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  1. Yes it will be hard to convince me to give up our free gratuities from the 3 for Free promo. They keep trying though...
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Looks like the current Anniversary Sale promo with Free Wifi added. Will check our fares on the 27th.
  3. Glad to see people being able to use this offer 🙂
  4. I have never bought casino credit so don't know about that. Yes you can buy OBC in your Cruise Personalizer and they always use up the nonrefundable OBC first. Anything left that is refundable will be mailed to you as a check a few weeks after your cruise.
  5. I have done this before for my parents. Just log into their Cruise Personalizer by using their booking number and the name and birthdate of the main person on their cabin. Then go under their gratuities (under Payment Summary) and you can pay with any credit card you want. It will ask if the person paying is on the booking or not, so just mark that the payor is not on that booking and fill in your name and credit card information. They might get an email saying that their gratuities have been paid. Nice of you to do! 🙂
  6. Awesome! Glad you could use it! It's a great deal. My statement credit posted the next day so yes it's fast.
  7. Yes you can buy something on your Cruise Personalizer i.e. OBC, shorex, coffee card, etc. I have also used it to make a cruise payment.
  8. We are booked on the Star in minisuites in your same area (near the aft elevators and stairs). Hoping they get the plumbing and hot water issues resolved by June!
  9. Don't worry about the "reservation" wording, I used it for a cruise payment today and used it to buy OBC in the past. It should be fine. Not sure about carrying unused OBC over on a BTB cruise though, that's way beyond my cruising experience 🙂
  10. It doesn't have to be a new cruise reservation. I used it today to make a payment on our upcoming cruise.
  11. It says in the offer conditions that it "must be booked on the respective cruise line's US website only." So I would buy the OBC on your Cruise Personalizer not by phone. I have bought OBC on an existing reservation with this offer before and the rules of the OBC were the same as far as I could tell (refundable if not all spent) although I spent all of mine so don't know for sure. I also wonder if you had any of the OBC refunded down the road if it would somehow mess with this offer and they could take back the $100 statement credit? Not sure.
  12. Wow that is a good price. And is that for Main cabin?
  13. Ah yes I see that Delta is the only nonstop flight option to Heathrow out of MSP. Their prices aren't bad for direct (with the Main cabin fare, to include a checked bag and seat selection, and to allow any ticket changes or upgrades). The lowest I see is $1300 range pp, so wondering how NCL is offering only $600pp? Is that for both flights?
  14. Wow the idea of that is making me nervous and it's not even me doing it. We did a cruise out of Southampton in June and flew from San Francisco to Heathrow direct. I can't imagine doing layovers if not needed, but don't know your options from Minneapolis. I would definitely get there the day before your cruise since it's so far and it helps with the time change. What kind of flight options are you seeing? Any good ones from Virgin Atlantic or British Airways? Might be worth it vs. trusting NCL with your flights.
  15. Yes and when you log into your offers, you can narrow them down by hitting the Travel category. That makes it quicker to find it.
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