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  1. Finally, a new question that in my wildest dreams I would never think of
  2. In one day, both China & India generate more plastic waste (non-recycled) than all the Carnival Corp ships. More in fact than any other country, business or anything else. It is a feel good statement so we should all feel better. Personally, the little non-sugar sweetener packets are necessary, unless they will give me a dispenser to bring back to the cabin for my coffee that I get with my large insulated bottle.
  3. Depends on how much time you need. Speed is the same no matter what plan you have. You won't have fast internet.
  4. You need to put the topic of your conversation in the header, not your screen name
  5. They expire on 8-31-19. Plainly stated on the Princess website.
  6. I have flown into Copenhagen a day early, then back to the airport on sail date to catch the transfer. No problem.
  7. It seems like every ship in The Princess fleet has at least 1/2 the cabins as full suites in reading the posts. Also, the Sanctuary accommodates at least 500 people. /S/
  8. A/C is not a normal accessory in vehicles in that part of the world, This years heat wave is not normal.
  9. Best bet is to not cruise if you feel it is too expensive. It ain't always about the money.
  10. You will be in Glacier Bay about 6 hours. There will be lots of time to wander around to see all you want to see. You will be at Marjorie glacier for an hour. You can see the glacier from many spots on the ship. You do not need to go to the sanctuary to see all there is to see.
  11. It's named the Crown Princess. Totally different class of ship.
  12. 17 Days on the Golden in May '19, saw not one water leak. Ship is in excellent condition, crew is GREAT. The Golden is in the same league as the Grand/Crown class of ships. In fact, the Ruby in Nov had water leaks.
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