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  1. I will also be keeping an eye out for these promos 🙂
  2. As a family group of five (three are young adults and teenager now) we always need two cabins anyway. As mentioned, you could do yourself and hubby in a balcony with teens in interior across hall (cheapest), two double balcony cabins next to each other (cheaper than two minisuites), or else all of you together in a quad balcony (with bunk beds above twin beds, important to note if you and hubby want to share a queen bed), or all of you in a quad minisuite (with bunk bed over a sofabed for your teens and queen bed for you two). Consider having one bathroom or two. It is cheaper to have the teens with you since they would be charged the lower third and fourth passenger fare (instead of full fare in their own cabin). I would look over the current fares for the cruise you want and crunch the numbers. Also consider the current promo's free gratuities (would cover all of you in two cabins and two of you if one cabin) and OBC (it would double with two cabins).
  3. We will be flying into Heathrow from the USA in June, can you please explain to me what the e-passport gates are?
  4. Yes we are on the June 18 British Isles cruise on Crown and I am also hoping to see some current reviews! The first voyage should be ending in a day or so.
  5. My sister just booked an S4 suite and says she has Anytime dining. So this means they are actually Club Class? I ask because it is a family group cruise and the rest of us are in regular cabins with Anytime Dining and they still want to eat with us. When we board, will she and her husband (in the suite) be sent to Club Class dining?
  6. We did this cruise in 2016 and I recommend taking Bonine tablets (sold at Walmart or Target) which are non-drowsy and really help us keep possible seasickness at bay. We take them every night at dinner on the cruise. I also get prescription ear patches from our doctor just in case, but have only had to use them once on my daughter over the past eight years of cruising. The cabin location can help also - low and midship is usually the most stable ride. For specialty dining, there are a steakhouse and an Italian restaurant. You can look at their menus on the Princess website. Those can be booked in their Cruise Personalizer. Dress up nights are usually the second night of the cruise and the other towards the end, hard to predict until on board. Hope this helps. 🙂
  7. This is incredibly sad. To be on a dream cruise and have this happen... I can't even imagine. Prayers for all involved.
  8. Yes you can always call Princess to refare later if the fare drops. Your booking number and cabin stay the same. You would lose your current perks though (grats, OBC, and the special $25pp deposit) and switch to whatever the promo is at that time. I have done this many times. Another good promo that comes around September is the 3 for Free, which is usually grats and OBC again. So if your fare drops, you could rebook at the lower price and still keep similar perks. Your deposit would go up to the usual deposit amount in that case.
  9. Thank you, so it is through Monday. A great deal!
  10. I'm seeing a special Mother's Day promo of $25pp deposit (refundable) for 2020 cruises as part of the current May sale. I did a mock booking and the $25pp deposit is for the first two people in a cabin only, so $50 per cabin. I am looking at Alaska 2020 but it also shows for Japan and Europe cruises. I can't figure out when this special expires, I'm guessing on Mother's Day the 12th. This would be a great deal for us with two cabins (only a $100 total deposit for five of us) so I am very tempted...
  11. The whole OM thing is just too Big Brother for my taste. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, whatever, but I don't want fancy tech stuff. I also have read about doors unlocking randomly, people's cabin numbers being displayed, and photos popping up on screens throughout the ship. Don't like the possibility of any of that, no matter how many cool things the OM can do. Give me a regular cruise card and I'm happy.
  12. Shoot, I don't see this offer on my Blue Cash Preferred card. Does anyone have a backdoor method of posting the link? Someone did that before and it worked great.
  13. Oh bummer, so the mailboxes are gone on Crown? Was hoping they would stay even with the new medallion stuff. We are on Crown in June, so hoping to read some current reviews of it soon! 🙂……..
  14. Yes you can call in and rebook with the new promo. I've done it many times. Check the current fare first and if it's a better deal with the added gratuities and OBC. Hopefully your fare stayed the same as when you booked, that would be amazing.
  15. Great, thank you! And thanks again for posting these Patters, I have been using them a lot lately as we get ready for our cruise in June. They are a wonderful reference.
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