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  1. Good idea! Thanks for checking that. Yes it does seem odd, I'm just going to delete it.
  2. Yes exactly! Medallion updates would be the least of their concerns right now. Something isn't right.
  3. I just got a strange email that says "Medallion Class Mobile Terms and Conditions Update: Your Carnival Corporation MedallionClass Account". It then says "Hello" (blank, no name listed) and to click a link (of course I won't) about their Medallion Class Mobile update. It says it is from Ocean Medallion Fulfillment, Ltd. and then Carnival Corporation. I am thinking this could be a fake email because I have never sailed on a Medallion Class cruise as of yet and have not registered or received any Ocean Medallions for any cruise. I have only sailed on Princess which I think is owned by Carnival Corporation (?) and it doesn't say Princess Cruises anywhere in the email. Has anyone else gotten this email recently? I hope it isn't a hacking situation. If it is a real thing please let me know because it just seems odd.
  4. We are hoping to sail again in June 2021 for my daughter's high school graduation. I won't book it for awhile though.
  5. Getting back to the original discussion here, I got our refund back on my cc in exactly 10 business days. This was about two weeks ago, so it might take a bit longer. Just keep an eye out for your refund.
  6. Wow Thrak, lots of changes for you. I can't imagine. Take it one step at a time and everything will work out eventually. Most importantly take care of yourself. You are indeed in the high risk category so be very careful. You and your wife are extremely generous and loving to take in your daughter and her family, she is lucky to have parents like you. Please keep us updated.
  7. Ralph1212, I assume you have already cancelled your cruise since your final payment date would be April 3rd? If so, can you please update how long it takes for you to receive your refund. Many are trying to figure out how long it is taking to get the money back.
  8. Yes if you booked with a TA you will need to cancel through them anyway. Sounds like your final payment date is 90 days prior to your cruise date, so for a September cruise that would be sometime in June. And the point someone made above about cancelling any prebooked shore excursions, onboard purchases, etc. first is a good one, I did that with ours. Even if you booked the cruise with a TA you can cancel those things yourself in your Personalizer.
  9. For full refund you must cancel by your final payment date. Check for that date in your Travel Summary in your Personalizer. They are constantly changing it. If you wait until the 30 days prior it will be a FCC.
  10. Wow yes that's almost 10 business days. The refunds are definitely taking longer now.
  11. If you cancelled those yourself in your Personalizer, it should take about 5 business days (depending on your bank). That's how long ours took but that was a few weeks ago. Might take longer now.
  12. Yes I cancelled our shore excursions on the Personalizer about two weeks ago and the refunds posted to my credit cards within 3 to 5 business days (depending on the bank). Sad to hear it's taking longer now but that's to be expected I guess. Keep a watchful eye on your refunds, they should post eventually.
  13. Cancelled for cash refund of deposit (way before final payment due) and they said allow 7 to 10 business days. It has been 5 business days so will wait another week. Hoping no problems...
  14. The person I answered ("letbob") is from Arizona so it does apply. True that it can vary in different countries.
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