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  1. Eh. I've found my work good at times. But it's still not comparable to being on vacation without a care in the world. I vote for a bad vacation day is still better than a good work day. But I also can't say I've ever experienced a truly bad vacation day. I always try to find the good in things, so even if things seem to not be going right on vacation, there's still fun to be had. I might feel differently if I had been on that one cruise that got stuck at sea with no power for days while they got tug boated back in. Edit: I take that back. I had one. It took us 36 hours to travel from the Serengeti in Tanzania back to Cincincinnati, OH (though with the time changes it all occurred in 1 day). That day was horrendous. I would rather have been at work getting yelled at or in bed with the flu. Though, for the purposes of the quote, that wasn't a "day at sea". I haven't had a "day at sea" that was terrible
  2. It kinda depends on what you mean by "did not really get a chance to see what is in port." The literal port area itself in many cities isn't worth seeing. We don't do many ship excursions but we do a lot of independent tours since in many ports you need to have transportation to get anywhere worth going. We do a combination of independent tours and DIY self-exploration but we always work out a plan for the port ahead of time rather than just getting to the port and walking around.
  3. They do. And I wear a watch every day but it's a smart watch. Mine automatically links to the time on my phone and there's no way to override that. So, the only way to adjust the settings on the watch is to adjust the settings on my phone. Yes, I could purchase an regular watch. But why; when it's super easy to just change the auto update settings on my phone and then my watch will list whatever time I want it to list.
  4. Eh, I suspect he knew perfectly well the window was open and chose that one because it had a better view since the windows that are closed are somewhat colored and probably scratched up from sliding. I suspect that this was simply a very very very bad judgement call. I've seen tourists do a whole lot of things on vacation that are stupidly dangerous (for themselves and others) that defy all common sense. I think a lot of people just put the thinking part of their brain aside on vacation.
  5. I think it's very likely to be rectified by the time final payment due date comes around. I would absolutely budget for and be prepared to pay the price that was quoted for the upgraded room.
  6. We rotate between cruises, all inclusives, and land sightseeing trips. I think cruises have a place and time (mostly to island hop) when you are only looking for superficial stops. But for any real sightseeing, land trips are far more immersive and efficient. For example, we actually ended up doing a land trip to Japan this year and will do a land trip to southeast Asia in 2021. All this came about because some friends did an Asian cruise to these locations and went on about how much they loved it. But when I actually went to research these areas and shore excursions, I realized that in many stops the areas of interest were an hour or more from the port. It made much more sense for us to do a land trip to these locations.
  7. This. On iphone go to settings -> General -> Date&Time -> and swipe "set automatically" to off. Then you can put in whichever time zone you want it to stay on. I do this often for international flights because once the plane takes off I like to start using my destination's time instead of the time zone I'm leaving. But, I also think that saying that the ship's time will be different than local time as a blanket statement might throw you off. I've been on more ships that switched to local time than didn't.
  8. As others have said; it's not like when you go to a local venue at adults are $10, children are $5 and 3 and under are free. They don't price based on age, just based on the number of people in a cabin. So two adults in a cabin will be the same price as an adult and a child in a cabin. The only reason children look cheaper is because people are often putting more than 2 people in a cabin and often the 3rd and 4th person rates are discounted. So you could also put 4 adults in the cabin and it would be the same price as putting two adults and two children in the cabin. There's no discount for a 10 month old. However, you will want to check what the minimum age is for sailing, not sure about that, but there is one.
  9. I'm confused. Doesn't a "cancel for any reason" policy mean that you can cancel for ANY reason. So, your dog has a cough the morning you leave and you'd rather take him to the vet or you see a expensive bag you'd like to purchase and would rather cancel the cruise and get 75% back to buy the bag. Why even mention a medical condition or pre-existing condition at that point. Just cancel cause you can and be on your way.
  10. If you both got sick at the same time I would lean towards food poisoning rather than a virus or over-drinking. But, it could have been from Cozumel or the port before. Did either of you both eat/drink the same thing in either port. It could be the ice, but I would hope that a well-respected beach club would have better food safety. If it were me personally, unless I could identify another likely culprit, I would go to a different beach club on my next trip.
  11. It may be hit or miss. On ours they would not. After final payment there was a significant price drop and they ran a promo that included 2 perks for balcony and above (it was 1 when we booked). We could upgrade to concierge to free or pay to upgrade to aqua, but they refused to change us to 2 perks. They told us that the perks you book with is the perks you keep.
  12. I wouldn't expect them to. My experience is that the martinis were not offered in smaller glasses so that isn't surprising to me. However, we were able to order martinis and pay the difference in cost between the classic limit and the martini cost. I've seen a few thread from people who had the classic package and that option was refused to them. That's the point when I would complain to a manager. If you want to give celebrity money over and above what you have already paid, they should certainly take it.
  13. From carnival's info page it appears that if you cancel up to 30 days before sailing you would be eligible for a 50% refund. So you could 1. cancel the whole cruise and get all port fees, taxes, prepaid gratuities back plus half or your cruise fare. Then file with you insurance to get 80% back of what you did not get refunded. So you would get a significant portion of your money back to take the kids later 2. cancel the kids and get their port fees, taxes, prepaid gratuities back plus half of their portion of the fare. Then claim on your insurance to get 80% back of what did not get refunded from their fare. I really don't think you would be in danger of having the first two passengers repriced, but there is a chance they could move you to a room that only holds 2 people instead of four 3. have your kids no show and get port fees, taxes, and prepaid gratuities back. You'll get nothing refunded on their fares and I don't think you can claim on the insurance unless you "cancel" them. I think option 3 is clearly the worst. But all this is based on your having a rate that allows refunds on cancellations which is a question that you TA will have to answer. But you NEED to get an answer from her within the next few days before you hit 29 days out.
  14. I have traveled to Mexico for a land trip before and remember reading several reports on tripadvisor of people losing their FMM or simply discarding it because they didn't realize they needed to hold onto it. They are able to have that replaced at the airport before they board their flight for a fee. You may be able to do that.
  15. I'm curious how many of the people who received room decorations and chocolate covered strawberries/champagne were in suites or had high status with celebrity. I wonder if that makes a difference over a low point inside room?
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