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  1. Next week. I know the Medallion thing is in the summer. Not looking to get it next week. I was on the Star 2 years ago and found it perfectly acceptable for ship internet. Of course, I know to turn off the Cloud and always perform updates manually while on the ship. And this time I'll have a VPN. But on the Caribbean Princess last year, before Medallion, the ship already had super fast internet (at the old price platform) as they were getting ready to launch MedallionNet.
  2. Thanks. On the Caribbean Princess I was surprised how fast it was just before the ship updated to Medallion. May I ask how recent your cruise on the Crown was?
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have any recent reports on how fast the internet is on the Crown Princess? Thanks so much.
  4. I agree on it looking empty. Hmm.
  5. Anyone recently off the Crown? Looking for an updated list of smoking areas. Thanks!
  6. Our British Isles cruise overnights in Dublin. We'll be on the Crown Princess this May. After sightseeing during the day, one of my cruise mates wants to visit a relative who lives there. Does anyone know if there is a curfew on the first night? If so, what time? Thanks in advance.
  7. Great video! Do you think 1 hour and 45 minutes is enough to visit the museum?
  8. I'm going in May and that is excursion disappeared on me also. Now all I see is Paris On Your Own, which, I guess, means you can do the Louvre on your own.
  9. It depends on your tour. I remembering web-searching each lodge I was at to get ideas on the excursions they offer when I hadn't booked yet, to give me a clue. Once I was booked they showed up in the Personalizer.
  10. I found them on the Princess site on the Cruise Personalizer. You must be booked first.
  11. If you like paying for everything in advance and enjoy having a guide that takes care of your every need, do the Connoisseur Tour. I've done it twice, starting in Fairbanks. Fly in the day before and ask to stay at the Princess lodge--- they sometimes overflow to other hotels, requiring re-packing/unpacking. We rented a car for that day to visit Chena Hot Springs and the Museum as well as purchase necessities we couldn't bring on the plane. I love Fairbanks, but you can't walk to any stores from the Princess lodge. We were almost mobbed when we walked into the hotel with liquor. Getting the land portion out of the way first allows you to relax once on the ship. No more packing/unpacking. Shorter plane ride home. The food at the lodges was 5 stars in 2016. I had $70 crab legs just about every night! Both times I met/made great friends. I agree with upgrading to the Tundra Wilderness Tour. If you're a Do-it-yourselfer and money is tight, this might not be for you. If you want a once in a lifetime vacation where everything is planned out for you, then do the Con. tour. I found plenty of time to relax yet many opportunities to explore inland Alaska with Princess's optional land tours. Either way, you will find yourself wanting to go back. Alaska is beautiful!
  12. I'm also a solo cruiser, most of the time and love it. Here are my tips. If going to the buffet, bring a sweater or a bag (no valuables) to leave on the table when you go to get more food. It will save your place and the waiter/waitress won't take all your utensils/drink away. Sit with a large table in dining room for conversation, but dinner usually takes longer. Depending on ports, book Princess excursions for safety. When on an excursion, ask one of your shipmates to be your buddy. They will look to see you made it back on the 'the bus', for example. I was on a beach excursion last year and wanted to go swimming. After finding trusting fellow cruisemates, I put my bag with camera and phone within their forward eyesight and promised I'd be back in five minutes. The two ladies were delighted when I told them I would do the same for them so they could go swimming together. They did. We were friends for the rest of the cruise. If I can't find anybody, I have a small cable (found on popular online shopping site) and several TSA locks. My back pack has large zipper tabs, my valuables are kept in one compartment. Using the cable, I loop through the locks securing the compartment and then around the beach chair. Someone would have to be walking the beach with metal cutting tools(unlikely) or be able to drag a lounger across the beach with a back pack tied to it without being noticed. Of course, once I forgot and put my watch in an unlocked compartment, went swimming, yep, gone in five minutes. My choice was report it to the authorities or the popular hotel I stayed at for the day, or, get back on the ship. Give a friend a copy of your final itinerary, including air, excursions, a copy of your passport, and insurance. Leave them the Princess ship phone # for emergencies. Get internet, post on a social media site or email someone you're back on the ship after a day in port. Someone mentioned people questioning why you/I/we are cruising solo. I get that all the time, they feel so sorry for me. I just tell them, it must not suck too bad, this is my 13th solo cruise. They still look at me weird. Oh well. Enjoy finding a seat in the theater! That's the best! Hope this helps. Sorry for your loss, but so glad you keep cruising!
  13. And there is also free wifi at the food pavillions!
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