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  1. Wow this makes me want to sail from NY also! We've been thinking about the Canada New England cruise, time to look into it!
  2. Wow that is a big change! It definitely said that the deposit was refundable before. Now it shows as nonrefundable. That is a huge difference and a deal breaker for us. Thank you for pointing out this change!
  3. Yes depending on what the fares for your cruise do on the 18th, you could have a better deal right now. We appear to have a better deal with the May promo vs. this one but will see...
  4. Thanks for the heads up! I always like to know what the next promo is. This one doesn't look as good as the May promo that we currently have (both OBC and gratuities). Will see what the fares do on the 18th.
  5. Yes Belfast uses GBP. Even though they are in Northern Ireland they are part of UK.
  6. I would definitely book something for Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, and Le Havre. Nothing to walk to in those ports. Edinburgh was a tender port and the little area by the tenders was just one gift shop and a few pubs. The others had nothing around the port area.
  7. You don't mention which cruise line you will be on? I know Princess offers the Misty Fjords Wilderness Explorer cruise through Allen Marine. We did it a few years ago and it's still on the Princess site. Don't know about other cruise lines.
  8. You can't add a fourth person to a cabin designated for three. It's against fire code and set for capacity limits (in lifeboats, etc.). There are balcony cabins that have one bunk and a rollaway bed for the fourth person but they are already quad cabins.
  9. Yes the quad balcony cabins can be tight. Plus the parents end up sleeping in twin beds vs. a queen. The quad minisuite is the best option for four people, if availability and pricing allow.
  10. Dublin was an industrial port and no one was allowed to walk on the port. The Patter said that those with prearranged tours could get a shuttle to the outside of the port but that this service had limited availability. You would need to ask at Passenger Services.
  11. A quad minisuite has a sofabed and a bunk bed that comes out of the ceiling above it for the fourth person. At least on the traditional ships, not sure about on the bigger ones.
  12. We have done Princess shorex's for years and the actual meeting time is always earlier than the shorex start time. It can be as much as fifteen minutes to a half hour sooner. Also, it depends on where you are sailing, sometimes you meet onboard and sometimes you meet ashore. That means extra time if a tender port. For example, in Alaska we met our Princess shorex ashore, while just recently on the British Isles cruise we met onboard (in a dining room or lounge) first.
  13. I don't know how soon you are sailing, but you could keep an eye on available quad balcony cabins and quad minisuites and if one opens up next to a double or triple balcony cabin (or a regular minisuite) for you and your wife you could switch to those. Might be nice to have your own cabin and they would be next door.
  14. We just did the British Isles cruise and found it extremely helpful to have some Euros and GBP with us. We used them for smaller purchases (keychains, magnets, bottles of water, etc.). Also at some places you have to pay to use the public restrooms, like at the Stephen's Green shopping center in Dublin and in downtown Edinburgh. These are small amounts (think coins) and I doubt they take credit cards.
  15. Great review! We are doing this cruise next summer on the Star and also out of San Francisco (I believe you were on Grand out of SF?). It will be our fourth time doing the Princess Alaska cruise. We are bringing extended family along, 16 of us total, like we did a few years ago. Can't wait to see Alaska again and love your photos! Also thanks for the info about your Sitka excursion, we want to do that one also.
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