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  1. Next week. I know the Medallion thing is in the summer. Not looking to get it next week. I was on the Star 2 years ago and found it perfectly acceptable for ship internet. Of course, I know to turn off the Cloud and always perform updates manually while on the ship. And this time I'll have a VPN. But on the Caribbean Princess last year, before Medallion, the ship already had super fast internet (at the old price platform) as they were getting ready to launch MedallionNet.
  2. Thanks. On the Caribbean Princess I was surprised how fast it was just before the ship updated to Medallion. May I ask how recent your cruise on the Crown was?
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have any recent reports on how fast the internet is on the Crown Princess? Thanks so much.
  4. I agree on it looking empty. Hmm.
  5. Anyone recently off the Crown? Looking for an updated list of smoking areas. Thanks!
  6. Our British Isles cruise overnights in Dublin. We'll be on the Crown Princess this May. After sightseeing during the day, one of my cruise mates wants to visit a relative who lives there. Does anyone know if there is a curfew on the first night? If so, what time? Thanks in advance.
  7. Great video! Do you think 1 hour and 45 minutes is enough to visit the museum?
  8. I'm going in May and that is excursion disappeared on me also. Now all I see is Paris On Your Own, which, I guess, means you can do the Louvre on your own.
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