problem. It sounds as though their flight was delayed 2 hours, so even the 1 hour and 15 minute connection time they are saying they needed wouldn’t have worked. If you are booked on a legal connection via one ticket through an airline (and I do think 40 min is considered by some to be the min connection time); the airline is responsible to get you to your destination. No need to call choice air to get rebooked, the airline will get you there. Choice air should help with the hotel and catch up flight, but if the options were not reasonable, then why not get on kayak and book your own and submit through insurance.
  8. I’ve never been to a celebrity show where I was unable to get seats. If you show up 15+ minutes ahead you should have a nice selection of seats. If you show up 5 minutes after it starts you may be standing in the back.
  9. If you turned data off then your phone would not have used data. Obviously it did, which meant at some point data was not turned off. Did you by any chance turn your phone off and back on at some point during the trip? It’s possible that it could have defaulted to turning all your options back on. Same thing if you had turned airplane mode on and back off. Could you have turned your data off, then went to airplane mode for the flight? When data is off, nothing on your phone will use it. If data is turned back on, there is a ton of stuff that runs in the background using it that you don’t realize.
  10. You will definitely want to pre-book reservations before you sail. On our last NCL cruise I pre-booked well before the cruise. A couple days into the cruise we wanted to look into changing our times and the only thing left open anywhere was after 9.
  11. For kona only, yes, I would. Not for the quicker tender, we tendered at kona (not carnival) and it was a quick process; but kona really isn’t close to anything so unless you want to just wander the port you would need to have some type of a tour booked. If you are going to book a tour anyway and are concerned about tender time it’s worth the investment, IMO, of doing a ship tour.
  12. Yes, I have absolutely seen luggage floating in the water when entering/leaving ship. However, it was on a port day, not embarkation day, so we suspect it was an entertainer or crew that was joining/leaving mid cruise; not a passenger's.
  13. Right, but when I’ve done this in the past it’s never mattered what my cabin was currently worth. Just what I paid. So if OP got his cabin for under $1089, the bid is still lower.
  14. So there are two gratuities. The DSC and the gratuities on the beverage package. I believe you can get the DSC refunded; but I’ve never seen any way or any claim that you can get the beverage package refunded. If you tried I suspect they would simply tell you that you can’t have the beverage package promo. why anyone makes a big deal about this tax is beyond me. It’s pretty simple, if you don’t want to pay it, don’t order drinks the day you are in/leave a US port. Problem Solved. On our last NCL cruise, every time we ordered a drink while in US waters they told us that tax would be charged. It wasn’t a big surprise at the end.
  15. First, I think they are saying 2 checked bags per person. Second, cruises aren’t like airports where you bring your bags and turn them in as you check in. As your car/taxi/shuttle pulls up and empties your bags into the curb, the porters run out and stack them on large carts that carry many bags. I have never seen them pay attention to whose bag is whose or how many you have.
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