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  1. Yes there was an Irish dance show that night (summer 2019). It was very good!
  2. The ride was a little over two hours each way. The bus stopped halfway at a rest stop.
  3. Our family did the Louvre shorex with Princess this past summer and all of the Princess Paris excursions were on full size busses. It was only half full so plenty of room (depends on the popularity of the shorex). It also had a (small) restroom. And it was air-conditioned, which was a must as it was over ninety degrees that day.
  4. We do this all the time because we don't want our two cabins next to each other to be separated. It won't show anywhere on your booking but a Princess rep can confirm over the phone. Once they had only one of our cabins marked as do not upgrade so I always have them check both individually.
  5. So in the UK you aren't able to book everyone with the BSE promo? As in booked with that rate, with beverage packages for all (regular one for the two adults and coffee/soda package for the four kids)?
  6. For Juneau I would look at helicopter and whale watching excursions. Also the tram (can buy tickets there if desired). For Skagway I would look at ziplines and/or the train. Ketchikan is usually a shorter day and has the totem park and some scenic boat tours. Also great shopping (reasonable souvenirs and sweatpants/jackets if needed).
  7. Yes two bunk beds that come down from the ceiling above the (twin) beds.
  8. The only thing about booking one adult and one kid per cabin is that the keys (or Medallions) will be assigned as such and you will have to switch them around onboard. It's not an issue usually but does require more things to get done when you embark.
  9. Yes only one has to be 16 to book them in their own cabin.
  10. We were in a penthouse suite a few years ago on deck 11 (I think it was an SE, could be a different name now). It was nice and also convenient to walk down the hall and out onto the pool deck (and buffet at the back). No noise issues that I recall. We had a connecting balcony cabin for the other half of my family and I don't know if there are any suites on that deck that are "stand alone", if you don't need that.
  11. Now to see if they ever release Norway/Iceland itineraries for that timeframe and out of Southampton. I see only the Star left that isn't assigned yet (and as mentioned above it has had major technical issues lately) and also the Spirit. Don't recall where that was supposedly heading in summer 2021.
  12. Ah yes I see they have finally released some British Isles itineraries for June/July 2021. Roundtrip Amsterdam on the Jade.
  13. Yes that's another reason I didn't book the promo beverage package because my under 21's "won't show their Premier coffee and soda package until closer to the cruise date". I don't want to have to make sure those post to our Personalizer before we leave. Or have to call in and ask where they are.
  14. Thank you, I will visualize the buffet for now (and get hungry). We are booked in regular balcony cabins because my son prefers the bunk bed vs. sofa bed (and he is really tall). Plus the sofa bed tends to block balcony access vs. a bunk bed that drops from the ceiling. It's nice that you and your family could have sofas just for lounging on. Were the balconies smaller than on the older classic ships? And were your Aloha deck balconies covered?
  15. Thank you kidstwo2, that is very helpful! 🙂
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