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  1. How do you guys find TA where you get such great deals? I have used 2 (local not online) in the past and got the same exact thing I could book for myself. I would love to have someone I can be loyal to but so far mostly just book online myself.
  2. We will be on the same cruise :) We are planning on doing a urban adventure scavenger hunt on catalina. We have done a couple others and always really enjoy them. The one on Catalina has a golf cart version. I like getting to see more of a area as they lead us around to areas we probably wouldn't take notice of. They have these everywhere. Really fun wherever your travels may take you. For motion sickness we take bonnie (or something like that. I can never remember the name). We take it every time and always take it before bed the day before we sail and every night until we are home. I have never gotten sea sick and I get SERIOUS motion sickness. I hope you have a great honeymoon cruise. Be careful though...cruising can be addicting :)
  3. Does anybody know if I can buy Cheers for my daughter who will be turning 21 on the second day of the cruise?
  4. Is Mr. Sanchos the only place that has the big water toys you can play on? Like the trampoline etc? We are trying to plan a beach day that will fill everyone's likes as best as possible.
  5. Just off glory. Sitting in airport for flight home. Our "damage" was $1127. Ouch :) but it was a amazing weekend. That was a night at the steak house, chef table, pictures and 2 different snorkeling shore excursions. Expensive week but wouldn't change a thing :)
  6. A set of rubber collapsible measuring cups tucked into a ziplock and a calorie king book will probably be your best bet. My dd was diagnosed at 22m and is now 18 still has problems with lows on vacation from time to time. Otherwise she has great control. So much excitement and extra activity seem to do a # on her. Not that she minds the extra soft serve :D she has a couple different settings for her pump for active vacations etc so maybe check with his Endo about that too.
  7. Thanks so much everyone. It was just a little worry some that it seemed like no glory chatter.
  8. Seems like I read every day and never see anyone talking much about the glory. We booked the glory out of Miami in march for our 20 yr anniversary. Is there anything I should know about this ship or our decision. We have only been on the splendor and the dream.
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