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  1. Funny how people on different ships say the same thing. Conspiracy I guess.
  2. Several crew. more than a few bar staff, 2 room stewards, and others. These people had no reason to tell anything but the truth. We have sailed with many of them more than once and still keep in contact with them. Believe it or don't, I don't care.
  3. Room stewards and bar staff get to keep all extra tips. Dining room personnel must turn all tips in to the fleet wide pool.
  4. You are paying grats for ALL the food service staff anytime you pay grats.. The person who picks up your dirty dishes in the Horizon court, the person who gets your drinks, and when you tip the waiter in MDR, he turns that extra into the pool for all the food service staff.
  5. Anywhere on the ship it will be a problem. They are just too wide. Please be considerate of others.
  6. Usually one gets several different answers, one of which probably is correct, and some that are way off base. Then there are the answers that have nothing to do with the question.
  7. Did you call Princess? They may know.
  8. I bet that Princess will have a notice regarding ALL Muster Drill questions in the cabin prior to muster drill, and will make announcements over the sound system throughout the ship prior to said drill.
  9. Any you get additional OBC booking on the ship
  10. And no one knows now because the ship has not yet sailed with passengers.
  11. On this cruise also, 4th on CB, may not do it again, although several of our favorite crew on board. They ran out of a lot of stuff, even the crew could not believe it. And the Horizon court was a joke, lack of food around 1230 every day, and usually not a person to clean a table or get a drink in sight.
  12. And where do they put stuff in their very cramped cabins?
  13. No cash except in the casino and even there you can charge your room. Do not bring gifts for crew, they live in VERY cramped cabins and have no room for stuff.
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